Don't Waste Your Hate


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Welcome to the Don’t Waste Your Hate Podcast, hosted by Jeff @InvalidBeard and Tony Rockamora


There’s a problem in this world. People are mad at everything. Every group blames a different group for their problems. Yet not too many of us look to the underlying structure of society as a possible cause of the big problems. We think it’s time to start directing all that hate and anger at the real source of our problems.

We are two guys from New Jersey who have been discussing the issues in our society for years. After a while, we decided to add microphones to the mix.

Our #1 theme is liberty. When individuals have the ability to live their lives as they see fit, humankind will inevitably flourish.

This podcast is fun and conversational. We discuss local, national, and global issues. We will bring on guests and hopefully work through the many issues in an enjoyable way.

The content may at times contain explicit language.