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One Flow, One Flame (1 Muluc); Waking the Mold Cabaret; Max Megan Elizabeth Morris performs in collaboration with this 1927 Hardman Medium Grand Piano, 12 Mae 2022.

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We are building new and resonant community routines in this time of collective detoxification. How are our harmonies converging?

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Astrological acumen, investigative reporting, revelations of environmental fraud, and curiously consistent conduits for conflict relief; amidst our present pop-apocalyptic spacescape, we require true integrity in journalism, relationality, & community media. This morning Max asked herself: …why Planet Waves? …why Intuitive Public Radio?

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Survivors' Community Prevents Human Trafficking. How? Survivors of Severity are building Intuitive community resourcing to ensure inclusive access to respect, safety, relationship, recovery, and thriving. (You can, too.)

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