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Phonics Rules

Don't read this to your kids. I wish public libraries did not spend public dollars on pure swill. I was hoping for some biology at least. Can't even get that nowadays.

I show you some of my recent artsy and media acquisitions. If you like something and offer me a good enough price I might be willing to let it go! Email me at [email protected]
Amish Documentary:

Behold Homeschool Phonics At Work. Get the phonics curriculum from Our Lady Of Victory School:

See links to products used in the others videos in this playlist.

I read "Daddies" by Janet Frank to my children. This is the 2011 Edition of a 1953 Little Golden Books Classic. I sadly await the eventual banning of this book since it rates high on the normalcy scale.
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Walk along the path with us until we finish reading all about what you can't see in the winter!
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I read to you! Watch me read to my children and to you. I love literature, kids and making videos. I hope you enjoy everything I have to offer and discover something new here.