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I'm basically shadowboxing Steven Crowder to make my points about public discourse. Please take my points with a grain of salt and watch Steven's videos to form your own opinion. Not trying to be patronizing by stating the obvious. I just want it understood that this is an idea sketch for what I feel is the best style of media for an informed public.

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Got some trees from arbor day foudnatoin that I planted. Some leafed some didn't. Despite the lossess I'm still excited.

Behold the power of nothing.

There were some tumors that I took for skin irritation till they started to bleed. That's when we took him to the vet. Where a grapefruit sized tumor was found around his spleen. Forutnately, the spleen is not an indispensible organ and it was succesfully removed along with the tumors. Hoping it doesn't come back.

There were no real signs of the grapefruit sized tumor. The dog behaved normally except for slowing down a bit. Since he is old I thought this was normal. Sometimes he cry howled at night but he's always done that.

I guess the moral of the story is take your pet for regular checkups because it's really hard to tell when there's something wrong.

This Saturday morning has me thrilled with possibilities. So i tried to capture that in a little jam session on guitar.

Everything is mighty green.

Zoologists and climatalogists have challenged the narrative portrayed by the new Netflix documentary 'Our Planet.' This documentary tied walruses jumping to their deaths to global warming without giving due consideration to alternative explanations.

This very much seems to be a case of sensationalism. A sensationalism that is holding back environmental progress in the name of environmentalism.

These sorts of things hog the spotlight and bury other real pressing issues.

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Keeping up with papers isn't one of my skills but fortunately some of my trees are sprouting leaves.

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By viewing this discussion via the lens of individualism vs collectivism Sargon has missed some key points. It, i.e ideological lenses and pathos are perennial problems with being a pundit. I'm not here to berate Karl but rather point out some misconceptions he's allowed to seep in to his argument.

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Impromptu poem of sorts.

Super brief vlog on what I found about the bareroot trees I planted.

The Arbor Day Foundation sent a very generous portion of baby trees after I responded to their letter with a small donation. It was good that came right after the rain. Though it was very unexpexted. I was getting into the shower as I heard the knock at the door.

Just wanted to put this up here since I mentioned it in a post a while back and I had fun doing it.

Yes, it's all about Tacos.

A decent pair of headphones certainly makes a difference in recording quality.

Just some odds and ends on the creative process. You notice a lot when you take the time to write things out. | Stories, Essays, Poems, and more! | Social

The internet is not a trendy cafe and you are not the Grand Barista. | Stories, Poems, Essays, and More!

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Thoughts on the global village, trendy minimalism, and the homogenization of culture.

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A mixbag of topics.

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I'm a capitalist but I don't jerk off about it.

- The hat is called a Balmoral or some such thing.

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Demand more because reasons?

IMPORTANT - I super paraphrased what Tim said so please watch his video for full context.

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No ideology is a panacea.

An early morning vlog about the limits of capitalism and the creeping effect that the dark side of profit motive has on science and the humanities.

I meander a bit round the issue of effective environmentalism. Should we have something like an environmental constitution?

The music is free domain as far as I know. It came from The Internet Archive and is mostly if not entirely by a guy named McLeod. AFAIK etc...

This is why we can't have nice things.

Staying interested isn't some effortless flow state. All work is work. It's trite but true.

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