Just a short intro to an information rally that was held in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada on June 4, 2021. I was going to try and interview the guy, but a distraction I guess. Visit wikiactivism.com and druthers.net for more information about other actions and going ons in Canada and around the world.

A short video depicting an event that happened in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada on June 4, 2021 to bring awareness and information to the people of Abbotsford about the dangers and risks associated with taking the current gene therapy being touted as a healthy medical solution. Visit https://wikiactivism.com/ for more information on their activities to bring truth to the people.

Episode four of ten in the series "The Truth About Vaccines"

Episode five of ten int he series "The Truth About Vaccines"

Episode three of ten in the series "The Truth About Vaccines"

Episode Two of ten from the series "The Truth About Vaccines"

This song was first written as a poem by Dash LaLonde in 1987 and later that year recorded as a song by a local trio in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It has been used by Child Advocacy groups and is free of copyright. If you like it use it. If you wish to donate to its writer, please use the following bitcoin address 38YwKspQ8hdxAmGQUPP7LvXPRucdZURNu5

This song was written in 1979 by John LaLonde, which was declared "The year of the Child".

Musical Dancing Snoopy my sister gave me for Christmas.

Episode One of a ten part series "The Truth About Vaccines"

A report by Youtuber Contrarian Dude on the recent exposure of Joe Biden Ukrainian Corruption.

This is a mirrored video by permission of the recent wuhan-19 updated figures.

This is a video documentary by Millie Weaver, an independent journalist who was recently arrested on trumped up charges. It is a telling video of the deception, corruption and collaboration of Deep State operatives and how they use information to control politicians, entertainers and anyone else they need to control.

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