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A controversial figure, Cody Wilson, has been making waves in the media over his 3D printed guns and milling machines.

Jeff and Tony discuss all the implications*

*Since the recording, Wilson has been accused of child sexual assault for having sexual relations with a prostitute for $500. She was under the age of 18. The story is developing.

Recorded 9/16/18 - Show Links Below

The New York Times on the Sexual Assault Charges:

RT - Broader Implications:

Fox - Chris Wallace:

CBS Interview:

Vice Podcast:

Tony flies solo as he rants about McCain, Nike, and cheap libertarians.

Check out Dave Smith's most recent Part of the Problem on John McCain here:

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Here’s the July edition of the State of the Libertarian Talk Show. We discuss the newest member, the Happy Libertarian as well as developments in the Libertarian Party with the influx of “thin” libertarians, and we also talk about some recent police violence.

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This month we are joined by:

Jeff and Tony Rockamora of Don’t Waste Your Hate (doing the hosting)

Thijs van der Linde of Gaius Libertas (he’s a first timer on the show!)

Kenny the Wizard of the Wizardly Wisdom Podcast

Steven Clyde of the Peace and Liberty Podcast

Nick Pecone of Sounds Like Liberty

Daniel Elwood of the Actual Anarchy Podcast and the Last Nighters

Check out all the members of the Libertarian Union Podcasting Community.

Look for future episodes of this monthly roundtable discussion format, recorded on the last Sunday of each month.

Trump and Putin have some alone-time. The Libertarian Party has some illustrious new members. Everyone is Racist. Jeff and Tony Discuss.

Recorded 7/18/18 - Show Links Below

Check out Tony's Appearance on the Out Of Order Podcast with James Kaleda:

Look out for Liberty Weekly's analysis on Wild Wild Country:

Fifth Column with Thaddeus Russell and Radley Balko:

Malice and Smith Discuss Racism vs. Foreign Wars:

Trump Back-Peddles:

Larry Sharpe on Rubin Report:

Napolitano's "What If" Speech:

Cousin Dylan joins DWYH to discuss his foray into the online InCel (involuntary celibate) community. We go beyond the surface level understanding, discussing the different subgroups of the movement. It is a painful reality that many young men feel they have no chance to ever have an intimate relationship with a woman.

Also discussed: Ron Paul staffer makes a huge mistake by tweeting a racially insensitive image. A young socialists has a big victory on the way to Congress. Jordan Peterson has an awkward moment with Jim Jefferies.

Recorded 7/3/18 - Show Notes Below

Elliot Rodger's final retribution video before going on a rampage:

E.R. gripes about his lack of success with women:

Jim Jefferies on Jordan Peterson:

Check out our episode on Charlottesville:

Our discussion with Joey the Mad Philosopher:

Jeff and Tony are back. First on the docket is the latest Supreme Court decision, which will now stop public unions from forcing non-members to pay fees.

We also cover the showdown of Rand Paul vs. Lindsay Graham (see YouTube video below).

Other issues discussed: Trump's plan to slash and consolidate a bunch of federal agencies, police shootings, and Jocko Willink.

Recorded 6/27/18 - Show Links Below

Check out Rand Paul vs. Terrible Lindsay Graham:

Project Veritas Exposes Corrupt NJ Teachers' Union:

Reason discusses Trump's massive consolidation plans:

Check out Jocko Willink:

Extreme Ownership by Jocko:

Joe Rogan with Mike Dowd (Of The Seven Five documentary):

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Jeff and Tony return to discuss current events.

We talk landscaping, hiring employees, our recent trip to Manhattan, the insane death toll in Puerto Rico, and Anthony Bourdain's suicide.

Show Notes Below - Recorded 6/8/18

Puerto Rico's Death Toll Rised:

Check out Bourdain's Classic, Kitchen Confidential:

Jeff and Tony are back to discuss sports gambling and all things vice-related

Atlantic City to lead in the pot industry?:

Betting on sports at the racetrack:

The story of the Silk Road and the aftermath:

Josh Ferguson joins Tony to discuss California politics. Josh is currently running as a candidate in the recall election of California's 29th Senate District.

We discuss the myriad problems in the Golden State, including the high speed bullet train boondoggle and the State of Jefferson movement.

Recorded 5/3/18 - Show Notes Below

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-NJ Transit Horror:

-A Conversation on British Secession:

-Secession in Spain:

Our Actual Anarchy Move Review:

Check out Tony's Appearance on Sounds Like Liberty (link will not work until 5/5/18) :

Tony talks with Joey, aka The Mad Philosopher about his ideological journey. He started as a child reading Aristotle, then became a devout Trotskyite Marxist, then Anarcho-Capitalist, and finally Alt-Right.

This is a journey to understand the thought process behind his evolution, and a window into the thinking of someone on the Alt-Right. After this conversation, it should be clear that the "Libertarian to Alt-Right Pipeline" is a very real thing, at least for some portion of libertarians.

Throughout the conversation we explore the different factions of the Alt-Right, what binds them, and what internal disputes exist.

Topics Covered: White Supremacy, White Nationalism, Ethno-Nationalism, Race/IQ disparities, and the so-called Jewish Question.

Recorded ~2/20/18 - Show Links Below

White Supremacy According to Wikipedia:

Related Material:

Jordan Peterson's '12 Rules For Life':

Jeff Deist has been accused of sympathizing with the Alt Right in this speech- For A New Libertarian:

The Chase Rachels/Hans Hoppe Debacle in both their words (very strange stuff indeed):

Rachel's extremely long and strange recounting of events:

Antony Sammeroff and Tom Laird join DWYH to discuss Syria, Trump, Brexit, 3D Printers, South Africa, and more.

Show Links Below - Recorded 4/12/18

Check out the Scottish Liberty Podcast Youtube Channel:

Antony's "Why Do Markets Work?":

The Thick Of It, recommended by Tom:

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Alex Merced joins DWYH to discuss the future of the Libertarian Party.

Having run for public office in NYC last year, Alex is now running to replace the controversial and detrimental Arvin Vohra as the LNC Vice Chair.

Although we are not in love with politics, Alex is one of the good guys. If there was ever a moment to pay attention to the Libertarian Party, now would be a good time. With Joshua Smith and Alex Merced at the helm, the LP will be worth supporting.

Show Links Below

Showpage at

Check out Alex's Aspirational Libertarian Video:

Alex Merced For LNC Vice Chair:

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Check out our conversation with Joshua Smith for LNC Chair:

Tony joins Trey of Subversion Webcast to dissect Sam Harris' recent conversation on White Power.

Christian Picciolini is a former white supremacist with a violent past. Over time, he saw the error of his ways, and now works to reform young men in the white power movement.

Trey and Tony take issue with some of the views and conclusions of both Harris and Picciolini.

Topics discussed: Mainstream Media, Stefan Molyneux, Alt Right, the Russia narrative, and white privilege/white guilt.

Listen to Harris and Picciolini's Conversation:

Conversation of Harris with Douglas Murray:

Molyneux Talks To Murray:

Molyneux Clip That Many People Criticize:

Another Criticism of Molyneux:

Trey's Show Notes:

Conspiracy theory simply pivoted to a new boogyman: from Jews to whiteness

Genuinely curious if he can delineate a disaffected unemployed white person from the rust belt from a well polished white supremacist.

Good points he makes:

6:00 - Details that not only people from broken homes become radicalized. Important point when we talk about Jihadism as well

15:00 - Potholes analogy. Great metaphor, and I think this is useful. What broke the cycle of his association with the white supremacist movement was having someone reach out an olive branch.

53:00 - Silence and violence are both bad ways to confront extremists

1:06:00 - Dylan Roof, radicalized partially by fake news. This is a complicated point for me, there’s good and bad in this short little clip of audio.

1:40:00 - Chris both says that all we have to do is admit that we’re a white supremacist nation. Then when asked about what to tell black people he seems to not have thought about that much, and instead dodges the question in lieu of a shaming of white people again for gentrification..

We bring you our conversation with fellow members of the Libertarian Union.

Sorry about Tony's bad audio. The webcam mic was being used accidentally :-(

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Jeff and Tony discuss free speech after a Scottish court found Count Dankula guilty of a hate crime. Dankula posted a video which, at worst, was just a tasteless joke. Yet, he may spend up to 6 months in prison depending on the sentence handed down. This is just the latest in the UK's recent crackdowns, which appear to be politcally motivated.

We then discuss FOSTA, a new law which could amount to a war on sex workers.

Recorded 3/22/18 - Links Below

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Click here to view the Count Dankula video in question:

FOSTA Article on Reason:

Black Man Befriends KKK Members:

Reason's take on Dank:

Some Stats Related To Islam:

Info On First Cousin Marriage:

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Joshua Smith joins DWYH to discuss his run for the Libertarian National Committee Chair position. Josh has been contributing to the liberty movement in various ways through the years. We discuss multiple topics, such as Josh's political evolution and his plans for the Libertarian Party.

Recorded 3/15/18 - Links Below

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Joshua debates other candidates for LNC here:

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Jeff and Tony are back to discuss what many don't see: America's shaky economic future. Yeah yeah, the stock market seems strong, but that ain't everything.

Before his election, Trump railed against the Fed and the "big, ugly bubble" in the markets. Now, he's embraced the very same market, claiming we are in great shape and it's all thanks to him.

We're not so sure.

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Proof of government lying us into war:

Trump says we're in a bubble:

Tom Woods on The Silk Road and Ross Ulbricht:

New Fed Chairman:

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Tony chats with some friends from the Libertarian Union about the Culture War. The show starts with a wild clip from the latest politically correct MTV video. The clip explains why it is impossible for People of Color to be racist (huh?), but apparently they can be "colorist".

We watch the clip and the conversation jumps off from there.
What do libertarians have to say about the culture war? Who should we be talking to? How do we spread our views?

Show Notes at

Patrick MacFarlane of Liberty Weekly:

Daniel Elwood of Actual Anarchy:

Colorism Video on MTV:

Based Carrot Man Trolls AntiFa:

Jordan Peterson Vice Interview Edits:

The weaponization of social media:

Tom Woods Episode on Social media manipulation:

Freedom Tunes:


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Welcome to the Don’t Waste Your Hate Podcast, hosted by Jeff @InvalidBeard and Tony Rockamora


There’s a problem in this world. People are mad at everything. Every group blames a different group for their problems. Yet not too many of us look to the underlying structure of society as a possible cause of the big problems. We think it’s time to start directing all that hate and anger at the real source of our problems.

We are two guys from New Jersey who have been discussing the issues in our society for years. After a while, we decided to add microphones to the mix.

Our #1 theme is liberty. When individuals have the ability to live their lives as they see fit, humankind will inevitably flourish.

This podcast is fun and conversational. We discuss local, national, and global issues. We will bring on guests and hopefully work through the many issues in an enjoyable way.

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