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Moderate chemtrail spraying in Southern California today is preventing any chance of precipitation as watervapor moves in off of the Pacific ocean. The latest coronavirus statistics are included in percent and demonstrate that there is no need for anyone to be wearing masks or shutting down businesses etc.

Reposted from YouTube May 10; Current Covid-19 Case and death statistics are several orders of magnitude below the Merriam-Webster definition of a pandemic. A pandemic is defined as an "exceptionally large proportion" of the population. Today's Los Angeles County statistics for Covid-19 justifying a THREE MONTH EXTENSION for 'stay at home orders are a sick joke: the deaths as a percentage of the county population equate to only 0.016% The number of cases (appox. 31,000) equate to a percentage of only 0.306%. The hype and panic by U.S. media is entirely unwarranted! There is a reason why the mainstream fake news media does not present these Covid-19 statistics in PERCENTAGE OF THE POPULATION! Instead, they talk about cases per 100,000 people which is essentially meaningless data!

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Examining weather manipulation in the Central & Eastern Pacific ocean, and over the United States and Mexico. The analysis includes the covert spraying of our skies with aerosols 'chemtrails' which are sprayed ahead of, and high above approaching weather fronts and moisture fields. These ash-laden aerosols contain aluminum nanoparticulate which is a desiccant, and which substantially lowers the atmospheric relative humidity (RH). These 'chemtrail' aerosols also cause a capping inversion layer condition in the upper atmosphere which prevents the lift in the atmosphere, hindering or preventing entirely the precipitation process. We must have two components for precipitation (rain) to occur: a) Moisture in the atmosphere, and, b) Lift in the atmosphere. Additionally, these toxic aerosols TRAP atmospheric heat causing higher temperatures at the ground level which gives purpose to the fraudulent, mainstream fake-news narrative that global warming is occurring 'naturally' when in fact it is being caused, in part, by the aerosol 'chemtrail' spraying. The second and third components of this massive, covert control over our weather involves the use of satellite-based laser and microwave transmitters, and the ground-based microwave Doppler network known as the WSR88D NEXRAD network, managed by the U.S. Dept. of Defense. The space-based satellite transmitters are used to generate on-demand high pressure zones in a targeted area. These high pressure zones evaporate moisture in the Jet Stream and/or can re-steer the Jet Stream to an area of choice by installing an area of stationary high pressure. By generating on-demand high pressure (descending air), the weather controllers can 'squash' and weaken storms by disrupting the lift or rising air within the weather system, or, target and destroy hurricanes by superheating the storm's vortex which disrupts the convective process in the center of the storm system. (The evidence shown in these videos is compelling, and is ignored by all mainstream media and most 'alternative' media sites while a preposterous and fraudulent CO2 / greenhouse gas emission narrative continues to be peddled to the public). Hurricanes can also be steered into a city or country of choice by installing high pressure zones in its path to guide the storm. The ground-based microwave WSR88D NEXRAD transmitter is known to the public as a "severe weather detection radar", but the WSR88D has a less-known covert feature: the ability to beam and transmit high-power pulsed microwave RF into approaching moisture fields which evaporate the precipitation. The nationwide network of WSR88D's can precisely regulate the amount of rainfall the area around the WSR88D receives. This capability ties in directly with financial markets which deal in weather derivatives, e.g. Artemis.mb, CMEE / Chicago Climate Exchange. www.Artemis.bm deals in "risk management" of weather. There is a reason why your local and national mainstream television media does not show their viewers the Watervapor and Infrared satellite maps.