“The artillery of the armed forces of Slovakia, as part of the rotation, will join the NATO Battle Group in Latvia, increasing the defense potential and deterrent force on NATO’s eastern flank. During their movement through Poland, they will conduct, together with the 15th Mechanized Brigade and the NATO Battle Group in Poland, fire training at the training ground in Orzysz “- reported the General Staff of the Polish Army.

The column contained cannon-howitzers on a Zuzan 2 wheeled chassis – a model built in 2004 – caliber 155 mm, barrel length 52 caliber, range 41.5 km. The howitzer is equipped with a computer fire control system, many other elements have been modernized. She underwent trials in the Slovak and Indian armies.

For years China has been buying politicians around the world in order to create this totalitarian new world order, so far they're succeeding as nations like Australia continue to spiral.

Darrell Brooks Jr., a black male, with a long criminal record, was released on a $1k bond.

On Sunday, a man plowed his car through a holiday parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Speeding his red SUV beside the parade, Darrell Edward Brooks Jr, 39, veered his vehicle into the parade, hitting many people, including young children. Five have been confirmed dead after the attack, 40 injured.


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