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We can't even tell what's real anymore. You never know for sure unless it's happened in your local adjacent area. PostScript Insight with John L. Petersen.

What could justify the high cost of losing our humanness to AI? If the ultimate thinking is that our consciousness itself may be reduced to 1's and 0's and stored on a computer chip making us immortal -- what could justify the high cost of losing our humanness to AI? What's Up!, with Gregg Braden, John Petersen.

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Is A.I. going to take over the world? Will humans be largely dominated by the new technology? Quartet, with Gregg Braden, Penny Kelly, John Petersen, Kingsley Dennis.
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Could the release of new information (discounting old information) itself be planned and timed? What is true and what is to be believed? And can we even believe in anything at all anymore?
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5th Generation Warfare - What is it? What can we do about it? With Gregg Braden, Penny Kelly, Kingsley Dennis, and John Petersen.
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John Petersen interviews Dr. Gerald Pollack. Pollack posits that the underlying funding process for scientific studies has caused the innovation in science to come to a stop.

Dr. Pollack with be joining us for TransitionTALKS June 10th. Get tickets and more info at

Dr. Gerald Pollack comes to TransitionTALKS, June 10th, 2023. Join us either In Person or via Livestream from anywhere in the world. All ticket include access to the replay for six months -- so if you can't make it June 10th you'll still have plenty of time to watch and re-watch as much as you like.

John Petersen, the host of TransitionTALKS, talks with Dr. Pollack about his upcoming visit. Pollack shares a preview about his topic, The Fourth Phase of Water. Tickets and more info at

If we are living in a simulation ... are we on the brink of a reset? How might we have the ability to influence the program, and the reset?
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This month's preview includes questions regarding video vaccines, and the managed collapse of the financial system.
The full episode, available to Premium Members, includes: Hal Puthoff, Kit Green looking for the hidden UFO program; Automotive software leading to cyber vulnerabilities; Adaptive resilience concept; GDC resulting from global distrust in fiat currency; Impending catastrophic Earth event; Video vaccines; Managed collapse of the financial system; RealID licenses and control plans; Hopeful results following major change; Prognosis for cash based renters after digital currency; Australia's fate in this transition; HB1169
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It is important to balance staying informed with and optimistic outlook.

With increasingly intrusive technology, is this the end of personal privacy? Is it inevitable; can we change this? Quartet, with Gregg Braden, Penny Kelly, John Petersen and Kingsley Dennis.
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How might it reconfigure? How would a new like-minded community come together? Insights, with John L. Petersen

Is our inherent desire to be loving and kind being used as leverage against us? Should we be more discerning with our compassion?

How and when will the "transition" to a new world occur?
Will it be a "humdinger" of a change, or will it be more of a slow reveal? When might this happen, or is it already happening now?
John Petersen, Penny Kelly, Kingsley Dennis, and Mark Gober explore this topic in this preview episode of Quartet.
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Referencing teachings from the Kybalion and Walter Russell, John Petersen lays out the foundational elements for a mindsift.

After living habitually within a controlled framework, when this framework buckles, will the result be chaos? Do we as a population even know what to do with this new freedom? Do we need to "learn" how to be free, after living within this controlled system?
With Gregg Braden and John Petersen.
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Is the whole world out of control? Or is it simply the illusion of control that is changing. Are people and their consciousness changing, in turn impacting the collective? Are we moving from fear based choices to love based choices? Gregg Braden, Penny Kelly, Kingsley Dennis and John Petersen explore this subject on this week's episode of Quartet.

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What's Up! with Visionary Gregg Braden and Futurist John Petersen.

There is a good probability that this is not a base reality ... are we living in a simulation? If we are in a simulation, what is the purpose, and how does it end?

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What will be the effects of a magnetic pole shift? How might it affect the Earth's magnetosphere, computers, Akashic records, even our memories and DNA? Might this accelerate the emergence of a new human? Gregg Braden, John Petersen, and Mark Gober unpack this fascinating topic.
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If ever you needed help in getting ready for the extraordinary future that is inbound – it would be now. In the face of the biggest global change in recorded history the landscape is littered with big questions and growing uncertainty. The reason is obvious: none of us has ever experienced before what is headed this way. The whole system is imploding. For the first time in our lives, here in the US we’re surrounded by institutions who are not telling the truth. Why would that be? What happened? There’s a bigger agenda here that is not obvious . . . and you should be aware of it.

Join us via livestream or in person, March 18th. Tickets and info

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Full list of questions submitted this month include: Ram Dass part of a CIA op; Bibi Bacchus and secret contracts owning an individual’s strawman through birth certificates; ham radios in case of power outage; carbon dioxide, accelerated temperature and climate change; how to sway a skeptic about ET’s; who do you think created humans, God or aliens; traveling around the UK now; will crypto take over the British pound; thoughts on the next election; could the merging of Latin American countries marine reserves be another attack on the food supply; why are some EMF's bad and other’s good; consensus reality - can we write history anew; and publicly traded corporate profits secondary to love.

Raising your frequency to transition to the new world -- what does this mean, and how do you do it?
Awareness and conscious choice of your attention, heart brain coherence, and the galactic super wave we're passing through may play a role!
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Humans, Hidden Potentials, and a New Earth: The underlying universal principles of the cosmos that will allow you to transition the biggest shift in history. Penny Kelly, May 13th, 2023. Join us via livestream or in person! Tickets and info:

Dr. David Martin returns to TransitionTALKS on April 15th. Join via livestream or in person. Get tickets and info:

The WHO treaty, climate mandates, vaccine passports, CBDC’s … whose vision is this? Are we giving away our sovereignty? What's Up! Preview - with Gregg Braden and John L. Petersen. Full unedited episode available to premium members here:


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