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For some reason, Youtube didn't like this video and took it down. As of right now, I havent heard an answer back on the appeal.

Perfect for a campaign ad... please share!

This is a re-upload, minus a few revisions. Luckily, I still had it saved to my hard drive even though Youtube's bitch ass deleted the channel with no warning, and for no reason.

This dude is NOTHING but a lying, moronic, unhinged, left wing kook.

Ive had this video ready for a couple days, but have been reluctant to release it due to the fraudulent blame put on TRUMP, by left wing kooks, in regards to the shootings in El Paso, and Dayton, OH. I ultimately said the hell with all of that, and here goes... #Trump2020
- JP

Just trying to do a little something different..
Not afraid to experiment, and to let the creative juices flow...

The Greatest President of This Generation!

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This is the original TFN from Facebook & Youtube. The same channel that was wrongfully deleted from both platforms for no reason, no warning, or and notification whatsoever. Im glad you found the page. Luckily, I had most of the material saved and archived at the time of deletion. Now I must reupload the material to this place to let the world know how dishonest and repugnant the left is in America.