A lovely conversation I had with an older gentlemen on a bus about the wonderful vibrant city of Johannesburg, and its dark disturbing white nationalist past.
Video originally uploaded on 15 June 2017

an anecdote about a nice little town of mostly white people and stuff white people like.

Me responding to notorious South African cuck Renaldo Gouws’s response to David Duke’s video on the situation in Souf Effrika.

Video originally published on 31 May 2017

Original Renaldo Gouws video:

Original David Duke video:

hope is a curse.

We wuz Edisuns an shiiieeeeeet

A response to u/EarthGoat

this video contains no information. other people have done that better than i could. this is me yelling at some npcs in a normie discussion group as they celebrate the false imprisonment and show trial verdict of an innocent man.

Shit is fucked fam. Don't call it a grave. This is the future you chose. Facebook filters added for your inconvenience.

A livestream I did where I talk about Zeiger's arrest warrant, some Jew screaming "Heil Hitler" at a Fiddler on the Roof performance, the hopelessness of South Africa and Western Civilization in general, and my support of being taken over by racist AI oligarchs. Sorry for the audio issues.

South African lawmakers vote to amend the constitution. President says not to panic.

(((Kim Heller))) tells us why whites in South Africa should give up their land. It's the right thing to do, fellow white people!


Demography is Destiny edit of a video i made

My thoughts on the upcoming land grabs in South Africa


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