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In back-to-back hearings Tuesday, Franke and Jodi Hildebrandt were sentenced to 4 to 60 years behind bars after four convictions each of aggravated child abuse

After the 12-year-old Utah boy tried to run away in July, his mother, vlogger Ruby Franke, bound his hands and feet with two sets of handcuffs.

The momfluencer further admitted in a 10-page plea agreement reviewed by PEOPLE that she had kicked her son, Russell, held his head under water and covered his mouth and nose with her hands so he could not breathe.

On Tuesday, Ruby received four separate prison sentences for 1 to 15 years, which will run consecutively, according to TODAY, KSL 5 and KUTV. The length of each prison sentence will ultimately be decided by the Utah Board of Pardons and Parole, according to Utah's Deseret News. However, The women will not serve more than 30 years due to a Utah law regarding consecutive sentences, Business Insider reports.

Therapist and Ruby's ex-business partner Jodi Hildebrandt – who Ruby claims directed the abuse – received the same sentence as Ruby, according to the outlets, after they both pleaded guilty to four counts of aggravated child abuse.

Four men are in hospital in serious condition after multiple rounds were fired during an early-morning shooting in a residential neighbourhood of White Rock, B.C.

White Rock RCMP Const. Chantal Sears said the incident is believed to be targeted and police do not have any suspects at this time.

Neighbours reported hearing what sounded like a gunfight but Sears said it's too early to confirm what happened.

"There were definitely multiple rounds fired but we don't know if there was one shooter or multiple shooters at this time," she said

Young Ontario woman's life becomes a living hell after Moderna booster shot leaves her paralyzed. Doctors confirm vaccine connection and offer Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID).

Kayla Pollock is a 37-year-old mother from Ontario whose life took a drastic turn after receiving a Moderna Covid-19 booster shot. She experienced paralysis from the neck down and has been enduring a challenging ordeal ever since.

Kayla's early years were marked by unspeakable cruelty and suffering. As an infant, she endured the horrors of severe abuse, including broken bones, cigarette burns, and bruises inflicted upon her helpless body by her parents. Her distressing situation prompted the intervention of family and children services, ultimately leading to her placement in a caring, loving and supportive home.

As she grew older, Kayla dedicated the majority of her younger adult years to behavioral training of exotic animals. However, she eventually made the decision to resign from this profession after having her son, recognizing the inherent risks of the job.

Kayla eventually ended up in the small town of Mount Albert, Ontario, where she co-raised her son after a separation. She worked as a casual educational assistant at Robert Munsch Public School, assisting kindergarten children. Her home was conveniently located right next to the school. Kayla's son attended the same school where she worked, and she expressed her love for her job and the positive direction her life was heading. Describing herself as fit, healthy, and very active, Kayla enjoyed hiking, being outdoors, gardening, and going places with her son.

When the pandemic struck, Kayla recalls the mainstream media, politicians, and public health officials emphasizing the severity of the virus and urging everyone to get vaccinated. She remembers health officials specifically advising that those at highest risk should prioritize getting vaccinated. Being immunocompromised and a type one diabetic, Kayla heeded the advice of health officials and received the first two Pfizer shots in the middle of 2021 and didn’t experience any issues. Additionally, she mentions another reason for getting vaccinated was because her father resided in a long-term care facility with dementia, and vaccination was going to be a requirement for entry into the care home.

Kayla then decided to take a booster, but this time it was a Moderna booster shot. She recounts going to a vaccination drive and the police being there. She found that odd and questioned why the police were present. According to Kayla, people were upset that Moderna was being given out instead of Pfizer, and that was the reason for the police presence. Kayla says that something didn’t sit right in her gut, but she went ahead with the Moderna booster shot anyway. She explains her reasoning for getting the third shot was because she felt like a third one would be mandated at some point to get access into her dads long term care home. She received the Moderna booster

Following the failure and exposure of Patriot Front, the FBI appears to have undergone a rebranding effort.


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