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A walk around Tour of the outside of our Aquaponics Greenhouse in Arizona

A Step By Step Process of dropping the pH Level of your water from the normal 7 down to 5.5 for Germinating Seeds.

A Step By Step process for Germinating and Tracking your Seeds once their planted in Seed Trays.

Grace talks about the two kinds of seeds, Heirloom and Hybrid Seeds and explains where Hybrid Seeds came from and shares two Seed Catalogs.

Grace demonstrates her proprietary Seed Tracker Method. She's plants Seeds into 3 Seed Trays. Each Seed Tray has 98 Seed Plugs, which means she is tracking almost 300 Seeds. This is how it's done.

Grace unveils the Seed Trays she planted one week prior to this Video. She shares a little Science by describing what "Cotyledon Leaves" are.


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