This video explains the great prophetic dream of Nebuchadnezzar and its interpretation given by God through his servant Daniel. The Babylonian King had dreamed of a statue representing the great empires of history. The video shows the biblical prophecies perfectly foretelling the rise and fall of the dominant world powers.

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This video answers the question of what the gospel is according to Scripture. The gospel is the proclamation of the coming of Christ, and of his life, work, death, and resurrection. The gospel includes the promise that all who believe in him shall not perish but will have everlasting life. Salvation is shown to be solely of the free grace of God and all who are saved are covered in the perfect righteousness of Christ.

This video describes the life and work of Martin Luther. Luther's story is told, describing how God used him to bring about the Protestant Reformation in Europe.

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This video covers the history of the Illuminati. The video goes through the history of Illuminism going back to the Tower of Babel and the ancient mystery schools. Groups such as the Gnostics, Assassins, Knights Templars, and Alumbrados are discussed. Finally, the Bavarian Illuminati is discussed as well as revolutions in history such as French Revolution and Bolshevik Revolution.

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This video lays out the scriptural arguments for believer's baptism by full immersion. The New Testament commands only those who believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ to be baptized. Baptism signifies the old man dying and the new man being spiritually born with Christ to walk in the newness of life. The nature of the New Covenant as a salvific covenant supports the doctrine of believer's baptism. Some comments on covenant theology are made at the end of the video.

This video gives a historical overview of Roman Catholic infiltration of Protestantism in history as well as the modern advances of the Ecumenical movement in Evangelical Protestantism. Rome has made great strides in its ecumenical strategy.

Bible Based Ministries link for Billy Graham article.

Link to transcript of expose of Refo500 by Ralph Ovadal

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This video defines the historic understanding of the biblical doctrine of the Trinity. The three main points are that there is one God, there are three persons within the Godhead, and that there is one essence shared equally amongst the persons of the Trinity. Some thoughts are given on the error of Eternal Functional Subordinationism or E.F.S.

This video promotes and explains the content of the new book titled The Hidden Enemies: The Antichrist, the New World Order, and the True History of the World by Joe Harper.

Our latest video answers the question of what is Freemasonry. Explanation is given for the the teachings of the World's most famous secret society.

At about 18:43 it is said that the 33rd degree is invitation only. It is said in the video if you are asked about the degree you are disqualified but actually it is if a Mason asks himself to be initiated into the degree that he is disqualified from receiving it.

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This video explains the biblical description of stars. Flat Earth Cosmology as laid out in the Bible shows that Stars are not balls of gas in the vastness of space.

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This video describes the place of Sheol, how it relates to Flat Earth Cosmology and the descent of Christ into Sheol.

This video explains the identity of the Biblical Antichrist. The historic view of Protestantism is revealed.

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This video discuses the Nephilim of Genesis six. The Nephilim were the Giants that were the offspring of the Sons of God and the Daughters of men. The video talks about the biblical narrative of Giants, the historical evidence for giants and the agenda to cover up what is going on with the Giants.

This video is an in depth trailer for the book Lost Eschatology: Our Protestant Heritage Recovered. An Introduction to Historicist Postmillennialism.

This video briefly explains the origins, purpose and goals of the Jesuit Order. An important topic for Protestant Christians and Truthers.

This video provides a list of quotes from Church history that shows that the Church has historically believed in a Geocentric Flat Earth covered by a solid firmament.

These quotes are listed at

This video provides quotes proving the historical Protestant identification of the Antichrist. Protestant Christianity has always understood the Pope of Rome to be the Antichrist. This viewpoint is known as the Historicist view of the Antichrist. Historicism is contrasted from the other views of eschatology such as Preterism, Futurism, and Idealism.

A short video pointing out some of the empirical proofs for flat earth. This video challenges you to question your presuppositions.

This video gives a description of the purpose and beliefs of Reformed Truther Ministries. A brief overview of Reformed Theology and the Truther Movement is given and why that is relevant to this Ministry.

Trailer for Reformed Truther Ministries

A trailer for Reformed Truther Ministries.


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We are a ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ sharing the truths of the Bible. Our ministry emphasizes reformed theology and the details of the truther movement. We teach theology, eschatology, history and currents events. We are not afraid to speak on topics that are frowned upon by most of Christianity.