Symbolism, finding out is the key to unlocking many secrets.

Fight on. Share information. seems to be under attack
Like bitchute was a few months back. Then the Censorship and permanent Jewish rim job by them.

Fight back. Boycott businesses who discriminate against us. Get on messaging boards and comment sections.

The clock is ticking. The irreversible is on the horizon.

We tried to tell you. Please share.

Silence is a killer.

They are everywhere

That's upto You......

The Guilt and virtual signalling of Whites today will be the Demise of the race.


The Brainwashing is complete it seems.
They will wake when it's to late.

Prepare for War.

Please share

Please share. Share information on as many platforms forums as possible. I'm on fakebook by a fingernail. It's important how you put your message out there. Be very careful in the words you use.

Please share all information on all platforms social media and forums.

Be prepared and arm yourselves. Teach your children to fight.

This sick individual needs 2 Jabs.

Research you will find the truth.

It's in plain sight.
I'm guessing speech may have been altered.

Regardless of colour they are out for us all. Whites being top of the list.
Unite, join groups. Be proud.

There isn't convid.

You do not seem to mind.


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Why is truth so dangerous to them.

Altruism - a disease that affects White people.
**Important information for black people**

How they manipulate you.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize." ~ Voltaire