Magenta Pixie discussing the plotline for her urban fantasy novel with characters such as Mr Tea Tree and Mr Bumble Bee. Set in an alternate America around the events leading up to and after a big competition. Contains references to small fluffy squirrels and bunnies and various types of fruit.

Urgent dream intel

Short update

Clarity and Hope for 2021 - Tara, Simon, Becky and Magenta

Tara Love Perry hosts a round table discussing the energies for 2021. Recorded January 1st 2021.
* Tara Love Perry *
* Simon and Becky Parkes *
* Magenta Pixie *

Third going back to the dwellings (Third Lockdown) You Kay (United Kingdom) benchmark for You Ess (United States) movements (The American Competition = the US Election) with Mr Tea (President Donald Trump)

Join Charlie Freak, Aloise Surfleet Middleton, Alpa Soni. Jen McCarty and Magenta Pixie as they discuss 2020, Donald Trump, the collective and individual Kundalini rising into 2021

Excerpt from a conversation between Magenta Pixie, Nina Starsong and Catzmagick. Originally recorded August 2020. Presented here again for consideration in light of current events in Nov/Dec/Jan 2020/2021

The Nine respond to three questions and Magenta analyses these responses. Discussing convergence timelines, the winter solstice 2020 event horizon, paradoxical consciousness and the genuine love and telepathy within the starseed family of light.

Magenta Pixie brings forward the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine in response to a question that many are asking at this time about the Vaccines.

Magenta, Nina and Catzmagick get together to share their insights on the current situation on Earth.

Magenta shares a conversation that took place between her and the Nine throughout the night. She also explains why she holds such trust for the Nine's information and the visionary future potential timelines and the manifestation of them.

Jen McCarty, Tara Love Perry and Magenta Pixie get together for a discussion on the energies from now, through December into 2021, from the physical and the metaphysical perspectives. The Alchemical Round Table! Recorded November 19th 2020.
* Jen McCarty *
* Tara Love Perry *
* Magenta Pixie *

We speak to you today on this day 11/11 2020 as there is now a clear stream channel.
Within this transmission we wish to speak of the Friday 13th 2020 date and it's energetic, symbolism and meaning.

Magenta Pixie, Jeff Dunphy, Marina Jacobi, Laura Eisenhower, Patricia Cori and Kiara Windrider appear on the 'Age of Pandora' podcast, hosted by David Sherjan (Above Duality). Recorded November 10th 2020.
* DAVID SHERJAN (Above Duality) *

United We Stand

An illusory victory

Laura and Magenta discuss the situation in the US, specifically the Election and how this affects the rest of the world both physically and spiritually.

Current Earth Story Plotline - Psychic Update for November 2020

The Nine come forward, through their conduit Magenta Pixie, with a transmission for the Samhain/Halloween Gateway. In response to the many questions and callings from humanity at this time, most especially from those in the United States of America.

Magenta Pixie, Jeff Dunphy, Marina Jacobi, Laura Eisenhower and Kiara Windrider appear on the 'Age of Pandora' podcast, hosted by David Sherjan (Above Duality).

The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine come forward and deliver a message regarding New Earth manifestation, through their conduit Magenta Pixie.

Magenta Pixie joins Simon and Becky Parkes on 'Connecting Consciousness'

Magenta Pixie - Social Media Recorded Livestream

Magenta Pixie Q and A - newly awakened - dealing with the emotions of realisation of dark deeds - rescued children, false timeline, probability timelines collapsing into inevitability of great awakening and planetary ascension.

Magenta Pixie presents an Ascension teaching specific to navigating the third dimensional reality, whilst going through the global pandemic and lockdown situation. Creating critical mass for fallen cabal structures, sovereignty, empowerment and integration of fear. Through the monadic geometric structure as download given to her during a recent out-of-body experience into the timespace of the galactic core. Utilising and presenting the energies of Tiamat and Dragon and Lion symbology as codex and metaphor.


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Magenta Pixie and the White, Winged, Collective Consciousness of Nine.
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