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John Singleton explains some crypto tax avoidance strategies and more. For more visit and

Dr. Rashid Buttar on / Brad Lea Show Part 1 Early. Rashid Buttar is now deceased (probably killed)

Derrick Johnson lays out the details of what's going on behind the scenes of the pantomime with his photographic memory. :)

Magnet attracts graphene oxide to the side of a glass containing dissolved Nurofen tablets

Rick Martin Explains How to Handle Public Servants who took an Oath.

If you were "vaccinated" - don't try this at home... You might not like what you find....

Check the number on the bottom of plastic containers to see if it's one of the leaching varieties. Avoid buying products where the manufacturer deliberately chooses leaching plastic.

Critical Thinking Children Question Authority and Question Everything.

Challenge of living in a world where Food, Water, Air and especially medicine is poisoned.

Since the previous upload of this video here on Bitchute fails to play - I'm uploading it again.

How do I make an electroculture antenna?

Atmospheric antennas can be made out of wood dowels found at Home Depot, Lowes, or a local piece of wood from your backyard. The taller you make the antenna the larger your plants will grow. Justin christofleau recommended 20 feet+, but any height will do.

You can wrap the wood dowel or local wood with copper and zinc wiring making a fibonacci spiral or vortex up in the air facing Magnetic North. The combination of zinc and copper can work like a battery when the sun hits the the antenna. You will then place this antenna about 6-8 inches into your soil and let Mother Nature do the magic. Get creative, try different designs, and you will see the true potential of electroculture.

For more on this topic we offer a free download of Justin Christofleau's Electroculture book

UCC Financing Statement with the Department of Defense. 14 Trillion borrowed from thin air using Public Charitable Trust / funded by our (hidden) Cestui que vie Trusts

Scientist and Free Energy Researcher Tom Bearden explains the mechanism of free energy suppression.

The Roman Circus..ūüé™
William Cooper in his famous CNN interview..
Dangerous to tell truth - that's why he was killed.

Their Reign Will Be Over. I will Totally Obliterate the Deep State. Freedom Again

They will send you a clean title. Do not recontract with them by sending back the clean title.

Dr. Tom Cohen: Virology Rooted in Nonsense - Largest Crime Ever!!! Freedom Poisoned.

Official UK document from the Ministry of Health reveals Convid never existed. Masks, lockdowns, vaccines and PCR tests - all fraud. The hoax is officially in the public domain.

Our bogus "gregorian" calendar was created to keep us out of our natural cycles. Discover how our calendar is supposed to be with 13 months of 28 days plus 1 special day = 365 days.

Kari Lake speaking at Mar-a-Lago: "To watch these evil watch them steal this (election) in broad daylight, and if they think they are going to get away with it, they messed with the wrong bitch."

‚ÄėSudden death‚Äô after vaccination did not start in 2021 ‚ÄĒ it has been going on for decades. Hear from CHD‚Äôs translations coordinator Kari Bundy, whose son Mason died in his sleep just days after a routine pertussis vaccination. # CHDTV

Which while the bug is removed similarly to the way it was done in the "The Matrix" movie. Planning any surgery?

Does this short video convince you that the Biden seen in media now is not the original Joe Biden?

Fun Fact: The Soviet "moon landing" was so fake looking (even faker than NASA's) it's barely mentioned anymore in the media

Died Suddenly Trailer


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