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Pt. 1A The Black Horse of Famine & Ratapocalypse Cometh Now
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The goal of this video is to try and explore how did our modern cosmological viewpoint of health arise? Why would someone feel that they need the medical establishment and science to save them?
We try and take a different approach to this argument by looking at its Historical and Spiritual context and connecting areas of thought that are not normally tied together. It is for you to decide what happened and what the solution can be for this is only meant to be an exercise in curiosity.

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In this video we will explore the idea that Ancient China may have been Old Tartaria. The 50 plus pictures I share throughout the presentation are all of Ye Old China.
The video originally had a long winded intro that I removed and posted (or will) to my
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A lucky find - Freemasonry Head-Quarters, How the Switzerland is the centre of Freemasonry

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Mind blowing stuff...

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The running theme of this week's video is schools. Some topics include an architectural review of schools such as Harvard, a melted building examination, and finally we will look at a mysterious creature that has been scientifically examined by a reputable university. What they concluded will shock you. I hope you enjoy! God bless and I love you all!!!

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Note from Scabby
We are all on a journey of knowledge together, some of us are further down that road of discovery than others. My reason for writing this is one of the most rewarding things that I have done on this journey was to create a method of communication with my subconscious mind. This came about for me by practising 'letting go' in order to receive. What I mean by that is you ask yourself a question or opinion on something in your day then you release that thought and go about some task that will take your mind off the subject. When you think of it the next time it comes into your mind, a split second later you will get a flash of information, a thought or idea, just that 'first impression' sort of flash of thinking, that will be your answer from your subconscious self, if it doesn't work straight away then practice with the length of time and subjects. With time you will be amazed at how this works, it sort of blows your mind and pushes you to investigate further and you realise very quickly that 'gut instinct' can be more on the mark than logic once you know what to look for.

Don't dismiss this man's words so quickly, he doesn't want anything for the content he talks about and from a personal recommendation I can honestly say, anyone can learn this and its mind blowing what you can do with practice,


"Music Is Frequency Programming"
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Musical Cult Control ~ 432 Hz vs 440 Hz
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I know what I said but this one I couldn't ignore, lots of info - some repeated and some in full - stick with it its well worth it...

Hidden Secrets of the Nelson Mandela Effect, along with CERNunos Christ, Simulation Theory, Paranormal activity, demons associated with Antimatter / Darkmatter, and Psychological Warfare

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In this video we look at some official old world construction photos in New York City. Of course we have looked at construction photos in the past and this example is very similar. I expect very little truth in the narrative after what we have discovered in the last several years. I will para-quote the old mud flood channel "It's not that you have lied to me that is the problem, it's that I can never believe you again". The bonus feature is nothing important but rather a little music video.
Thanks for watching, I love you all!!! and God bless!!!
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Excellent info, my last foray into this subject as this video colours in the gaps....
Warning - contains religion! lol

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upload date 2010 - we already have all we need to solve this, looking backwards to plan the future
3 of a 4 file set - number 2 was repeated, YouTube? maybe, however the info is good and worthy of backup

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Frater Xavier discusses the current confederate flag controversy and how the media manipulates the masses.

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Mind expanding stuff...

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Some great theorising here for how the power generation was done and the role of vibration to create the energy

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Forgive me this week as I was in a strange mood. I start out the video by sharing my watch history, discussing the reset, and finally some other topics of choice.
I have decided to not take my cat to the vet and instead boost her nutrition level. After 1 week the teeth and gums look 300% better! I find it barbaric when doctors and vets want to remove teeth and body parts. I still regret letting them take my wisdom teeth and tonsils. I still regret my last 3 dental visits. Personally I follow the Dr. Weston Price protocol for tooth decay which primarily involves high doses of Vitamin A, D, E, and K which can all be found in fish liver oil.
Why wouldn't I administer this protocol to my cat? Because I was lazy. I am now feeding her the Dr. Pitcairn's diet. It consists of fish or chicken, whole raw eggs, rice, parmesan cheese, nutritional yeast, bone meal powder, fish oil, and kelp. (Still need to add taurine and pro and pre biotics). The recipe is essentially the same for both cats and dogs with a few variations. Along with almost immediate teeth and gum improvement, her attitude has also changed. She had been pissy for months, meowing at me like she was mad. Now she contently sits and purrs when indoors and also spend much more time outdoors. Thanks for watching, I love you all!!! God bless!!!
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Head in the Clouds! ~ Remote Mind Control of All Humanity


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The World you think you know doesn't exist - it never did.
You were handed your history and told what to think,
You are in a prison of perception and the key to escape is knowledge.

We now have ALL that we need to begin assembling 99.9% of this story.
It's merely a case of putting everything together.