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Hunter Biden is called out by Russian news media for filming himself in dozens of sex tapes with under age girls while measuring and using crack cocaine.
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FLASHBACK: 3 years ago Trump was evacuated from the White House after it fell under attack by Democrats protesting the death of George Floyd. Hundreds of police were injured and millions in damages were inflicted.
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Barely a week before President Donald Trump was sworn into office, Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted with absolute certainty that there was going to be a surprise outbreak during his administration.
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🇩🇪GERMANY - Truckers speak for all of us. The back of his truck says
“ich bin stloz auf dieses land, aber schame mich fur diese regierung”
“I love this country, but I am ashamed of this government.”
He speaks for citizens all over the world! 🙏

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Bill Gates & Anthony Fauci (NIH) both funded EcoHealth which created COVID-19 in the Wuhan Laboratory…

They both placed reps in the NIH suppressing Ivermectin/HCQ to get emergency use authorization for the COVID-19 vaccines…

They knew Ivermectin/HCQ was effective against COVID-19 and would’ve saved thousands of lives…

They didn’t care because they knew they would make billions from the ineffective vaccines.
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‼️US Military whistleblower LT Scott Bennet drops bombshell on Ukrainian Bio-weapons Labs:

“It originally started in 2005 with the Defence Intelligence Agency…which created a 501 C3…called the Global Viral Forecasting Institute…with a Mossad Operative named Nathan Wolfe…which became Metabiota.

This was funded by Rosemont , an investment firm, where Hunter Biden was the head of…along with Christopher Heinz (John Kerry’s son) and Paul Pelosi…Nancy Pelosi’s son.

The West has been developing this under Obama and Biden for the last 10 years for the purposes of generating Biological and Chemical Warfare to use against the Russians, which is why they’ve been collecting DNA samples from Slavic People. Revelations of a Massive War Crime…Crimes Against Humanity …as it’s a violation of the Global Biological Weapons Agreement.

This shows America with its 30 BIOLABS in Ukraine was involved in the experimentation on Human to Animal Transmission…which is precisely the origin of ‘Covid-19’."


this may be the reason why they killed him.
😔 Dr. Buttar likely lost his life warning us of the plan......
The COVID Injections Deliver a Payload Waiting to Be Activated......😳😠

Dr. Rashid Buttar on May 18th, 2023
He knew…. RIP 🙏🏻😔


💉☠️💉Dr. David Martin testifying at the EU re: COVID 'Pandemic' story that started in 1965 & Pfizer's Spike Protein Vaccine Patent from 1990:

Dr. David Martin, proves to European officials just days ago, that U.S. violated international gain of function treaties and is committing mass genocide.
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US Senator Lindsey Graham to Zelensky:.....and the Russians are dying, it's the best money we’ve ever spent.”

Lindsey Graham Was 'In The Loop' On Ukraine Scheme, Says Lev Parnas
US Senators in 2016 Urged Ukraine to Attack Russia - Independent Sent

Lindsey Graham & John McCain in Ukraine, December 2016: Preparing for a proxy war with Russia.

🎥 Panik in Kiew: Russland hat gerade den Krieg gewonnen

📰 Der russischen Armee ist es in den letzten Tagen gelungen, das von Moskau vorgegebene Kriegsziel zu erreichen. Auch wenn die West-Presse noch schweigt, so wird immer deutlicher, dass Russland soeben den Krieg gewonnen und die Pläne der Globalisten durchkreuzt hat.

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🗓 27. Mai 2023

EU International Covid Summit III - 29.05.2023

Covid - Ein Angriff auf die menschliche Rasse (Dr. D. Martin)

"Dies ist das wichtigste Video, das du in diesem Jahr sehen wirst. Gab es die Covid-19-Pandemie nur aus Profitgründen?

"Covid-19 war ein Akt der biologischen Kriegsführung, der der Menschheit angetan wurde. Es war ein finanzieller Raub. Die Natur wurde gekidnappt. Die Wissenschaft wurde gekapert."

Dr. David Martins Rede auf dem International Covid Summit III im Parlament der Europäischen Union, am 3. Mai 2023."

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President Trump on 911
"Well, nobody's gotten to the bottom of 9/11, unfortunately, and they should have. As to the maniacs that did that horrible thing to our city, our country, to the world.. nobody’s really been there”


🇩🇪"Covid-19 war ein Akt der biologischen Kriegsführung gegen die menschliche Rasse. Es war ein finanzieller Raub. Die Natur wurde gekapert. Die Wissenschaft wurde gekapert."

Diese Aussage stammt vom jüngsten internationalen Covid-Gipfel, der vom Europäischen Parlament veranstaltet wurde. Bislang wurden weltweit 766 Millionen Covid-19-Infektionen mit über 7 Millionen Todesfällen verzeichnet, wobei die Todesfälle durch Impfung nicht mitgerechnet sind. Dies ist das größte Verbrechen gegen die Menschheit, das die US-Regierung begangen hat.

Die Beweise deuten darauf hin, dass Covid-19 von der US-Regierung in Wuhan, China, absichtlich freigesetzt wurde, um eine weltweite Pandemie auszulösen und die öffentliche Akzeptanz von US-Pharmaimpfstoffen zu erhöhen. Sollte nicht jede Nation die bio-terroristische Regierung der Vereinigten Staaten verurteilen?

Gefällt dir der Beitrag? Teile doch gerne.

Dr. David Martin testifying at the EU re: COVID 'Pandemic' story that started in 1965 & Pfizer's Spike Protein Vaccine Patent from 1990:


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Aluminium cans have a PLASTIC liner on the inside

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Remember this? The truth hurts…

Biden freaked out on a farmer who asked about his family’s corrupt foreign business dealings — calling the man “a damn liar,” “fat,” and “too old,” and challenging him to an "IQ test” and push-up contest.

Who is the liar?! 🤨😡🤮

Former Iraqi MP explains politicians

FLASHBACK: Putin talking about the Deep State, and the Shadow government that has captured most of the governments around the world, and are under their direct control.

These are the people behind the scenes pulling all the strings.

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WATCH 🚨 Massive number of supporters gather outside Presidential complex to celebrate Erdogan's victory in presidential elections of Turkey

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