1959 VW Beetle - Restoration Project

I've been away on family business. Now I'm back. Now I'm back working on my project. During the time I was gone I built the chassis rotisserie.

This is a minor update. I used an angle grinder and wire wheel to clean up a bit. 80% of the clean up is done. This took about 1 hour for both sides.

Frame parked on strong workhorse so that it can be clean easier.

Floor pan cutout and frame cleaning - I've cut out the pans and I remove the felt from the frame tunnel. The frame tunnel has a 1/2 inch lip for welding on the new floor pans. I'll need to remove the metal from the top of that lip before it is completely done. I will take off the front beam and remove the tranny to have access to the complete frame to clean and install the floor pans. I will build a stand to rotate the pan for ease of access.

Removing the body form the VW Beetle chassis. This is a video that explains the plan of action for a 1959 Restore. Up until this point, with zero experience removing the body, it took a total of 10 hours and 34 minutes. This includes driving to stores to get tools and items that I need it to complete the task (1 hour and 14 minutes precisely). Also, this includes the time to weld up the support frame. Any other details that I have, I will add them to the comment section or update this description.

Removing a rusted steering column



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