DMG (Darth Kev)

The Death Of A Great Man

The War to End All Wars

Mourn the Slaughter of So Many

A Foolish Sage Who got Involved

The Traps of Love and Hate

Heaven Aims The Master's Arrow

The Bravest Tiger Is First Killed

A Death For Love, More Deaths From Greed

"Autobots, Transform And Roll Out"

0:00:00 No Sacrifice, No Victory
0:02:36 Arrival to Earth
0:03:10 Optimus
0:05:41 Autobots
0:07:55 Arrival to Earth
0:11:26 The All Spark
0:14:00 Scorponok
0:15:23 You're a Soldier Now
0:18:33 Did You Forget Who I Am
0:19:07 Forest Battle
0:19:53 Arrival to Earth
0:21:08 Bumblebee Captured
0:23:17 Bumblebee
0:26:49 I Claim Your Sun
0:27:18 The World Needs You Now
0:28:02 Optimus vs. Megatron
0:29:37 I Rise, You Fall
0:32:17 There Is No Plan
0:35:50 Prime
0:37:53 We Have to Go
0:43:27 Cogman Sings
0:44:50 Sir Edmund Burton
0:48:48 Seglass Ni Tonday
0:50:35 Cogman Sings
0:51:15 Matrix of Leadership
0:55:02 The Legend Exists
0:55:45 Sentinel Prime
0:58:49 Infinite White
1:01:30 Our Final Hope
1:05:01 Tomb of the Primes
1:07:15 I Had My Moment
1:08:02 Battle
1:10:21 It's Our Fight
1:11:27 I'm Just The Messenger
1:13:12 Lockdown
1:16:25 Your Creators Wants You Back
1:17:48 Code Red
1:18:36 Forest Battle
1:19:07 Autobots Reunite
1:21:55 It's Our Fight
1:24:21 I'm Just The Messenger
1:25:03 Punch Hold Slide Repeat
1:25:34 Have Faith Prime
1:26:26 Hunted
1:31:31 Decisions
1:35:26 Dinobot Charge
1:40:55 Leave Planet Earth Alone
1:43:00 Optimus is Alive
1:44:27 Sacrifice
1:51:01 Leave Planet Earth Alone
1:52:24 Precious Cargo
1:53:56 History of Transformers
1:56:06 Merlin's Staff
1:57:34 Purity of Heart
2:01:00 Merlin's Staff
2:05:11 Izzy
2:08:58 Your Voice
2:09:24 Calling All Autobots
2:12:17 Tessa

When Liang Shan Po Robbed The Poor

Set 30 Years before Episode 1, the Jedi Order is running low of Credits due to Palpatine blowing it on hookers and cocaine. so yoda does the only reasonable thing in this scenario, he becomes a drug dealer...

Megatron receives a surprise visitor; Shockwave reveals how finding the mythical Allspark can help defeat the Autobots. The Decepticons lay a trap.

Yoda breaks out of Jail and proceeds to continue his slaughter of the furry trash

Brought to you by "KentMansley"
(i'm only mirroring it)

Kao Chiu Loses His Heart

While Yoda is looking up porn of his fellow gremlins, he finds out about the furry trend, this gives him a mental breakdown and he decides he must put a stop to it.....

Brought to you by "KentMansley"
(i'm only mirroring it)

The Girl Who Loved The Flower Priest
(title sounds pretty suspect)

Escape Is Not Freedom

Megatron urges Optimus Prime to accept a treaty, while Starscream questions Jetfire's leadership. The Autobots try to recruit Bumblebee to their side.

A Dutiful Son And The Love Of A Brother

A Man's Only Happiness

Various Scenes from John Wick 1 and 2...but with the Music from Air Wolf (1984 TV Series)

How Easy To Die, How Hard To Live

Bandits Who Steal Are Executed

A Treasure Of Gold And Jade


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