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β™ΎπŸ™ Principles Of Existence Pt1 πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Stoicism, Marcus Aurelius πŸ™β™Ύ

Hello Epic Soul :)

Thank you as always for being here. I am always grateful for your investment in anything i offer or am about. Today i though i would switch things up a bit. As, the themes of late have been really vast, far reaching and impacting to profound levels. With being in the eve of the June Solstice. I though i would offer something to help you brew and ponder deeply.

It has been a massive 6 months. So much has been discovered and implemented. I just want to offer a massive shout out and thank you here, now. On this eve. if you have endured a tough time yourself. But, have stuck with me and trusted what i do is always in the best interests of all variables involved. For you, me, those around us, our species and our magnificent home. I really want to inspire you to reflect over this last 6 to 12 months yourself. Here, now. To really measure how much you have expanded and grown.

Today i offer some of my core very ingrained concepts. That i brewed with based on many variables around my life way back early 2014. I called them my 'Principles of Existence'.

There are eras of civilisation i know you all feel the echos of. Places like feudal Japan for instance. Where there have been societies based upon honour and integrity. But, they don't seem to be natures of societies anywhere today. I just felt it wasn't up to the rest to start living that way. I just chose to use all these variables and just do it. I would choose to be better and strive to relentlessly improve. So, during that era i was at one of my peak creative states. I put many down. Which, are part of what i share this way for the first time.

I just share them the way i offer most of my teachings. Always doing my best. I have no doubt when you hear them. I am sure you just know and feel them to your core also. But, maybe there are a few you never thought of. That you can also integrate and incorporate within you going forth. To..

β™ΎπŸ™ Galactic Special Forces 33 - May 2024 πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Dreamtime Victory Busting Gov- / Invader New Plan For Earth πŸ™β™Ύ

Lets Take The Dreamtime Back You Relentless Soul of a Being :)

Thanks as always for being here. Now, with the relentlessness few has at this time. With a potent will to want to know and discover. Let alone finding me amongst the vastness of options out there. I am grateful for what ever you invest into what i offer. It is a privilege to be able to contribute at this level. I aim once more to make that investment worth while. As we continue to make enormous progress that will in time trickle down to our world. But, especially to those proactive now. Today its ti,me our Dreamtime is ours again

Over the recent weeks and months i have been a part of some enormous successes. We have definitely been up against an enormous, almost impossible obstacle that these success are making progress to overcome. Which, has now afforded some victorious even in the dreamtime realm. I know has been assisted by discovering what was going on in my own and all of our dreamtimes. That the linguistics 'Pure Source Spiritual Assembly for Multiverse Resolution' came about. I highly recommend exploring rte the release a month or two ago offering this all:

β™ΎπŸ™ Pure Source Spiritual Assembly For Multiverse Resolution πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Dreamtime Purification πŸ™β™Ύ

Getting to today's installment in the Galactic Special Forces series. I offer a victory that came about by a dreamtime discovery. An effort to renew or create a new agreement between our Gov and very negative, invader aligned species. Just like in the early 20th century. With the aim to continue with the domination agenda. All parties involved were massively basted in planning the invasion and humanity's diabolical violation. It all gave us a chance to work with Earth Mother and establish her as the authority once and for all. She was ..

β™ΎπŸ™ Galactic Special Forces 32 - May 2024 πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Anchoring Of Our Universal Superiority Now Ready To LaunchπŸ™β™Ύ

Hello You Very Appreciated EPIC Being :)

Thank you on many levels for being here. Even finding my for starters. If you have accepted being possible what i offer. Let alone processed with all the information i have offered. If out of all that you have been coming to your own conclusions echoing what i say. But, just never got to that point to accept what you perceive. Because no one seems to recognise the threat you feel deep in your core. Thus, being a core ingredient in your motivation that has found you to be here with me today. I have what i feel will be some validation type of perspectives for many of you. To be an answer why your life seems to be perhaps ridiculously demanding with no reason why.

I don't know what its been like for you this last few months. Or the last 12. In all sorts of ways for many amazing beings i have had the privilege of interacting with. I know the consistency has been very tough. Feeling like you see it all, recognise the risk we are all in. Know all of this should be the focus. But, have experienced a next level of challenge. That does not make sense.

I was planning to offer what i feel has been a massive victory some of the people i am involved in gained. That also resulted in a next level push back for us to. It was to be a very extensive release that i really wanted to offer some profound context. With myself living in the shorted light winter months now. I knew i would run out of time to impart properly. I did however intend to offer what the hardcore group or GSF level beings i am honoured to know. Have observed. This being a very significant feeling of a strategic threshold of Pure Source anchoring on Earth and our Universe. We have all achieved. Not just myself and this core group i elude to often. I felt i have been able to gain a way to impart to you the epic's coming into your Infinite. Dedicated to the concepts..

β™ΎπŸ™ Crystal Skulls Pt1 πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Godfather of Crystal Skulls Nick Nocerino, Mitchell-Hedges πŸ™β™Ύ

Welcome Epic Being :)

I do always say this but thank you for finding and exploring anything i offer. It is my honour. Today i finally start on a theme that really has never been one i though i would ever explore. That was until i was in the later stages of creating my 'Universal Sovereignty Declaration' earlier this year. The Crystal Skulls came to me loud and clear, So, today i look forward to begin to offer you the profound appreciation of just how amazing they are. Like no one else has so far.

I have mentioned quite a few time since its release that i intended to explore this theme. As with much i have offered this year so far. It feels like to me in my own mind. I have been finally working out what is really going on. That, we've never had the chance of coming close to knowing. Thanks to an amazing array of incredible people this last 9-12 months. All contributing in significant ways. To help in forming the outer edges to the ridiculously massive and complex puzzle. We've all been in for so long. Now with all those edges established and enormous contextual appreciation. Many things are falling into place quite effortlessly. And, now the Crystal Skulls come into the equation.

After many many years of relentless searching, investing time and energy. In a whole range of concepts and teachers. In particular Ashayana Deane these last 2 and a half years. If you have explored my 'Amplify the Echo of Our Souls Ancient Past' series with many big variables she's offered many years ago. I feel incredibly confident i have worked out. That there was a far greater, strategic purpose of the timing of the Central and Southern America conquest. In particular by the Conquistadors. Appreciating this because the larger scale purpose of these incredible artifacts i am getting. Which, i will discuss in future releases with far more information and data offered first. I have some really fas..

I am just uploading this now as YouTube removed it for 'Medical Misinformation'.

(I start at approx 1:12:00min on)

Disclaimer: This information offered is by no means advice for you to take based on what is discussed. Listen very carefully to the disclaimer in the beginning segment of the show. Take full responsibility for your actions. Seek the presently supported avenues for advice as always.

Andre Hodge with James @ Feet2fire - Iodine - Eliminate Fluoride, Heavy Metals, Radiation + Endocrine Chakra Support

James Arthur Jancik did me the great honour in late 2012 (November 18th) by giving me the opportunity to share my truth on the Human Temple's benefit with Iodine in it. It was very random as to how it came about. I have held this information for a while which felt a great responsibility. But affording this avenue to offer it. It allowed me to move on to other discoveries.

James is a great mate. I spent alot of time talking in 2014 during his long hours driving his rig around the Chicago state region. He has build his entire radio station as a hobby. Not as a means of funding his survival. He has done this for over 10 years. I consider that a great investment for the benefit to humanity. On his station all archives are freely available. I have accessed many of them and the teachers over the years in my absorption stage.

I offered the entire show here for your exploration. He has a great style and approach. Much like Art Bell use to in his 1990s and early 2000s.

James's Site:
James's Archives (Select the year you wish to explore):

Dr David Brownstein:
Book Chapters:

-Introduction to Iodine
-Iodine Deficiency and Iodized Salt
-Different Forms of Iodine
-Iodine and the Thyroid Gland
-The Oxidation and Organification of Iodine
-Iodine and Autoimmune Thyroid Disease
-The Selenium/Iodine Connection
-Iodine, Breast Cancer & Fibrocystic Disease
-The Importance of Iodine Before Pregnancy
-Children, ADHD, Autism, and Iodine
-Toxic Halides: Fluoride and Bromide
-Detoxification Questions and Answers
-Iodine Dosage Guidelines
-Case Histories
-Questions and Answers
-Final Thoughts: Overcoming Medical Iodophobia

β™ΎπŸ™ Enjoy and Dream Big πŸ™β™Ύ

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Aβ™ΎπŸ™ Galactic Special Forces 31 - April 2024 πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Spiritual Assembly For Multiverse Resolution In Action πŸ™β™Ύ

Hello You Incredible, Courageous Being :)

Thank you for being here, finding me and managing to evade all that is occurring now on so many levels. It is with great honour that today i offer the 31st in my Galactic Special Forces series. Where with some phenomenal ally's i was able to participate in some mission work in recent weeks. That continues to build upon the significant progress and discovery I feel i have been making. Of just how tough and challenging existence on Earth Mother has been. But, also again revealing how incredible we are and the astounding volume of potential well within our reach. I know will be another ally in expanding your own appreciation and context, Relative to being one of a few truly knowing what is going on.

I feel enormous privilege again to offer you and all of humanity. What i feel are some of the most potent, advanced, and needed. Spiritual concepts and solutions we all can accelerate from. Gained some of the field work i have been a part of in recent weeks. Definitely continues this momentum of discoveries, i feel i have made in recent months.

For the thorough explorer. The recent content i elude to all building this new territory momentum. Relative to this Pure Source theme in recent months. I feel are very important are below:

β™ΎπŸ™ Infinite Potential Universal Sovereignty Declaration πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ and Codex of Clarity For AllπŸ™β™Ύ

β™ΎπŸ™ Pure Source Universal Audit Of All In It πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ March 2024 Equinox πŸ™β™Ύ

This week's Galactic Special Forces mission assumes some content from last week's release. Working out the concept to employ 'Pure Source Spiritual Assembly For Multiverse Resolution':
β™ΎπŸ™ Pure Source Spiritual Assembly For Multivers..

β™ΎπŸ™ Pure Source Spiritual Assembly For Multiverse Resolution πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Dreamtime Purification πŸ™β™Ύ

Hello Epic Soul Hero Of Earth Mother :)

Thank you for finding me and being willing to include my offerings in your information explorations now. During this seemingly crazy society we are a part of. But, a time also that life itself has so much meaning. Everything matters. As, if you are here you've no doubt had an incredible life and journey as a soul. That with all the variables occurring in our world and universe. Has somehow led you here now with me today. Because you have a yearning to know and unlock all that may be dormant in you. As, i have some really profound things to offer that will all add to all this. Because i am sure you are starting to really see what i've been offering for a very long time. There is way more to you and we have been up against something now becoming more and more obvious. That does not want what is stirring deep in us. From igniting.

Earlier this week amongst the April 8th 2024 Solar Eclipse. I had a very significant dream that decoded how the dreamtime construct has been limiting us. This dream was metaphoric but also very tangible relative to my own explorations into law and sovereignty. As i have stated i have been a very dedicated researcher and explorer of information for 10-15 years now. And, over that time i have explored countless teachers and concepts. As i have been offering my own contribution to these themes in my Universal Sovereignty Declaration v3 recent times. Contributing to that elusive up until now ultimate protection true sovereignty can afford. The dreamtime has been a battleground for a very long time. That has not felt free at all. This dream, with all the other progress being made in the universal structures and our recovery of the concept of Pure Source. As well as then relating to the amazing teachings offered over the years by Jordan Maxwell. I feel i am able to put so much together to assist you not only in y..

Andre Hodge - Influences Pt6
Lindsey Williams Energy Created Crisis, Inflation,Society Undermining

β™ΎπŸ™ Influences Pt6 - Lindsey Williams Energy Created Crisis πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Inflation, Society Undermining πŸ™β™Ύ

Hello Epic Being :)

More to come here ;)

This follows on from the previous in the Influences series:
β™ΎπŸ™ Influences Pt5 - Fletcher Prouty, Society Destabalisation and MultiD Variables At Play πŸ™β™Ύ

Here are many teachings i suggest in partnership with this. I highly recommend these below:

Andre Hodge - Infinite Potential Universal Sovereignty Declaration v3

The Core Ashayana Deane audios available at my website:

β™ΎπŸ™ Infinite Potential Universal Sovereignty Declaration πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ and Codex of Clarity For AllπŸ™β™Ύ

β™ΎπŸ™ Galactic Special Forces 30 - Jan - Mar 2024 πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Anchoring 22D Reality Authority, Sphinx and Other Wins πŸ™β™Ύ

β™ΎπŸ™ Influences Pt4 - The Invader Influence Network 1 πŸ™β™Ύ

β™ΎπŸ™ Recalibration To A New Energetic Reality 8 πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ End Of The Beginning and Recent Victories πŸ™β™Ύ

As crazy as it seems to be. It is also an amazing time to be alive. I hope by offering all i have you are finding it easier with all this context to navigate. Keep being epic and hungry for your Infinite.

β™ΎπŸ™ Enjoy and Dream Big :) πŸ™β™Ύ

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β™ΎπŸ™ Pure Source Universal Audit Of All In It πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ March 2024 Equinox πŸ™β™Ύ

Who's up for taking control back once and for all?

Hello You Epic Courageous Soul Once More :)

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your incredible journey. I consider it a privilege to be able to impart my perspectives. I honour your courage to go into the unknown most of humanity wouldn't dare venture into right now. For, to be here exploring what i offer today. I hope will be especially rewarding. As i share the massive strategic victory we had during this recent March 2024 Equinox. Today i offer you how we may have finally gotten the upper hand back. We shall have to see though.

Over the last 6-9 months. I have been involved in many massive strategic victories. Conducting many Galactic Special Forces missions with some phenomenally talented beings. Revealing many individual puzzle components to help reveal the actual bigger overall structures of things.

What i have been able to do. Is put a very alternate view together of what is going on. Which, has helped formulate all the ingredients to do what we did this this week. Initiate a Pure Source Universal Audit at a very very high level. Of everyone and thing in our universe.

Appreciating that Pure Source was never able to before. And, we've been inundated by invaders from other universes. That have never adhered to the laws of our universe. Who have all been audited and catalogued. Which could be a basis of true records accessible to all in our universe as tome point. It is time to get control back and send these invaders packing.

If you have explored many of my teachings over this recent era of mine. Then how we conducted the Universal Audit was via appreciating Pure Source is the apex authority. As well as knowing the 10000 Central Suns and 1000d Dragons. Are all superior to anything out there. So, knowing we have all these components on our side. It was time to put it all together and begin the full take back. By then knowi..

β™ΎπŸ™ Galactic Special Forces 30 - Jan - Mar 2024 πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Anchoring 22D Reality Authority, Sphinx and Other Wins πŸ™β™Ύ

Time to impart many recent discoveries, methods of influence and huge wins

Hello You Epic Legend :)

Thanks so much for even finding me. I don't know what you may be experiencing. How things seem to be where you are. But, if you are here you must be of an altruistic nature. Wanting a better world and civilisation. Not just for you, those you care about or know. But us, as a species and our society as well. The key for you finding me now though. Is what to do and how to invest your precious time, energy, resources and all that you have had to endure? I feel very confident i have finally been able to comprehend what is going on. The efforts of recent times have been very successful. It is now time for more to get up to speed. So, today's teaching will aim to do that.

Today i offer my next installment of my Galactic Special Forces series. With the intent to impart to you no matter what level of awareness you presently have. Something i know will be an investment and fast track. To anyone willing to invest some time.

There are many of the incredible people i have operated with. Who have been through horrific lives and experiences. I have had to be deliberate in the elusiveness of what and when things have occurred. I can assure you though the level of success in recent time. Has come about by incorporating the mechanics around 22d i share as an aspect of my teaching. I really encourage your own dedication to what i have offered many times.

Today's release therefore will be i feel a very potent teaching for many reasons. We discovered and worked out what the Sphinx was being used for. How we have upgraded all significant buildings to 22d. Voided all DNA codes and talents gained in-authentically. Cleaned up many very negative influential variables employed by the negative, invader forces all around us. But, also entwining many teachings and concepts. ..

β™ΎπŸ™ Andre Hodge - Influences Pt5 πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Fletcher Prouty, Society Destabalisation and MultiD Variables At Play πŸ™β™Ύ

Engage You Multidimensional Pattern Recognition Time :)

Welcome and thank you for being here. Today i wish to impart a teaching i feel will help many see what is really becoming more and more obvious. By imparting an appreciation of how the multidimensional, very big and longer time frame scales. Trickles down to this life, 3D five sense reality the vast majority accept and the extent of our existence. Via some concepts that should be familiar to many. With the uncertainty, chaos and destabalising going on relative to people movements. I feel will be a very valid addition in my 'Influences' series.

While it may be the most ridiculous situation we are all facing. I can assure you there have been some enormous, structural high dimensional victories behind the scenes. We will have to see how they trickle down into how things play out. I was looking to impart many of them for you this recent weekend. Because i wasn't able to complete it in time. We are here today with something that might be even more potent for many.

I came across a really wonderful interview with someone i have followed for many years. His name is Fletcher Prouty. If you have never come across him before. He was the real like Colonel X from Oliver Stone's early 1990s movie JFK. I have kept this interview in my back pocked for a time like now. So, with how things have unfolded and being a more of a referential release. I have decided to include a great body of thistodaye. Because, he did an outstanding overview of how the Vietnam War was created. That included how the mass migration of people within this country prior to war breaking out. Contributed to it because of the enormous societal instability it created. My effort to offer this historic reference therefore is meant to be an ally for you to see the pattern very similar occurring now.

I also offer for some really big scale time a..

β™ΎπŸ™ Recalibration To A New Energetic Reality 8 πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ End Of The Beginning and Recent Victories πŸ™β™Ύ

Time to discuss some big victories :)

Hello once more. Thank you for allowing me as always to be a part of your journey. Today i offer the 8th in the Recalibration To A New Energectic Reality series for a very good reason. Some amazing people i have the privilege of knowing and myself had some massive victories in recent times. So, have chosen to impart some of the variables that have been impacting us all. For, a very long time in a extremely cloaked way. in this series at this time close so you have a reference to see what happens. For you to contemplate and sense for yourself.

It has been a very challenging and demanding time for as long as i can remember. I know many of you have had equally challenging journey's yourself. Because of many we have trusted beings. Who have actually been doing very misguided things that have impacted not only us. But, our society and species to contribute massively to how thing have been playing out. I feel what we accomplished this week though will finally have a big affect on that trajectory.

I have done my best over the last couple of years to investigate and discover why this is. I don't really accommodate anything in any genre out there. I have not found the solutions i needed. But, i do acquire variables and form my own conclusions on. I feel in the recent months this has been really gelling. Things have been coming to some monumental conclusions. Creating the 'Universal Sovereignty Declaration' was in incredible victory. Thus, where i am today and these victories i elude to. Its a bold call right now...We shall have to see what unfolds from here. As we own our Universal Authority,.

It is time we have a fair fight. I chose therefore to operate in the tip of the multidimensional truth. With some truly incredible beings who deserve so much appreciation. It isn't a popular path. If anything its the opposite. But, from my pers..

β™ΎπŸ™ Infinite Potential Universal Sovereignty DeclarationπŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ and Codex of Clarity For AllπŸ™β™Ύ

Hello you Epic on so many levels being :)

I always like to remind people of how epic they are. We are Infinite Potential. Because, today and what i have created i feel i will finally get through to you why.

Thank you as always for finding and allowing me to be a part of your journey. In what ever way that is. Today is a very special day for me. Over this weekend, February 10th 2024. I released my 'Infinite Potential Universal Sovereignty Declaration' v3.2. It is available from my 'Access to Me' webpage below:

This is a very big release for me. If you watched last week's 'Influences Pt4 - The Invader Influence Network 1'i offered that i was working on this a. Its the culmination of 6 weeks work for me. The last release was in August 2022,. That at the time was a massive creation. I had worked very hard since rediscovering Ashayana Deane's material October 2021. Totally flipping so much on its head for me. Her perspectives afforded me so much appreciation and pattern recognition. I brewed that v2.1 release at that time which was a huge achievement.

So much again has transpired since. Especially the last 9 months since late July 2023. Which discovering the vast DNA code stealing and multidimensional sabotaging. Upon that comprehension, about 25-30 Galactic Special Forces missions really kicked of. It was be destroyed or be here now. We are here now so much wiser for everything. Helping comprehend so much since v2.1 was released.

In last week's big Influence's release. I offered so much that has been discovered in recent months. Taking things to a whole new level of identifying the mechanics of the efforts to influence and suppress us. This Sovereignty Declaration i release covers many of the influences discussed.

β™ΎπŸ™ Influences Pt4 - The Invader Influence Network 1 πŸ™β™Ύ

I this video release today though. I used the significance of this Declaration release to offer you something i have never shared before. Being a veteran now of the spiritual community and having many unique and vast explorations. In all sorts of scenarios over the years. I feel sharing my journey relative to my experiences and observations in the Sovereignty aspect that have occurred over the years. Offering you my take on everything. From 2013 and all the different eras since. Which, then all contribute to this really massive sharing my next iteration of my own Sovereign component. In being an ally to help you achieve your Infinite Potential.

My Universal Sovereignty Declaration has been offered how it is to be more than just that though. I aim it to be a Codex of truth. For, how all the massive war we are in has been run. Putting together all the components occurring seemingly orphaned into a very complete mosaic. Offering i feel will be an incredible fast track to those awaking now and needing to get up to speed ASAP. Because, this is an investment in the future potential of all humanity and the universe. Right when everyone needs it.

I hope it will be a massive ally for you.

Andre Hodge - Infinite Potential Universal Sovereignty Declaration v3.2

The Ashayana Deane audios i uploaded to my website:

Thank you for your courage to be here and allowing me to be a part of your journey. Thank you also for being even willing to contemplate what has been offered. I hope this clears the way for you to achieve your Infinite Potential going forth as well. :)

β™ΎπŸ™ Enjoy and Dream Big :) πŸ™β™Ύ

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β™ΎπŸ™ Influences Pt4 - The Invader Influence Network 1 πŸ™β™Ύ

Welcome you epic soul :)

Thank you for being here and allowing me to be a part of your journey. Your investment or trust in anything i offer is a privilege and honour. Today i aim to offer another beneficial teaching to you. To be a massive ally in navigating the world we all find ourselves in. Where i once more, after over a year, delve into the Influences series. It has taken a great deal of dedication to even get my own head around all the components i explore. To be able to offer my perception of things relative to many extremely advance and complex concepts. I feel very comfortable in offering you all this though. During this very very demanding times. I feel will be an epic edge for those of you able to invest yourself into what i offer.

We have all been up against it for so long. Very outmatched by variables at play that have no interest in our ability to thrive. This i really feel will be an ally for you to get some balance back. I am brewing something i feel will really be a boost to our foundation to launch. But, this will definitely help.

I do my best as always to impart some very complex concepts as simple and eloquently as possible. I have employed some awesome clips from many familiar movies. I have no doubt you know and enjoy. Movies including #MeninBlack, #independenceday , #serenity and #Wolverine. In these i touch such profound concepts as the epic levels of memory wiping, Parasympathetic hacking of entities, Dreamtime, soul shard, multid, energy body and aspects through time being weaponised against us. That can be used to target us in a myriad of ways few have the defense to negate. As well as dreamtime hacking using another's body representation. The inserting of misguided entities design to hinder our recovery, sabotage us and steal our codes. All needing a greater deal of awareness i hope this will all offer us.

I discuss many very important concepts. Such as the targeting of the highly advanced invaders on higher multidimensional levels, how we can be gang stalked, the methods that can be used including memory wiping, information stream hacking, code stealing to access higher dimensional levels, surveillance implants, entity issues and many other concepts. All put together showing how strategically all these seemingly random variables are all employed together to form what i call the 'Invader Influence Network'.

Since the first influence releases were made. My comprehension of our reality has expanded greatly. Those older releases still hold great value. Those previous releases are here:

β™ΎπŸ™ Influences Pt1 πŸ™β™Ύ

β™ΎπŸ™Influences Pt2 - Awareness Expansion Vulnerability, Energy Field, Aura Psychic DefenseπŸ™β™Ύ

β™ΎπŸ™ Influences Pt3 - Overcoming Challenges During Expansion, Targeting The Highly Aware πŸ™β™Ύ

Its unfortunate i have to share all these. It is vital to appreciate though what we have been up against with now idea. My feeling though is the Invaders have be very reliant on us not being aware of their actions. Coming from the vast unknown hidden. Because if you are with me. The moment i have awareness and comprehension. The context of what is. I feel i am able to generate the defense very easily. So, offering these i do so for you to do the same. Or, at least have some reference to put what may be occurring to you in light. To then look to resolve. And, then overcome once and for all.

Thank you for your courage to be here and allowing me to be a part of your journey. Thank you also for being even willing to contemplate what has been offered. I hope this clears the way for you to achieve your Infinite Potential going forth as well. :)

β™ΎπŸ™ Enjoy and Dream Big :) πŸ™β™Ύ

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β™ΎπŸ™ Andre Hodge - Recalibration To A New Energetic Reality 7 πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Pure Source and Earth Source Reconnect πŸ™β™Ύ

Welcome you Epic Being :)

Thank you as always for being willing to invest your time into what i offer. Today and ever before. I am grateful for you to even be here, now, with so much going on and so much at stake. I aim to make it a valuable investment of your time, focus and energy as always. Offering you what i feel with be an enormous ally as always to navigate there incredible times. Times that may feel ominous, uncertain and challenging. Though with what i share today that i have been a part of. Full of potential for us all. That, you would not be here now, on Earth Mother. Enduring so much on scales before fathom right now for most. With the awareness courage to push yourself just that bit further. Into concepts few would be prepared to accept.

I have been very privileged to have had many incredible beings. Especially recent times. That i have had the drive to push myself to be ready for anything. That i feel has been the core of this potential to me. Attributes i feel can be the core to everyone. So, i share perspectives i have integrated into my world.

I also revisit some of the bigger GSF missions achieved in the more recent times. That being able to track back a reference time before all corruption and invasion occurred in our universe. What i describe as Pure Source. Which, has and will be the anchor point to eliminate much of the distortion and corruption from all aspects of existence.

I also link this in to instances in my past attempting to clear species out there relative to their actions with Source itself. And, discuss their outcomes and why the tougher stance is more mandatory now.

I offer then the enormous victory i was apart of late last year where we were able to reconnect our incredible Earth Mother. Back to source itself after the diabolical acts to isolate her from it and us. I then also offer the layer discovered later in the..

πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Amplify The Echos Of Our Ancient Truth 13 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ he Eieyani Massacre 22326BC Pt1 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

Its Time To Go Deeper Into Eieyani Massacre 25000 Years Ago....
And Recover Some of Our Specie's Lost History....
So Foundational To This World We Live In Now...

Welcome you Epic being. Thank you as always for allowing me to be a part of your journey. It Is with great honour I offer you more perspectives, references, discoveries and depth. On something we all should know very well. But don't. The Eieyani Massacre that occurred 25000 years ago.

It was such a massive, disastrous event many of you here now may have an awareness to some degree about. Let alone experienced. Which is why you are here. But have no reference of. Because it was event not surprisingly totally erased from history. it was so foundational in setting up this civilisation we all find ourselves in. By removing it from all reference sets us up for massive failure. For our species to be how it is today.

If you invested into the last release of my 'Amplify The Echos of Our Soul's Ancient Truth'. It was a massive release for my self for many reasons. There were many of my own perspectives offered appreciating the Eieyani Massacre. That release is linked below:

πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Amplify The Echos Of Our Ancient Truth 12 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Battle for Stargates and Humanity's Freewill πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

This Part 13 of my Echos series. Was intended to be a continuation of that. I thought offering this before the December 2023 Solstice would be a very potent addition for you.

When i was contemplating and brewing this release. I was feeling very good, proactive and processing many variables. Including the many clips like i do. It blossomed into something far more extensive. Which i felt was worthy as a separate foundation to what i originally planned. So there will be a future Pt2 of this topic. But, this release done the way it is i feel will be..

β™ΎπŸ™ Andre Hodge Amir Jahangiri - To Infinity and Beyond 11 πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Dec19 2023 - Earth Line In The Universe Sand πŸ™β™Ύ

Welcome You Epic Being :)

It is with great privilege and honour we are here with you today. Where i once again have some fun with the epic Amir Jahangiri. After an extreme six months in so many ways since my last interaction with him. I initiated an interaction after coming out of everything my side of things. Requiring extensive self healing, upping my game many levels. I reached out to see if he was for a bit of proactive, thorough healing.

So with that this recording was the first part of that interaction. Which for me was very random. As i was looking to leave no gaps and get straight into healing. He was on it from the get go. This conversation just flowed and It is worth sharing. Being raw, still will be i think a very rich one for you.

It is very cool because though we each has been keeping very much to ourselves. We have come to many of the same conclusions. Just in our own unique expressions. With my experience gained over that time. Overcoming my own issues. Having the enormous privilege of interacting with so many amazing beings behind the scenes. And, it needs to be said so many that deserve far more recognition they have contributed to all our potentials now. With all this vast expansion of wisdom and understandings of what we've all been up against. It was the perfect time to reach out to Amir and check things for him. So he can offer a tiny bit of what he has learnt also. Which this awesome interaction i share with you today is the result.

It was very important from my perspective to catch up with him this way now. Because, knowing back when we did interact six months ago. He and I did some incredible things not known to the public at large just yet. I had the fun and honour of seeing this guy in action. He has some very unique and precious talents. I know were being used against myself and all of us over that time. It was therefor..

β™ΎπŸ™ Bitcoin Creation Mystery, Sotoshi Nakamoto GhostπŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Courage to Accept Our AI World Now πŸ™β™Ύ

Bitcoin's Creation is A Great Mystery. Are You Ready To Know What Is Really Going On In Our World Now? So, We Can Then Have the Context To Truly Navigate It Successfully?

Welcome you EPIC, Relentless Soul of a being ;)

Thank you as always for allowing me to be a part of your journey. No matter how much that may be. I aim as always to make what ever time you spend with my content a very rich investment into your potential.

Over recent weeks i have been investing enormously into my own self healing. To recover what has been going on for quite a while. As well as getting me on my A game. At a time that seems so epic and ridiculous beyond belief. By variables in positions of strength absolutely not in our human specie's best interest. As a result of that investment in myself, i am really starting to see the simple elegance in the complex very clearly. Gaining moments of extreme inspiration. Allowing me to put many variables all together in a way i can explain it. To be the ally to you i know i can be. To accelerate your development ASAP.

Today i share with you what i feel my truth to be at this time. On answering some seemingly ridiculous mysteries related to Bitcoin. Something i have been across since close to its inception back in 2009. Thanks to my currency trading days. Which was extremely obscure and ridiculed variable back then.But is now a household name now worth a staggering amount.

Why is it though we have no idea of how something that challenges the incumbent and enormously powerful money system. Was even able to magically make it through their stranglehold? To establish itself to the powerful force it is today? We have no idea of how it came about. Or the equally mysterious creator Satoshi Nakamoto? I feel i have worked it out. But, you need to be sitting down for this one.

Just to offer you a variable i know is my strength on how i came to these conclusions. I have never been governed or limited in my perception mechanics. By what i presently know only. I have always embraced and been able to engage with the unknown as well. When processing everything i do to perceive.

I just offer this to you if you are reading as a variable that you to can train your perception muscles also. I strongly recommend you do this, It will be an enormous ally navigating in these times. I would go to the length of saying it is becoming almost mandatory to master this in order to overcome everything now. As things unfold with no reference relative to what has been. With many variables absolutely not on our species side at present.

I suggest you invest heavily in my recent releases if this interests you:

πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Andre Hodge - The Courage To Explore The Unknown πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ And Potential That Awaits Us There πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Our Intuitive Potential 1 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Dean Rad

πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Our Intuitive Potential 2 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Blink Gut Tech, Perception Corruption, Malcolm GladwellπŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

Feeling Your Epic Untapped Talents Brewing But Not Fully Lit Yet? Or, Creating Inaccurate Outcomes But Are Looking to Improve?

Hello you EPIC Being in ways few fathom at present :D

Welcome once again. As always thank you for the privilege of allowing me to be a part of your journey. This will be a good one :D

Today i wish to impart with you some of the really foundational discoveries that helped my own journey early on. That i know will be an ally for anyone willing to expand. No matter where you are along in your journey.

I have been brewing to impart this content. Concepts, teachers and appreciations i have gained over the many years on my journey. That can assist each of 'Our Intuitive Potential'. Because to me there are many variables that are misunderstood, pollute our awareness based upon how society works, trains us etc. They actually hinder, pollute and corrupt it. Such as lack of Emotional Control. This is outside of interference which if you are across my stuff is extensive. I feel though if we really strengthen and fortify basic aspects we can control. It will be an ally for you to identify and defend against the misguided variables and players amongst us. To be more confident in Trusting your Gut on things.

Today i share one of the real foundational aspects to me i know will help many. Even before i really hit my straps in 2008. Around 2005-6 watching a movie called 'Firewall' with Harrison Ford. In one of the DVD extras of it. There was an interview where he mentioned a book called Blink. I managed to track down that interview and included a section. A book was written by an exceptional author Malcolm Gladwell.

I offer how 3 of his books. Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers have been allies at the time and ever since. I include a segment of a lecture by Malcolm. Which is all about the perception of corruption causing a negative outcome. Due to peopl..

πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Our Intuitive Potential 1 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Dean Radin and Noetic Spectrum πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

Who's Up For Appreciating and Engaging Our Intuitive Potential?

Hello you Epic being. Thank you for allowing me as always to be a part of your journey. No matter what level it is. Even finding me is a privilege.

Today i felt inspired from returning to my roots if you will. With much wiser and appreciative eyes. After many many years to some of the original teachings that really got me going. That i have been brewing to offer in some way but hadn't worked out until now. I know you will get just as much from as i did many years ago. Which today i offer in an entirely new theme called 'Our Intuitive Potential'. You would not be here unless you sensed there is some way to expand our awareness and intuitive abilities. How do we get started on that path though? This series i aim to help many of you get some solid foundational appreciations to get your avalanche of potential rolling.

I was aiming to review many things for one of my decent releases in the not to distant future. Feeling fired up and energised once more I decided to break up what i was going to do. My aim with this series is to offer something a bit simpler. If relevant the perspectives, concepts and teachings. Including certain teachers overlapping where appropriate. To be an ally for those of your really already going but looking for some structure. Or outside the box sort of thinking right now. I feel there is an enormous gap in this space that can only be an beneficial for us all now. Much of my stuff on offer may be pretty complex to many. So, this i also aiming to be contextual from where i come from as well. That ultimately i hope will be an enormous ally in your overall expansion.

Today i intend to offer a section from a lecture by the wonderful Dean Radin. That never gets old. For some around me however it may be the first time you ever have heard his eloquent teachings relative to what he describe as the Noetic Spectru..

πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Andre Hodge - The Courage To Explore The Unknown πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ And Potential That Awaits Us There πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

The Unknown Can Be Intimidating....But It Also Holds Our Greatest Potential
Maybe its time to get out of your comfort zone. And, challenge yourself like never before
To lead yourself to a greater you...For us all right now...
The YOU we have always been waiting for ;)

Welcome you epic being :)

Thank you as always for being here and even finding me at this time. I aim to make that investment in me. As always one full of enormous benefit for you and us all.

Today i offer you some very different perspectives on the concept we all know as the unknown. When you appreciate what is known verse the totality there is to know. The vastness of all there is to know is heavily leaning into the unknown. So, isn't it fascinating we innately tend to fear it over what we appreciate and are comfortable with? I feel the way things are. In the world and especially perusing a consciousness development path. The discovery from exploring the unknown to expand what we know. Is where our greatest potential resides. So...Perhaps it is really time we flip our perhaps instinctive perception of what we don't know. As just what is. Or, more importantly invest in disarming that fear variable. To associate an excitement or confirmation rewiring on the emotional level. That, some other, instinctive aspect of our totality is attempting to inspire us to expand by finding the will to go where we have not gone before.

This video originates from a small section from my recent very important release:
β™ΎπŸ™ The Moon - Its Influence Over Earth Mother and Us πŸ™β™Ύ

This release i extracted the section exploring how the negative forces on Earth. As well as those in the Spiritual Community doing alot to derail the potential of humanity. From the Unknown and expand it greatly in many ways.

I incorp..

β™ΎπŸ™ The Moon - Its Influence Over Earth Mother and Us πŸ™β™Ύ

It time to take a good, hard look at the moon and its impact on us now.

Hello you epic, relentless being. Thank you for finding me as a needle in the vast haystack of perspectives out there. Today as always i aim to make that will to find me. Let alone appreciate what have to say. Today i intend to make that investment into me well worth it once more. Where, after my many many dedicated years of exploration, investment into concepts and people. Healing session with incredible beings few have had the chance to witness extraordinary talented. As well a a peerless level of field missions. I am ready to shake things up more. With what i have come the the appreciations of. Especially of the object we all can see most nights. The moon.

In my recent Amplify the Echos Pt12. The day of the recording i worked out what i feel the Moon to me. I see it as the object known as Woormwood or Battlestar Mibiru. That was on of many original concepts i imparted available here:

πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Andre Hodge - Amplify The Echos Of Our Ancient Truth 12 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Battle for Stargates and Humanity's Freewill πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

Once i offered that as a concept publicly. I had the enormous privilege of the incredible beings i know quite well. From past session and other missions. As well as some other allies i have been involved in as clients or allies. Offer me their own confirmations they were either sensing or have known themselves. Or the above release was their own dormant awareness activator for a whole cascade of appreciations to unfold. As well being an ally in identifying many negative events or issues in their lives. All having one common variable now recognised being involved. That being the moon.

So, i feel it is time. With many previously assumed truths being revealed becoming more flimsy by the day. It is time for courage to discern everything. ..

πŸ™ Andre Hodge - Amplify The Echos Of Our Ancient Truth 12 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Battle for Stargates and Humanity's Freewill πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

I Have Made Some Massive Original Discoveries...That I Offer In One of My Most Important Releases Ever!

Welcome You Amazing Epic Being. On a level few will truly appreciate now. Thankyou as always for even finding me. But by being here allowing me to be a part of your journey. Where today i promise will rock your world when you hear then all. I return once more to one of what i feel my most important series. With 'Amplify The Echos Of Our Ancient Truth 12 - Battle for Stargates and Humanity's Freewill.' This release is a big one.

After a few epic weeks. Extreme for myself being out of this world good with more massive victories. Enduring and overcoming some serious hits again. Resulting in me going to ground a bit, talking a very nourishing step back and conducting extensive healing on myself. Some massive massive realisations came to me. That i am very excited to share with you. I know will be very original compared to anything else out there right now. And, help you decode so much that is going on now.

Ashayana Deane's information is always there if you have been with me a while now. Today i share some really remarkable offerings of her's once more.

Her perspectives on the falls of Lemuria and Atlantis. All offering a great deal of context relative to her on how we got to where we are now. The Stella Activation Cycles, The wars, species and factions involved from both sides. including the Eieyani Origins. A great deal about Nubiru and that variable at present now to. As well as the negative grid stuff done to Earth Mother herself. Which, much may have been disabled now. Especially since all these recent months of GSF work done. Including the 'Pure Source' Grid installed on Oct 7th 2023. That has definitely freed up a great deal. As Humanity's Freewill is a component here. But, alot has been done and we shall see.

I refer to a wonderful site i found that contains information relative to Asha's perspectives on the Stargate Locations. I discuss. That site link it here:

I worked out something massive relative to the Moon. That is impacting things in ways i feel my offering today will help many of you see. Especially relative to women.

A great deal is discussed about the Leviathan Force's efforts to gain access to the DNA Codes . That i make a massive connection relative to what has been rolled out in recent years. Thanks to a new teaching recently discovered i include as well.

There is a great deal more for sure. I feel will really be one of the most beneficial offerings i have ever made. I know those of you who really invest in this will gain so much.

I also highly recommend the below:

πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Andre Hodge - Recalibration To A New Energetic Reality 6 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Earth Line In The Universal Sand Time 1 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

Amplifying The Echos Of Our Souls Ancient Truth Playlist:

My Infinite Potential Soul Contract Revocation v2 for your Psychic Defense:

The Ashayana Deane audios i uploaded to my website:

Thank you for your courage to be here as always. Allowing me to be a part of your journey. Thank you also for being even willing to contemplate what has been offered. I hope this clears the way for you to achieve your Infinite Potential going forth as well. :)

β™ΎπŸ™ Enjoy and Dream Big :) πŸ™β™Ύ

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πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Andre Hodge - Recalibration To A New Energetic Reality 6 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Earth Line In The Universal Sand Time 1 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

Who's Ready To Take Back OUR Universe?

Hello YOU Epic Being! Thank you for being here. On all levels. Here knowing of and about me amongst the billions our species make up right now. By having the courage to challenge everything the vast majority don't even consider being possible. Let alone accepting as their truth by allowing me. My perspectives, my failures, my derailments, my discoveries and for shows like today. For being here ON Earth Mother now where ever you may be right now. For, even having the courage as a soul to get through the Incarnation War to even make it on the surface. Is an incredible achievement. As well as being here as a part of our amazing universe. As, after so so long we finally have worked out what is going on. To really solve some massive problems. So far it seems no one has been able to.

Its is not a time for a defeatist attitude. It is time to dig deep. Own our power.We now know so much that was not meant to be know. Despite how it seems and feels. That elements in society and the spiritual community. Have plundered from us without remorse of the fear of being caught. We have busted the DNA / Intuitive Talent stealers. It is time to recover your talents and potency. To be the You you never through you could be.

Today's very overdue Recalibration To A New Energetic Reality. Is a very poetic and victorious release for myself. It has been a hugely successful few months. I have been doing my best to release the many victories we have had over the last few releases. But, putting some of it all together inviting you to Recalibrate yourself with it.

i invite you to and take on what i share. Such things as recovering aspects of you long stolen or held back for benefit. Of aspects bent on our suffering, domination and elimination. THEY suffered enormously. I also offer there are enormously powerful allies we've had all along. But, just never been offered they are there. Due to the massively compromised spiritual community. Today i hope to empower you by informing you who they are. And, how to engage with them from this moment on. As well as an aspect out there. Recovering our alliance with the Elemental Dragon communities.

I highly recommend many offering from sharing on my website and video release below:

πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Galactic Special Forces 29 - Sept 8-11 2023 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Earth Mother Recovery Of All Aspects, BAAL Toasting πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Galactic Special Forces 28 - Sept 5-9 2023 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Earth Mother Reconnect To Source, Cosmic Womb ClearingπŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Andre Hodge - Earth Mother Pranic Healing 10 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ
πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Sept 1st 2023 - Earth Boss Time πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

β™ΎπŸ™ Galactic Special Forces 27 - Aug 18 2023 πŸ™β™Ύ
β™ΎπŸ™ Andre Hodge - Big Chess Move Time πŸ™β™Ύ

πŸŒβ™ΎπŸ™ Earth Mother Pranic Healing 9 - Aug 4h 2023 πŸ™β™ΎπŸŒ

My Infinite Potential Soul Contract Revocation v2 for your Psychic Defense:

The Ashayana Deane audios i uploaded to my website:

Thank you for your courage to be here as always. Allowing me to be a part of your journey. Thank you also for being even willing to contemplate what has been offered. I hope this clears the way for you to achieve your Infinite Potential going forth as well. :)

β™ΎπŸ™ Enjoy and Dream Big :) πŸ™β™Ύ

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Hi all,

Conscious Explorer, Teacher, Energy Healer, Grid Worker or what ever is needed. For Earth Mother and whom even needs my help. I offer a great deal of teachings in my video creations. I am aiming to help accelerate those whom find me. ASAP. So they can get up to speed ASAP.

πŸ‰β™ΎπŸ™ Enjoy and Dream Big πŸ™β™ΎπŸ‰

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Thanks for finding me. I hope you gain a great deal from my material.

Dream Big :)