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A site for those ex-WCG members who have moved away from a religious world-view. Includes archives of John Trechak's Ambassador Report.
Herbert Armstrong say's he is a prophet. This short video is for those who deny Herbert ever said this. Will you STILL lie to yourself about this?

Four Cautions Regarding British Israelism

Caution number 1. British Israelism is NOT the master key to understanding Bible prophecy.
Number 2. Let’s look at our second caution… which is this. Teachers of British Israelism use the same methods of persuasion as do evolutionists.
Number 3. Our third caution is this: DNA does not support the doctrine of British Israelism.
Number 4. Final point which has to do with the great amount of emphasis that British Israelism people make about “the 2520 year prophecy.”

Why we quit Google, YouTube, etc

Herbert Armstrong Speaks Out about the destruction of his campus...

In the 1960s the Worldwide Church of God (WCG) was growing by leaps and bounds. It was the Golden Era of the church. Everything seemed to be going as planned. God seemed to be blessing Herbert Armstrong’s church, and the church’s message about the soon-coming end of the world and the second coming of Christ in the 1970s seemed to us to be on schedule and attracting more and more members. But as the 1970s dawned, suddenly this rosy picture unexpectedly began to dim and fade away....

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A person's uniqueness, talents, skills, creativity, and free will should be encouraged and not suppressed in any healthy group. Mind control seeks to mold recruits into the image of the cult leader. This process is called "cloning" from a psychological perspective. Recruits within a cult are the result of a systematic process to dissociate them from previous identities, including beliefs and values as well as significant relationships. The end result is the creation of a dual identity: the dominant "cult identity" that is constantly at war with the subconscious old identity.
*There is a replier to this video below using the name John Hill. Click on his name to see what this Armstrong supported has been subscribing to and commenting on.
More on Armstrong here:

The Greatest Story Ever Sold. Learn the absolute truth as to the origins of Christianity.

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"The Greatest Story Ever Told" presents historical data relating to the astronomical/astrological origins of the Judeo-Christian theology (which can be extended to Islam as well), along with the understanding that these respective stories, beliefs & traditions are really an adaptation-extension of prior Pagan beliefs. In other words, evidence shows that these modern religions are really composites of earlier religions with their stories and symbolisms "borrowed" as the new traditions evolved. Of course, believers of theistic religions have a inherent, self-preserving interest to disagree with such a notion, for it brings their religion out of the context of the supernatural and novel - and into the context of a singular, serial intellectual evolution of information where many religions begin to share a common symbolic and literary basis. From such a perspective, naturally, the idea that "Jesus" or "Osiris" or "Dionysus" were real, supernatural figures of a larger order metaphysic becomes a distant reality. Regardless, this section isn't really about whether "God" exists or any such issue - it is about the firm reality that religions have been borrowing and building upon each other, while the central origin of these theologies almost always comes back to stellar and solar fascination, in part.
When we track these literary/ritual characteristics, we find that most religions of the world have been spawned
from the interpretation/misinterpretation of the natural world and its dynamic phenomena. Of this phenomena,
it is found that the sun, the stars and the general stellar array have been a powerful source of allegorical and
hence mythological meaning since the dawn of humanity.

The endless butchery in the name of God!
Religion is the source of turmoil within the world community.

A site for those ex-WCG members who have moved away from a religious world-view. Includes archives of John Trechak's Ambassador Report.

Peter Joseph from the Zeitgeist Movement. This is not about the movement but opinions on a host of subjects.
The Christ Myth:

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Read article here where the incest issue was admitted in a court of law:

"During pre-trial proceedings in the Armstrong divorce case, Thursday, Judge Sherrill agreed to limit testimony on Armstrong's sexual conduct but to allow evidence on the finances of the Pasadena, Calif. Based church.

In the divorce proceedings, Armstrong's lawyers had sought to limit evidence of a sexual nature but his wife's attorneys said it was crucial since the church leader alleged Mrs. Armstrong had breached and agreement of love and fidelity.

Louis Deckler, Mrs. Armstrong's lawyer, said the testimony would explain an "understanding" the couple reached about Armstrong's "prior incestuous conduct with his daughter for many years."

Citing Armstrong's worldwide travel in a $17 million private jet and other examples of a "luxurious lifestyle." Deckler contended the other side was trying to exclude evidence showing "the vast wealth that Mr. Armstrong personally controls to his own benefit."

Deborah Armstrong, and HWA's grandson, Larry Gott, have both confirmed in interviews that the incest did take place. Link at the bottom of this page:
A site for those ex-WCG members who have moved away from a religious world-view. Includes archives of John Trechak's Ambassador Report.

Ron Weinland, one of the false prophets of armstrongism goes to jail for tax evasion. And he still has followers.....

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Herbert Armstrong's Stolen Idea.
The History of the United States of Europe.

How did the concept of a United States of Europe develop?

In this short video you will learn just how Herbert W Armstrong came up with and developed his idea that the European union would someday attack and destroy America.

The United States of Europe (sometimes abbreviated U.S.E. or USE) is a name given to several similar hypothetical scenarios of the unification of Europe, as a single country and a single federation of states, similar to the United States of America, both as projected by writers of speculative fiction and science fiction, and by political scientists, politicians, geographers, historians, and futurologists.

Various versions of the concept have developed over the centuries, many of which are mutually incompatible (inclusion or exclusion of the United Kingdom; secular or religious union, etc.). Such proposals include those from King George of Podebrady of Bohemia in 1464; Duc de Sully of France in the seventeenth century; and the plan of
William Penn, the Quaker founder and namesake of Pennsylvania, for the establishment of a "European Dyet, Parliament or Estates."

George Washington wrote to Marquis de La Fayette: "One day, on the model of the United States of America, a United States of Europe will come into being."

A site for those ex-WCG members who have moved away from a religious world-view. Includes archives of John Trechak's Ambassador Report.
Sponsored by the Painful Truth.

False prophet Herbert Armstrong thinks he is a prophet!

A site for those ex-WCG members who have moved away from a religious world-view. Includes archives of John Trechak's Ambassador Report.
Sponsored by the Painful Truth.

Herbert is upset by dissenters!
The Plain Truth magazine was trumpeting these teachings to hundreds of thousands…maybe millions…of readers right during the 1960s Civil Rights Era. Herbert insisted he wasn’t “taking sides” in the Race Question that was the greatest problem of the day…his magazine wouldn’t be promoting the demands of the Negro, nor would it be endorsing the approach of the segregationists of the Deep South. It was, he insisted, just telling the “Plain Truth” about what God thinks of it all, about what the Bible says about it all, and about what the Bible predicts for the future.
The reality, of course, was that Armstrong did, indeed, “take the side” of the white anti-integration southerners. Often using some of the same arguments, the same “scripture quotations” that showed up on their protest signs. “God hates race-mixing.” “God is the author of segregation.”
–Myth America

Herbert replies in a sermon to a letter written by one of his followers:

“Today I want to speak on what may possibly be the very next attack that Satan will use against this church […] interracial marriage.”
“It was stated that the blacks in God’s Church are dissatisfied with such doctrines that are not in keeping with the current social trend in the world [civil rights movement] that are a part of this nations background. […] And this letter also says that they are trying to line up a group of blacks to give ME AN ULTIMATUM, that I get on the side of the social trend of this world, or else! I’ll tell you what I’ll give them, I’LL GIVE THEM THE ‘OR ELSE!’ (church audience laughs) I WON’T COMPROMISE ONE MILLIONTH OF AN INCH! And if you will, you can go into the Lake of Fire if you want to. […] Some are saying that we have to to have racial balance at ambassador college. […]”

You can hear the whole "sermon" at

A site for those ex-WCG members who have moved away from a religious world-view. Includes archives of John Trechak's Ambassador Report.


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The Painful Truth. A collection of Facts, Opinions and Comments from survivors of Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God and its Daughters.