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Traitors, traitors everywhere. With this passed, any migrant can claim Asylum in any EU country. They even fine them if they refuse. The day of the rope must come or it will come for us. https://twitter.com/RadioGenoa/status/1778291336094843211

This is the best example I have ever seen about what these psychopathic Zionist traitors believe and the Kikes they worship believe in. Truly insane.

"Cough it up goy, we need the money to kill people. Fuck you and your family, we need that money to kill. if you don't Cough it up we will kill you or make you rot in a cage until you die."
That is the mentality of this insane psychopaths we call government.
Will you pay these Tyrants?

Its all fun and games until you realize these are the same people who rule over our traitorous politicians. This is coming for us soon.

FBI? More like ADL. Expose these traitorous people. This is one of the last chances we have. Download and share.
Wake the hell up. We are a Vassal state of the Terrorist state of Israel. They murdered 60 million in Russia and 60 million in China. Who is responsible? How many bloodlines did these evil psychopaths wipe off the face of the Earth? Its coming again....

So while youre children and homes are being raided, these lack luster sacks of shit who sell their souls to Jews for a paycheck must be exposed.

Truly a magnificent example of the reality that we live in. Let them break into your homes and give them the keys.

Sad that these people can do this but we cant summon our own countrymen to do this to the traitors in this country. Pathetic. Who is responsible for this invasion? Jewish Family Services https://www.bitchute.com/video/BgVVJdI6juFK/
Every fucking time.

The future is looking beautiful, dont you agree?
Jewish politicians subvert the laws of this country and innocent people get hurt.
Do you realize now its us or them?

Rarely do I ever upload something humorous. But its also quite sad...
I dont know who made this song but I found it here on https://www.bitchute.com/video/bf9eTbntRsoy/?comment=xmKyB7iLGtzGkUekKSp2XqTZCHbDWL8VtG9

Treason cant even describe how guilty these people are.

Does this look like an accident to you?

Get ready. Ive been warning you all for years. Here we go.

Foreign attack or inside job? The guy at 00:03 sitting there just watching the show, wtf?

Breaking News. 40 dead 100 injured so far.
Damn, this isn't good. My gut feeling tells me this has something to do with Russia blocking the UN ceasefire agreement in Gaza because their demands were ridiculous.

One of the best interviews ive seen in my entire life. Holy shit.
So much truth is included. And I my friends, am a warrior for truth.
Thanks for watching, you are the best part of humanity.

Seems like I get a new one of these almost every day. Made me think of this:
"I pledge allegiance to the trans flag of the United States of Weimerica, and to the Oligarchy for which it stands. One nation, under Godlessness, and diversity, with liberalism and injustice for all."

Interesting... This is her video manifesto.
UPDATE: Turns out she's a mudshark and a satanist LOL

So this just happened apparently. 13%er pulls out gun, gets stabbed in the back by the woman, then the guy fighting him steals his gun and ends up shooting him.
Such a rich and vibrant city!

"White female student in critical condition after suffering significant traumatic brain injury during a fight with a black female student at Hazelwood East High School in Missouri."


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~A Poem of Awakening-

I write this poem to help you see and warn you whats in store for thee;
open your eyes, lend me your ears, the future is dark and full of fear...
Tyrants work behind the scenes to rob us of our hopes and dreams;
spineless cowards craving power, innocent lives they do devour.
Fueled by greed and endless malice, they struggle for the golden chalice;
to enslave all of humanity, they sow the seeds of all depravity.

To reach their nefarious ends the entire planet they will rend.
A Conspiracy from long ago, a Devilish eternal foe.
To put good use your children's lives, tricks and schemes they do devise.
In foreign wars and unknown lands, they die and bleed in desert sands,
believing truly what they do, is full of just and noble virtue.
While your sons and daughters toil, the global bankers reap their spoils,
caring not who is in power, for they are all paid by the hour..

So is there truly any hope? Any means for one to cope?
What can just one person do except reach out to others like you?
And ask how many more lives will they end before we finally defend
the things you know are right and true, and so you know what you must do.
You can no longer sit idly by while the demagogues spout their lies.
Through Inflation and Usury they will thrive at the cost of your grand children's lives.
So the choice is yours and yours alone, what type of future you condone.
I want my children to be free, so I ask and plead that you join me...

To Tyrants Thus