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In this special video, I go in to some of what I like, don't like, and would like to do with the Podcast, and the Zoo community in general. I also propose a project idea for those interested. Not super long, and kind of rambly, but I appreciate the listen anyways.

- Winter Green.

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My Telegram (Winter Green): @wintergreenwolf
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In this episode, I talk with a new friend 'Red' about her journey. From our first interaction that involved attacks, to us now being good friends. Sit back, and take a listen to her story. Feel free to reach out to either of us.

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In this episode, we partner with our little Sociology Zoo Logic The Thylacine to discuss some of the recent issues that have cropped up in the Zoo Community. This one being around the ZETA Principals and the entrance of Zoosadists in to the community.

We also discuss accountability and community councils and boundaries.

The ZETA Principals:

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In this episode, we have Zoo Inclusive guest Tarro on to talk about their relationship with both human (non Zoo) and canine.

They give us some interesting perspective, and were all around fun to record with.

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In this episode, we have a guest on to talk about the in and out of Veganism! We did go on some tangents, but overall this was a fun topic to discuss, an important staple of animal ethics and welfare.

- WARNING: some audio glitches in the podcast, we had some problems with lag and latency.

- Special thank you to our guest Draco! You did awesome dude!

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In this episode, we talk about Sexualities, orientations, fetishes, and how all three intersect and diverge.

This is a bit of a 'rambly' episode, but it was fun to make, a bit rusty after three months but we're glad to be back with you!

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Ah man, it feels good to be back in the saddle (no pun intended)! In this episode myself and Ellie talk about the changes we'd like to see, and that need to be made in the Zoo community, to better us and our non human partners.

Note: crude humor inside at points, no, we're not trying to be super-professional: unless it warrants it.

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[WARNING, audio glitches, mentioned at beginning]

In this episode, we discuss Dock, Crop, Spay, and Neuter: and why you should consider alternatives / not performing these procedures at all. A lot of the cited information is a replay of Dr. Karen Becker, DVM.

This is more about opinion and information relay: no groundbreaking research / 'Zoo Perspective' here.

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In this episode, we shake hands with the enemy! We get an Anti / opponent to come on and talk with us. This was a wonderful experience and we hope to have her on again in the future.

We cover consent, safety concerns, and more in this episode.

Hopefully, we can be more prompt in our uploads in the future.

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In this episode: we interview a Zoo Ally (and close friend) of our smaller Zoo circle / community. This did end up being a little longer than we thought, but was still fun to do.

We're likely going to consider having more guests on in the future, so keep an ear perked for those.

Many thanks to our friend Jarvis for being with us on this sort of impromptu episode! Hopefully we may get a chance to have him back on in the future.

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The final segment on the mammalities! It was late, but still a very important one to get completed.

In this episode, we discuss how sex and food are social, cultural, and not just survival! There are preferences, and they can change.

We also go in to some of the history on how food and sex developed through various life-periods on Earth.

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In Ep.3, Pt.2, we cover the history of intelligence measuring, and how / why it's an outdated, and incorrect model. We also cover a set of new theories called Plastile Functions that may pose a solution to the gap in measuring intellect: human and non human alike!

Be sure to listen to part 1 as well as our other episodes.

As always, feedback appreciated, questions, comments, etc.

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In this video, we take a look at a few new theories on the perspectives of Non Human Persons! Come along with us on the first of a three-part series where we discuss and redefine intelligence, personhood, and try to debunk some of the major misconceptions regarding Domestication.

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Things get a little emotional for us in this one, we discuss some of our daily lives, and lessons from past and current partners that we've learned over the years and are learning to this day.

We also go in to just what our partners mean to us, and why this whole thing is so important to us and SHOULD be an important strive for the Zoo community as a whole.

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Meet the hosts, get to know some of our ideals, and learn a tiny bit more about the very misunderstood sexuality.

More to come in the future!


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The Podcast by Zoos, for everyone!
This podcast hopes to shed light on the subject of non human persons, their autonomy, new theories about their intellect (and challenging old ones) as well as the people who love them!

Give us a listen, you may learn something new!

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