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Triple J books Xplosion for the third week of February in 2010.

Triple J encounters two boss fights when continuing in Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars.

Triple J tries doing better in events to unlock the last Elite Race.

After Against All Odds, Hulk Hogan makes a offer for Samoa Joe but the offer has a price.

The February PPV for TNA in 2010 played out in Total Extreme Wrestling 2020.

Triple J plays a couple of Team Deathmatch games in Gears Of War.

Triple J starts a new game in LEGO Star Wars II: The Video Game.

Triple J books the final Xplosion before Against All Odds.

Triple J tries to get past World 2 in Super Mario Bros. 2

Triple J tries out Vikings: Wolves of Midguard for XBox One.

Triple J books the final Impact before Against All Odds with Kurt Angle and AJ Styles taking on the #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles: Generation Me.in the main event

The first Xplosion of February in 2010 has a main event of Tomko vs Magnus

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Impact for the first week of February in 2010 has the main event of Jeff Hardy defending the T.V. Title against Bobby Lashley.

The final Xplosion of January in the year 2010.

Triple J tries running an island with the treasury not having many resources.

Triple J gets stuck and loses his temper with a boss at the beginning of Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night.

Triple J plays the first two missions in SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals.

The first Impact Wrestling after the TNA pay-per-view Final Resolution in 2010.

Triple J advances with what he remembers from a walk-through.

The Final Resolution PPV headlined with the main event of Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles for the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Triple J meets his match when he can't get past giant bugs.

This episode of Xplosion is the final episode before Final Resolution.


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