After my YouTube gets banned for millionth time, Fuzhou decides to raid my stream with a few other losers begging to call into my stream and gets felted and BTFO.

Me giving commentary on confronting Keemstar and direct responses to what he claims.
Original video:

Thanks to Alaska95 for the edit.

Keemstar calls into Wings of Redemptions livestream and slanders Britbong then runs when Britbong confronts him, shameful display.
Keemstar and the 15 year old girl (proof) (Britbong innocent proof)

I was falsely and malicously accused by several YouTubers of sending people CP "as a troll"
There is no actual evidence I did anything besides make these morons mad online.

Not one person reached out to me or allowed me to defend myself they constantly attacked me for two years even after it was proven a complete load of shit they still claim I did it with no proof, most of these people are connected to Keemstar who has a personal vendetta against me so his toadies think by blaming me they will get to suck on Keemstars dick personally or something lmao.

I offered to call into shows, go on streams but instead I got doxed, harassed and deplatformed even more than I already was, they are all complete losers.

(This happened back in 2020)

If you've ever used tinder you know this is the truth.

Meanwhile at the local psychiatric hospital, a Britbong hater vents his frustration about Britbong in his comfy padded accommodations.

A very mad bro wagie seething over Britbongs stream.


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