Just another 6'3 fella attacking a few more cops in Ohio.

DC Fellas gas up and get lots of free stuff from a white guy. Including his car!

PLUS, new song from Allan the Barbershop guy.

Routine violence at black schools. Every day. Yet parents and teachers and students PRETEND they are surprised. or they did not know about it.

More KO Game, this time in Seattle. Fella goes around punching three white people in the face. If you know Eliza Hutchinson, tell her get back on her meds. That ones that stop delusions.

Lovely lady catches white people in act of unimaginable white racism.


Teacher: “Security, security, she’s got a brick.”

And she used it on the head of a fella in school.

Washington Post: Trump did it.

Just some more fellas attacking cops at school in Charleston.

Washington Post says it is all Trump’s fault.

If so, that dude has been VERY busy.

Latest on America’s Number One Podcast in the category of exposing Denial, Deceit and Delusion.

The most astonishing video I have seen for a very long time: Seven Democrat candidates for president spreading the GREATEST Lie of Our Generation. From last night's debate: America is racist top to bottom, And YOU are responsible.

White girl suspended for defending hereself against black attack in gym class.

File under: Unbelievable

Just some Fellas rioting at a mall in South Dakota. With a grandmother.


Fellas love buses and trains for argy bargy. They are like cages, where white people are trapped while the hyenas rampage through.

Fellas find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in Oakland.

You didn’t think they would just drive past it, did you?

Just another fella punching another old white dude in the face.

It’s all about the firelanes.

Cops shoots “baby” in Wauwatosa.

Baby packing a 9 mm that he shot at cops. Oops.

Just another white dude who wanted to change the Fellas. He's dead now.

Some Fella is going to have to answer to the Coca Cola company.

That’s what happens when you destroy private property.

They about to attack the BASKETBALL COACH in Newark, NJ.

Not to worry. Just a few bad apples.

Criminal Justice Reform, AUSTIN STYLE.

Beat the crap out of two white people in the middle of the day in downtown Austin, and serve about one month for each beating. Does that seem WEIRD TO YOU?

Dozens of fellas and lovely ladies loot a QT store in North Carolina. And beat three white people just for the hell of it.

Fellas and lovely ladies at it again:

Black mob violence against an old white dude on the train in Chicago. AGAIN.

Give Ireland back to the Irish?

That will make the black kids angry.

When argy bargy turns to terrorism in Philadelphia. AGAIN.

Baltimore abandons police to black mob .

Fellas an lovely ladies visit the Phlebotomy Center.

Proving there are lots of different ways to give blood.


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