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Ivan Milić

Ivan Milić


Papa Meat's “Anti-vaccination Girls” hasn't aged well so I've made a refutation.

Ba dum tss!

Written by: Ivan Milić

Guitar and vocal: Ivan Milić
Keyboards: Andrija Milić
Bass: Hrvoje Kralj
Drums: Mario Klarić

Recorded and produced by Johnny Grudić at Creo Star, Karlovac

Animation by: Ivan Milić

Oh my gorshk!

As of 2022, it would appear that some people can still say “conspiracy” with a hint of sarcasm. But do they even know what the word means?

Owen Benjamin's rebuttal of Bill Burr’s pro-vacksss reasoning.
Taken from episode 1212 of his podcast.

Some useful tips on communicating with blue pilled sillies.

This is a parody based on the animated character created by Zlatko Grgić.

A banana split and a horrific night.

A reinterpretation of the film “Finding Neverland”.

Another tragedy in the river town.

Stevie and Frank are left home alone so they use the opportunity to eat meat. They are joined by cat and doggy.

Avam je žalostan jer ga je prevarila djevojka i Crk ga pokuša razveseliti uz pomoć pjesme.

Avam is sad because he was cheated on by a girl and Crk tries to cheer him up with the help of a song.

Paul can't sleep so he goes on a night-time drive around town. Doing so he is stopped by the police.

Žganac ne može spavati pa ode na noćnu vožnju kroz grad. Pritom ga zaustavi policija.

An illness worse than the coronavirus is spreading across the world; political correctness.

Svijetom hara bolest gora od koronavirusa; politička ispravnost.


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