This video covers the Round Table groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderberg Group. The video explains how they work together to control the world.


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This video covers the life and preaching of Charles Spurgeon. A timeline of some of the significant events in his life is given. A description of Spurgeon's preaching and theology is covered.


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This video analyzes the scandal at Grace Community Church surrounding Eileen Gray. Observations are made about John Macarthur, the situation that has been going on and the greater evangelical culture of Celebrity Pastors. The sin of man worship in Evangelicalism is also discussed.


This video covers the history of the C.I.A. The dark connections of the C.I.A. to the secret societies and the new world order are exposed. Subjects such as black ops, coups, drugs, and m.k.-ultra mind control are all discussed.

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This video discusses the biblical doctrine of Christology that defines the one person of Christ having both a divine nature and human nature. The Chalcedonian creed is discussed as well as the ancient heresy of Nestorianism. Various aspects of Christology are discussed such as the virgin birth, Christ having no sin nature, and the implications of
Christ having both a divine nature and a human nature. The video ends with explaining the implications of correct Christology for understanding the atonement and the gospel itself.

This video covers the religion of Islam, the world's fastest growing religion. The beliefs, history, and origins of the Muslim faith are discussed. The historical research that has taken place on the truth about Mohammed, Mecca, and the Quran is all explained.


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This video discusses the theological system known as Dispensationalism. Dispensational Eschatology known as Futurism is shown to have origins from the writings of Jesuit theologians in the sixteenth century. Dispensational views on Israel and the Church, a rebuilt third temple, sacrifices in the Millennium are all discussed.


Music Fading by Sappheiros

This video discusses the sins of Tom Chantry and the cover up of his crimes by the Reformed Baptist Association called A.R.B.C.A. The story is told, and lessons are drawn out from this difficult chapter in the church's history.

This video describes circumnavigation on a flat earth. The video also describes how the true history surrounding Christopher Columbus has been covered up in connection with the cosmology deception.


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This video explains the teaching of the Bible on the return of Christ. The video also teaches the scriptural doctrine of a general resurrection for the righteous and the unrighteousness, as well as one final judgement for both the righteous and the unrighteous. The Rapture and the New Heavens and New Earth are also discussed.


This video covers the topic of Mystery Babylon the great in revelation 17. The identity of the apocalyptic woman is revealed and her connection to Babylonian paganism is exposed.


music: Terminus by Scott Buckley

This video explains the worldwide alien deception. The video discusses the satanic alien lie but also the real u.f.o./e.t. phenomenon that is working behind the mainstream lie. The theory of the greys being hybrids in connection with the Gen. 6 narrative is laid out.


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This video describes the life and ministry of William Huntington. Huntington was a man who lived an extraordinary life. He was born into poverty, and little formal education but was raised up by God to become a faithful Christian minister. He led one of the largest churches in England in his day. The video describes his theological views including the view that the gospel and not the law is the Christian's rule of life. The video also addresses the historic charge of antinomianism that has been levelled against Huntington.


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In this video, I speak about what the Lord has done in the past two years of Reformed Truther Ministries. I give an account of what the Lord has done in my life in that time. Thanks is expressed to all who have subscribed to the channel and supported Reformed Truther Ministries. Thank You!

At one point in the video, when mentioning the doctrine of the imputed righteousness of Christ, I accidently said the imputed righteousness of faith. Please know that I misspoke at that point.





This video discusses the history of Hollywood and its dark connections to the secret societies, the occult, and satanism. Hollywood's relationship to the C.I.A is also examined. Examples of C.I.A. Ops are given such as M.K. Ultra and Operation Mockingbird. The agenda to use movies to influence our minds are exposed.


Music: Dark Conspiracy Theory Music - Covenant by Greg Dombrowski/Secession Studios.


This video covers the life work and sacrifices of William Tyndale. The video shows how God used Tyndale, through much difficulty and hardship, to give us our English Bibles.


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This video speaks about the proper spheres of sovereignty for both the Church and the State. The scriptural doctrine of the limited authority of the government is explained. The proper understanding of resistance to tyranny is explained.

Reformed Truther Website:


This video discusses the history of N.A.S.A and the Space Deception. The lies contradicting the truth of biblical cosmology are exposed.

Reformed Truther Ministries Website:


Music: I Walk With Ghosts by Scott Buckley.
'I Walk With Ghosts' [Meditative Neoclassical CC-BY] - Scott Buckley

This video decribes the historical events of the great awakening. The ministries of George Whitfield, and Jonathan Edwards are discussed. The theological views of George Whitfield, John Wesley, and Jonathan Edwards are examined. The video shows how study of the Great Awakening leads to encouragement for all servants of the Lord.

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This video covers the scriptural teaching of Complementarianism. This teaching is that God has created men and women differently and has assigned specific roles for both men and women. The video discusses Complementarianism in the family, the Church, and civil society. Male headship and the use of head coverings in the Church is also discussed.

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This video discusses the international banking system and how our money has been manipulated to exploit society. The video discusses the Bible's teachings on banking, debt, and loans.

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This video provides an introduction to the Puritan movement in the seventeenth century in the British Isles. The video gives an overview of the theology of the Puritans. The video also gives three biographical accounts of the Puritans, William Perkins, Samuel Rutherford, and John Owen.

'A Kind Of Hope' [Contemplative Neoclassical CC-BY] - Scott Buckley

PinePage for Reformed Truther Ministries.

This video explains the beliefs, origins, and history of Communism. The links between Communism, and the Illuminati are demonstrated. Communism is shown to be a part of the New World Order conspiracy.

Music: Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor by Chris Zabriskie.
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Reformed Truther Website.


This video explains the great prophetic dream of Nebuchadnezzar and its interpretation given by God through his servant Daniel. The Babylonian King had dreamed of a statue representing the great empires of history. The video shows the biblical prophecies perfectly foretelling the rise and fall of the dominant world powers.

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This video answers the question of what the gospel is according to Scripture. The gospel is the proclamation of the coming of Christ, and of his life, work, death, and resurrection. The gospel includes the promise that all who believe in him shall not perish but will have everlasting life. Salvation is shown to be solely of the free grace of God and all who are saved are covered in the perfect righteousness of Christ.


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