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Lou in this video is a very close Brother in the Lord to me. Lou has
been for years a backbone is prayer for my end times ministry. This video will explain what has happened to Lou which I am asking your help. One thing I did not mention in the video was Lou just bought a fixer up home that he and his wife were to move into Tuesday. What the thieves did to Lou and his wife couldn't come in the worse time. However, I know Jesus has a plan and I am praying you will be part of that plan to help restore what Satan has used his people to take away.

Message from Frank

In video # 7, Frank ends chapter 3 with teaching on the Laodicea Church in the book of Revelation. Frank’s study is meant to get you ready to see the start of the 7 year tribulation period Jesus warns us about in the book of Revelation. Frank says, the last day signs are all around us now and, most people are not even aware of that fact. Frank asks the question, are you ready to go into the last 7 years? If you don’t know what these 7 years are you are already in trouble and need Christ as your savior.

Frank will finish chapter 3 on the Laodicean last Church that Jesus Christ sent a message to. This section will wake you up from your sleep hopefully if you have not been on the watch in these last days. Don't believe me find out what Frank teaches.

Author Frank DiMora teaches Book of Revelation Video # 5 which deals with the message from Jesus to the Church at Sardis.  The tribulation is coming soon so I would get ready now for what is coming. Oh, I forgot you don't know what is coming because you are not watching. Find out what will happen to anyone not watching as Jesus commanded us to do. See what Jesus said would happen to the people in Sardis!

Step by step we have seen the message from Jesus Christ
for the Churches come to pass. Frank will show you why it
is so important to know what Jesus has warned us about
the near future. Think the world will continue the way it is?
You may think so but for those who understand the message
in Revelation we know what really is coming. Do you want to know
is the question? What is coming will affect you no matter
if you don't believe or not.

Do you know what is going to happen in the near future?
There is a way to find that answer and it comes via
Jesus from the book of Revelation. If you do not know
what this message says you are in trouble already.

We are in the last days and you need to understand what Jesus
warned us about our future. You can not hide from what is
coming and Christ wants you to be ready when it begins.

One of the many last day signs Jesus told us we would see is many Great earthquakes
in varies places around the world and many quakes as well. 2021 has been rocking with
those many earthquakes! See what else Fran
has to say about this?

Prophecy teacher Frank DiMora proves again Jesus Christ prophecy have come to pass. Frank show you the news just released today to show you how Jesus fulfilled His words. If you watch this video you will not be able to deny what has come to pass.

Frank redid this video for you to only give you the information that is in the title of the video plus he added some new information you did not get in the first video he did on this subject.

Between the call for peace and safety, new court ruling in Israel, and the new Abraham According and now the rumor of war over the Temple Mount we know the Antichrist has to be coming soon. See the facts in this video.

Watch how Israel's government is paving the way for the Antichrist mark.

For anyone who thinks the Bible is not the word of God or, that Jesus Christ is not the people's messiah you need to watch this video. Why? Because the Antichrist system is just around the corner. The last day signs are all over the place. Did you miss those signs? Do you not understand the last days signs? If you answered no you especially need to watch this video.

Author Frank DiMora connects the current news with Bible prophecy. In this video Frank makes the connection to the skyrocketing food prices he warned you about.

Jesus warned us chaos would be coming just prior to His second coming. This video will show you some of that chaos in its middle stage, and reports are to expect things to get much worse. Watch this video because it will show you how you will be affected by what is going on.

There is a 7- year covenant that the Pope has and people want to know if this is the 7 year covenant as warned about by Jesus in the book of Daniel. Author Frank DiMora will fill you in on all the details and more.

Author Frank DiMora has been warning you the prices of food will skyrocket. Frank brings to you the words of Jesus Christ concerning this warning. There will be no more baby-sitting people who refuse to listen to Christ's warnings says Frank. Now is the time to understand what is happening in prophecy.

Author Frank DiMora will prove to you we have reached the last
days just before the Antichrist will rise to power. Three major prophecies
have taken place all at the same time to show if you don't know Jesus as
your Lord now is the time to receive Him before the Antichrist is revealed.

Millions of people will disappear as Jesus warned question is will you be one of them.
If you don't believe in the rapture have fun dealing with the Antichrist.

You need to watch this video to see if Jesus tells you to do something.

In March of 2021 I gave you proof we are on the road to seeing how the Antichrist can issue the mark of the beast. One step at a time things take place that push us down the road a little more. With out a question what happened with the Covid19 virus has given us a eye opener to how people can be forced to do things they do not want to do. In this video Frank up-dates news since that March warning. If your name is not in the book of life yet you need to watch this video.

Jesus Christ is not coming soon, are you kidding me have you seen the news lately? Author Frank DiMora shows exactly what Jesus warned would happen just before He returned to Earth. Frank will show you the news that shows Jesus' warning are in fact coming to pass which warns He will be coming back shortly.

Frank again provides some of the last days signs Jesus warned us about. Today Frank will cover the rise in food prices again, more intense heat, food crops being wiped out, and drinking water shortages.

Author of the book The Last Chronicles of Planet Earth is interviewed by host Dale Davidson on the TV show called Las Vegas live. Frank tells what Jesus did to bring people to the Lord. A true story!


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