Due Diligence

Did humans incarnate at the beginning of this epoch and experience 26,000 years of incarnation or did some of them incarnate only for planetary end times?

Mr Cheesy is back with an amazing Q and A session

Amazing psychic reading of the current energies by Mr Cheesy

Storytime again - Gloria Love recounts her dream on the night of 28th May into the morning of 29th May - The Angry Princess.

Transmission for memory triggers, catalyst for DNA activations and knowings for the Solstice point June 21st 2023.

5D Communities

False Light Matrix

Did humanity evolve organically or was there some kind of intervention from an E.T. or otherworldly source?

Magenta responds to questions regarding using sage for smudging as space clearing/cleansing, with a transmission from the Nine regarding the second half of May into the Solstice and Lion's Gate 2023.

Emotion on Waking

Once again, Stormfire Gnome takes centre stage as the overlords attempt to strike him down (again)... but is this really anything to worry about? Join Magenta Pixie for storytime.

Magenta Pixie and Catzmagick discuss biblical texts, the Noah and the flood myth, the individual matrix and the multilayered presentations within these texts.

Shadow Figure at Westminster Abbey Revealed

Solar Flares, Lunar Eclipse May 3rd/4th/5th/6th 2023

Memory activation for the full moon lunar eclipse, divine feminine rising, Queen of the Moon. DNA memory activation, Christed/Kryst calling, choicepoint for the higher octave. Stargate ascension trajectory. Trinity/Unity/Infinity. Portal opened April 28th and holds this energetic until May 13th 2023.

cotland and the True Israel Template

Sing Along with Catzmagick

Bifurcated Reality

Swear Allegiance... ?

Space Pixie

Magenta puts questions to the Nine, asked by viewers of the recent talk with Pam Gregory.

Pam Gregory and Magenta PIxie come together again to discuss the time period we are in leading up to New Earth, the concept of Crystalline Time & DNA - humanity's awakening and the significance of the Eclipse Portal 2023.

Recorded on the day of the Hybrid Eclipse - 20th April 2023

It is storytime again! So several fairies in the village have asked Gloria Love if she could comment on the talking llama in the village known as Dolly Loombar. Magenta discusses this fictional character in the novel and presents Gloria Love's psychic/intuitive energy read. Magenta also discusses the significance of the upcoming eclipse specific to this situation.


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Magenta Pixie and the White, Winged, Collective Consciousness of Nine.
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