This song has been running through my mind for a long time, the gang stalking good old boys club, they set the pay scale, the shit pay scale, they have lunch together, possibly swap wives together, do not ever go to war, never do the work they ask us to do; was tired of road work, being homeless, paying my child support, two companies $18 an hour, no benefits, one union, $18.50 an hour, benefits, so met a guy out at mound house, demolition, he told me me would pay me ten dollars an hour to drive an old narrow nose Kenworth dump truck, I was driving my little GMC S-15; he was driving a new Chevrolet, he said no smoking in the truck as he chomped on a big old stogie; they make the big money per hour on government jobs, do not share with the workers. Fuck the good old boys.

Tyrannical New Bill: Quarantine Camps & Forced Vaccinations – This Must Stop NOW!

Coronavirus, Mass Hysteria and Fear Porn

They moved a hottie with a RED car upstairs, other neighbors upstairs trying to set me up to be a stalker. Three times she screamed, three times I ran upstairs to save her, no answer. One night, they knew I had to go to work, I walked back with toilet paper and paper towels, she was upstairs brushing her hair in the window, with, I think, a Red negligee. The older waitress who said I was stalking her, wtf? How do you stalk someone when you do not know where they live, their last name, the car they drive, their phone number working 10:30 at night to 12;30 noon, punch the time clock and be back in ten hours? Guess they did not like me bad mouthing George Bush the war hero who never went to war. Of course I gave the younger waitress and gave her a note saying my cousin Tony wanted to take her out, that means to kill her; Tony would never do such a thing, he liked women for some reason, he was a mommy's boy same as most criminals.
I used to come out of the shower naked and flip them all off upstairs, I think she like it, but one time heard --- say: "Me and ------ in dresses, I do not care!" Practicing with my blades in my Hanes, so much for privacy!

I am not going to sue the sheriffs, they have been there for me against my criminal drug dealing employers in the trucking industry.
Am banned 50 percent of the time from viewing youtube videos since they deleted my channel WhyMe Lord without a trial before my peers, they did not like this video: Fall of the Cabal. Does that mean that youtube supports satanism?

Gang Stalking - Part 2 Of Previous Video. Harris County Sheriff Gets Called Out For Me Climbing Tree

Gang Stalkers & Agents Watching You

This is Where Gang Stalking Starts, for Everyone Targeted. Fusion Centers Funded by Tax Dollars.

Hitler Fatherland
Bush Homeland

I think that Bush said that we would be out of Iraq in two months, murdering all of those innocent people who had Nothing to do with 911. It has been twenty years!

What a load of crap! The criminals are in the white house, congress, the cia, the nsa, fbi, the pentagon.


Thank you Denise.

Many more experiences, my homeless friend living in his vehicle said it was horrible getting off the heroin; went to prison for robbery, thanks God every day, he told me that the Big black man dressed in black who hangs out nearby used to be his dealer, always sold him good shit, but one time one of his friends overdosed and died. The man is not as big as the black man who showed up at the laundromat that night, had to go there because the neighbor potato head was always spying, swearing, threw my bird feeder in the garbage, banging on the wall, yelling through the wall, threw my long johns out of the washing machine into the street, that night the black man walked out behind me lit a cig and a cough, same as me, that is called mirroring, then HAAARGH!; walk by the Truckee River Bar and Grill, a man walked out with a woman with a pink vest, three times, I think, he cleared his throat loudly and hawked a lugey behind me, young tweaker with no grill on his black pickup standing there on his cell, walked down to the dollar tree and called a gang stalked woman, played a laugh box, everyone thought it was funny except for the woman with the butch haircut and rainbow curls and her mexican girlfriend with tattoo's; old classic Buick with 18 inch wheels, California plates. For a week the man sat at bench with his friends, at the old McKinley school watching my front door; one day I heard the helicopter coming and was taking video when the big man walked in front of me with big baggy with a half inch of white powder in the bottom, he checked out the dumpster then left.
Thank you!

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon

Renamed and reposted with new links.
Most won't remember, or at worst even know of the 1995 Amtrak derailment in southern
Arizona, attempting to blame it on "citizens militias". An obvious inside job.​
(Blackwater, Blackstone Group, etc. etc.)
Raytheon, Brown's old employer and the new owner of the APTI patents, was one of three bidders on the HAARP project. Eventually, through a series of corporate buyouts, Raytheon would come to own all of the patents described in this chapter as well as the contract for the second phase of HAARP construction.​
I reposted this video for one reason only; FEAR of copyright violations on the following video:​
Illuminati Satanic Funeral:​​
I filmed this cloud shortly after noon on January 5, 2012 in Reno, Nevada from three vantage points all in thirty minutes.
All the pictures have been cropped except for the first.
The sky was a much lighter blue, and the cloud was a much whiter white, with the sun behind the cloud, the camera corrected. Shooting into the sun!

Loose lips sink ships and 747s too.​

Dr. Deagle on Weaponized Weather Programs, Biological Weapons, Micro-toxins​...

Busted: Easy Jet -- A "Cheap Tickets" Airline Is Caught Spraying Chemtrails Over Europe​...

Chemtrails - Two Emails Received Anonymously - From An Airline Mechanic And An Airline Manager - Both In The USA​...

Hitlers Use of Floride​

Mercury is good for you​

Bill Gates and Mercury​

Jay Rockefeller Can't Deny His Connection to Modern Eugenics​...

Devil Sign​...

Chemtrails - Frequently Asked Questions​

Chemtrails & Political Myths​

Pilot Speaks Out About Chemtrails And HAARP​...

The Truth Denied​

They LIve!​

Audio quality sucks, use the link below.
Thanks to Its A Beautiful Day:​
Original Link:​
clouds sports chemtrails meterology morgellens barium aluminum human pathogens evergreen cia eugenics opium heroin war flag draped coffins poppy bush

Dirty, needs work.

For the record, giving someone f-------- burger king coupons does not put a roof over their head. I do not have $300,000 to buy a stupid condomenium.

The CDC says that peeing and pooping on the streets is sanitary.

Skull and Bones, Illuminati, Clube Bilderberg, Comissão Trilateral & CFR 2-5

Will you wrestle naked in the "mud" for power and fortune?

The other day some old biddy called the cops on my homeless friend living in a vehicle, she is disabled and can hardly walk, she called her a prostitute and told her to move her car into the park! Stupid old bitch snitch! Friend has exposed child sex trafficking in south reno mentioned that the gangstalkers put a rat in her rental, about three weeks ago there was a big jacked gray, color of death, 4x4 on her bumper brighting her.


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