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Detailing the glorious rise of our next President, Joe Biden

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My original plan was to stop all this stuff and move on from Boston Antifa after two years max, if all the social media networks didn't get rid of me first. After getting in the news too much, they all did except YouTube.

I backed out of all that with the YouTube and we decided to try doing some new stuff under a new name. I think I'm going to go through with the plan after all though. I'll be working on one final video for the channel that will summarize everything we did that really doesn't appear anywhere else and then stop using the channel. I'll also put videos back up and probably change the name back to Boston Antifa. Then that's all, folx.

No drama surrounding all this. We've appreciated the people who have supported the cause. Just bored and I've been trying forever to close this thing up. We also don't stay in one place for too long. Consider me the Mad Max of the Internet. Except my leather jacket is faux and I'm not an evil fascist n-word user like Mel Gibson. Other than that, I'm equal to or better than Mel Gibson in every way. Actually, consider Mel Gibson the Dustin of Hollywood.

Mostly posting this because people were asking what was up and I figured I'd leave something somewhere. Maybe you'll find us somewhere again some day. Later, comrades

A tribute to the past couple years of fighting the Trump regime.



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In honor of Gavin being unpersoned across social media, here's one of our interviews with Gavin that we did early last year. The other remains behind Compound Media's fascist paywall.

Thanks, Dustin! This chant will stop the NPC Meme.


Stop fascist dehumanization!

Sick and tired of being sick and tired of this dehumanization.

We're ending the meme TODAY.

Greetings comrades.
Today Quinn discusses the various ways to maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle as we edge ever closer towards revolution.

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Dustin destroys Owen Shroyer, Roger Stone, Alex Jones and everyone else on their OWN network! This victory on Owen's War Room today is for you, comrades! #Infowars #WeSayNo

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This is the same channel associated with the late @AntifaBoston on Twitter and

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Anyone else claiming to be Boston Antifa is FAKE. We are an antifascist group operating in Boston and the surrounding region. Facists beware! We expose active racism and FIGHT BACK!