Trigger rubs just enough that it gets caught now and then.

The original SS80 has a large curve that clears the trigger swing.
I thought it was obvious, but somebody asked what the toobz do and what they're for.
Large volumes of jaw jacking...
...toobz, end caps, adapters, Parkerizing, shit for sale, pee, poo... with the magazine.

Yes. Pink. Translucent. Glittery. Pink. Or purple, which is really just dark pink.

On the Kel Tek P3AT/P32, or any of it's derivatives (Ruger LCP), the plastic grabby bit is not the receiver. I've got a box full of LCP2s. Maybe I'll fool around with that someday...

My son does the honors.

The bag is for containment. It might not keep parts together if they go flying in the extreme, but it'll at least slow them down...
When they tell you what they are, believe them.


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