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In these previously private audio messages of October 25 (Chicchan 11 Men), Max invokes the epistemic magic of a condition called Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance (TILT) -- deserving of your attention.

She travels through a hearty refusal to blaspheme the body and notes with vehemence the importance of Clarity, Awareness, and Consciousness in Relational Communications.

Allopathy, disablement culture, and traffick-oblivious professions are implicated.

Beyond the scurrility of wistful reproach (but within the bounds of palliative theatrical rhetoric), a vagina doctor is briefly mentioned.

With all robust encouragement, recognize this intriguing... and perilously enjoyable?... enervationality of the psychiatrogenic embrace.

Who... and what... are we embracing?​

116. Protect Your Family From Illegal Organ Harvesting (17 September 2022)

❔ If I must go to the hospital, what is the safest way to do so?

❔ If hospital employees behave in ways that obstruct care, documentation, or communication required by family members, how can we protect ourselves and our loved ones?

❔ If indications of medical malpractice or illegal organ harvesting make legal actions necessary, what steps can I take to increase my likelihood of success in court proceedings?

Join Helena Krizek and Max Morris to discuss Helena's recommendations for navigating hospitalization and legal measures where unaddressed human trafficking activities are occurring in our health care environments.

This video includes our full audio recording from 17 September. A link to the audio-only version can be found at the bottom of this post.

Download this text document for Helena's point-by-point notes: (text coming soon)

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This video includes our full audio recording from July 21.

In July 2022, Helena and I talked about the life of her daughter, Bianca Krizek, as their court case against illegal organ harvesting approaches trial in the final days of August 2022.

It has meant a great deal to me and to members of our private groups to get to know Helena and through her sharing, to get to know Bianca, too.

In this recording, we talked about Bianca's experiences over the course of her life before she was taken from us, and the profound impact she made on those around her.

Our hearts are with the Krizeks as their court date approaches. We pray for resonant outcomes, for respect for families experiencing crisis, and for true safety in all professional health environments.

To listen to our previous broadcast conversations with Helena Krizek, check out:
2 December 2021, Part 1:,
7 March 2022, Part 2:,
11 April 2022, Part 3:,
1 June 2022, Right Livelihood & Illegal Organ Harvesting:
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This private broadcast was created to stabilize recent infrastructure, but the music in the background isn't audible or problematic in any way we can determine, so we're sharing it publicly this time, too.

(How great that I can listen to music to steady my neurological function, not have to wear painful earbuds, and the potentially copyright-infringing sounds of my medicinal audio playlist cannot be heard on the public recording. Thank goodness.)

If others can nudge me with an energy, there's a full transcript of this audio available.,,

How are we missing all those who go missing?
What is it we've been missing?
How does this Intuitive infrastructure prevent the disappearances of our friends and colleagues and safeguard all living beings in our communities?
Our Shabbat morning missive hearkens back to Notes On Refuge and the deep, dire adventuring that led to this Blessing of The Vacuum, today's BlessTV.
We're praying for survivors of these intersections; for their voices to be heeded; and for all to fully respect their requests, expressed needs, and communications.

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20200522-105123 Max, Hilde, E - Guitar - Deja Que Todo Lo Que No Se Necessita Se Caiga - Let Everything That Is Not Needed Fall Away - New Moon Upcoming At 1338p Today - May 22, 2020.mp4

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One Flow, One Flame (1 Muluc); Waking the Mold Cabaret; Max Megan Elizabeth Morris performs in collaboration with this 1927 Hardman Medium Grand Piano, 12 Mae 2022.

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