When it comes to chromosomes you have been misled.

- fabernathy

This is a highly technical silent video more suited for molecular biologists than the general public. Much of the text describes the methodologies used to generate the results shown. Watch the other two videos first. Whatever questions you may have about any of the videos may be addressed to Dr. Frank Abernathy at [email protected].

Text only: 0:00 - 2:09 minutes

Photomicrographs (minutes): 2:10, 2:35, 3:01, 3:37, 3:59, 5:10, 6:16, 7:25

All of these images together with explanations can be found at http://evolution4.wordpress.com.

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From dust you came: Living dust. What is it? This video is based on a powerpoint presentation which can be downloaded for free at http://evolution4.wordpress.com.

This video contains photomicrographs of dying mouse cells taken over 20 years ago at Ohio State University. They reveal remarkable substructures that have yet to be explained by the scientific community. Do you believe they should be more thoroughly investigated? If so, you can learn more about them by visiting http://evolution4.wordpress.com.

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Everything you thought you knew about chromosomes is about to be turned upside down.

These videos relate to the following web blog: http://evolution4.wordpress.com. I loaded them up in reverse order by accident. I suggest you watch them in the order suggested, starting with "What Are They?" followed by "Living Dust". Please help fund this research with Patreon.