A further optimization of the Medium ALICE Pack Camera Kit with the U.S. IFAK centered on the face of ALICE.

My primary prepped survival-belt-knife for survival/wilderness use. This is an older example with the zinc phosphate finish on the steel. I sanded the micarta to near perfection, sharpened it with the Smith's Sharpening System, and then coated the whole knife with Renaissance Wax Polish.


Protractor added to the mix.

The real U.S. map case is shown with a different shoulder strap than the one it came with, which is very similar to the one on the imitation map case that is not nearly as field-useful as the real one is due to its smaller width that will not accommodate a classification folder file's width inside of an M1A1 Waterproof Bag.

I have seen the real version as pictured with contract dates as early as 1977 (this one is 1990). The imitation version might be a copy of an earlier version of U.S. Military map case, but I doubt it. The genuine article is worth finding in good condition and should not disappoint as long as it is not put to use outside of its specified function (these items used to be easy to replace).

Five of them.

Homemade Ranger Beads can be mounted to uniform or load bearing equipment to keep track of pace-counted travel distance up to 5,000 meters.

My SnugPak size-medium Compression Stuff Sack with Wiggy's All Purpose Summer Bag and Duck's Back Bivy BQ is placed topside of the Medium ALICE Pack that has been extensively black-band-secured. This is not an optimum wilderness-patrol-carry configuration for the Medium ALICE Pack, but it is secure enough for general road-or-open-terrain ruck march transport. The Wiggy's size-small Radial Compression Stuff Sack is the only sleeping bag carrier that I would carry on patrol, as it reliably and securely attaches to the bottom of the ruck sack and LC-2 Pack Frame without damage to the ruck.

BIA to FOB Falcon, Fall 2009

Includes a small MyTopo Waterproof Map and water purification tablets (25); each tablet purifies one pint, so four tablets purify one fill of this canteen. Four bottles can purify enough water for twelve days and a wake-up if things don't get too strenuous. The black rubber band is the largest one included in the STRAC Pack of black rubber bands, for securing military gear.

includes IFAK

Inside is a Wiggy's All Purpose Summer Bag and Duck's Back Bivy BQ. The extra webbing straps are by poindexter114 on eBay

This 1974 contract-dated Medium ALICE Pack is installed onto a black Down East Innovation 1609 Open Perimeter Pack Frame.

Large ALICE Pack (2005 Contract Dated) w/Training Pack by Rothco; accessories are period-correct. A CamelBak is attached to the LC-2 Pack Frame.

This 1980 contract dated Medium ALICE Pack is similar to my 1984 but in a more "Korea" shade of od green, and the pack is proportioned to fit the LC-1 Pack Frame rather than the LC-2. (An artistically cynical Friday the 13th Movie Night, that wound up in the original ... movie.)

Medium ALICE Pack (1976 Contract Dated) w/LC-1 Pack Frame. There is a melton wool blanket (95%), Wiggy's Jacket Liner, and German Army Wet Weather Poncho combined with the U.S. 1 qt. Arctic Canteen outside and a conservatively packed M-3 Medical Instrument Pouch inside. The Pack is in the more-brown Germany shade of od green, with the waist belt in Vietnam shade and the shoulder straps combining shades.

9/11/2019 Skyscraper Shadow in Denver, Colorado at the time jets hit the WTC on 9/11/2001.

STRAC Pack Black Bands were applied to this 20lb camera pack kit.

Box opening of new items and comparison with older items. Travel stowage of items for minimal wear and tear is demonstrated.

This Medium ALICE is contract dated 1987, the first year of the M-81 Camouflage Medium ALICE Packs.

Early 2000s M-17 Medical Instrument Bag in initial-mock-up Medic Aid Bag configuration, prior to sewing on name-tape patches. This would constitute a pre-mission-deployment training configuration.

Black Hawk S.T.O.M.P II Medic Aid Bag in Black 1000D Cordura Nylon: JSS Doura, summer 2010

The case is contract dated 1990 in U.S. Army od green.

True American Freedom can be imagined symbolically in terms of America's unicorn (Taurus/Gemini/Cancer), manifest as the universe and the land. The Freedom Train is then America's Leo pursuing sustaining and developmental happiness.

Youth takes a class on achieving perfection in three days.


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