This is from a week ago. This is what happens when talented people evolve into narcissists. It's also called jumping the shark. It happened to Chappelle. One minute he was God's gift to activism hammering truths to theatre majors, the next he was stammering like a drunk cointelpro agent. These fucking pieces of shit could change my mind if they fought for Julian Assange. Fuck the medium. The internet and all forms of entertainment are dead. These kinds of fuckers killed it. They are proverbial bricks in the wall. They ain't no Harry Belafonte, Roger Waters or Pamela Anderson.

In this video, I advise folks to stop donating money to people on the internet. That includes some asshole who uploaded a hoax this morning that Pewdiepie died and some other dude who killed a cat but never mentions it. Then I sing. Then everything boils down to Julian Assange.

This happened in 2001. At least Megyn Kelly has the excuse of being a cointelpro agent. She was just doing her job. Mere days ago or I forget exactly when but it was recently, I pointed out Kelly's mea culpa for promoting the blackface schtick. Now this Trudeau stuff emerges? This proves I am psychic as alluded to before and is also very strong evidence indeed that I am somehow driving the zeitgeist bus.

English speaking militaries don't want us to know the truth and think for ourselves. The British people need to wake the fvck up and demand Assange's freedom. You fvcktards need to stop clicking on paid fakes and useful idiots. The censorship is real. It is a concrete tell that the Spy Factory doesn't feel it can afford to allow any more free speech on the internet. I noticed assholes today on Reddit who fake smear Julian because they feel the need to balance the truth with propaganda. No one real thinks bad things against Julian Assange. Scott Creighton and Fkn Freddy and many more are pure dog shit seemingly working for internet cointelpro. Defango appears as a paid fake. Lestat or wtf also apparently works for the same shady cvnts. Or it's all a coincidence that those people never discuss anything of relevance or some of them like Creighton and Aunt BB have spread the craziest crap about Julian. A guy like me is silenced because I am a verified real person who has been consistent for over a decade. All that garbage is fake. Everywhere on the internet is fricken fake. The only people still participating within the rigged internet bubble are young people who don't know better, paid fakes and useful idiots. Many of us were exposing this garbage for years upon years. We got shut down or eventually quit and paid fakes fake exposing other paid fakes is what's left. All that remains is gibberish. People like me aren't allowed to succeed in social media.

That wasn't Ron making the SWAT calls.

Tokyo Shemp voice analysis has cleared ex-Raw Story editor Roy [sic] Brynaert of any suspicions he made the SWAT calls.

Larisa Alexandrovna wouldn't concede Brett was lying about the exoneration. It was one of the easiest troll busts in history. It was almost too easy. It doesn't matter how clever we are. They have the money and algorithms. I think donkeytale called it the troll wars in between attacks on Ralph Nader. He might have also attacked Assange and Snowden, but I digress. Donkeytale is another of those guys. Is he a regular guy or cointelpro?

Snowden: 'What is real is being purposely conflated with what is fake, through technologies that are capable of scaling that conflation into unprecedented global confusion.'

I've got the intro done. There are three parts. I don't know when I'll get to the actual vegetarian meat and potatoes, but this makes it clear where I am personally headed for internet.

I don't even like the word larp. I wasn't a big fan of ARG either, but at least those were very similar to what was going on. One can research militarised alternate reality games and the shemp o'truth meter reads that as conspiracy fact.

I've already explained this. Some conspiracy freak at Twitter kept telling me to watch George Webb and those guys. Eventually I noticed Stolpman and quite a few more, many who I've barely mentioned or not at all. There's too much of it. It's too boring. Some of us are adults who know better than to waste time on Alex Jones, Stolpman, Defango or any of the others. It's disappointment after disappointment and always eventually feels like gaslighting.

The stuff I was victimised by was actually dependent on true stuff. Kimberlin was convicted for the bombings. He was a suspect in the grandmom's assassination. I can't even spell the name of one of the persons in the new larp. It's shoenendinger or something. I don't care. Kimberlin was a fascinating story, period. It shows how stupid the medium is when I was fricken close to two years ahead of Breitbart for the scoop. There were SWATs of Patterico and Mike Stack. The Aaron Worthing alleged SWAT didn't seem to add up, but what do I know? I did go after Ron at times, but I exonerated him of being the caller. I think he was mimicked from a rare appearance he had made on internet radio. He was the editor of Raw Story. There's tons of stuff on this at my blog.

He's the proverbial is he cointelpro or regular guy wackadoo. But I digress. Alex Jones mimicked Bill Hicks. The phone caller mimicked Brynaert. Patrick Frey as in Patterico is another is he cointelpro or snot. Same with Breitbart his buddy. I wondered about Mandy Nagy and Aaron. One must move on. I suppose I was lucky. It was out of my hands by 2012. That's when it went completely nuts. Eventually myself and Donkeytale had to cancel them. I noticed Conte refers to himself as a reporter. Donkeytale did that. They could be mimicking previous larps now collecting dust.

It's called a sealed supplement to the plea agreement. The internet is dead. Brown obviously gets paid to smear Julian. There are too many plot holes. His schtick doesn't add up. He gets away with it because people like me are not allowed to expose him. We get banned and denied free speech rights despite understanding everything or enough. We are exiled to crap websites like this one. Ray Vahey works for GCHQ. It's called deductive reasoning in which a pay stub won't be needed. What the fuck else is Bitchute? But everywhere is Bitchute in a sense. Youtube is just as monitored.

The problem for deep state turds is that they are overwhelmed by data. Snowden sort of ruined their ability to smear us all as kooks. There really are proverbial cointelpro fat fuck faces. I'm moving all my knowledge gravitas chips into the pot. I read a lot of books in my day and studied hard. I've also been studying the internet for over a decade. We all have or a lot of us. Few and far between are fooled anymore. They want to wait us out and work on indoctrinating younger generations. The shit has truly hit the fan. It's a big world with a lot of people. There's so much data to the yin-yang. And most of it is meaningless. But we won't discuss that.

I was going to make a part three including clips from that guy's youtube channel, but it is no longer something I am willing to watch. He just doesn't share fake news. He gets very vulgar with dirty talk. It's highly offensive. It's bad enough he expects people to watch him improvise for hours every fucking time. His show on Rogan was good because it was very focused.

In regards to the demented shite, he clearly partakes in too much of that. The Brave could have been a good movie, but that went too far. It should never have been made after the original director killed his family and himself.

My plan is to leave Bitchute for the most part. My next project will probably be to go back to my blog and upload five to ten of the best videos I made here. I think it was over the last month my channel took an adequate leap in production values and quality. It's still easy to make mistakes or produce something better left unsaid, but that happens.

I need to go back to my blog. That way I can open up for comments. It is impossible to do that here. This website is grotesque, period, and by design. It shouldn't be rocket science to fix the comment section. You can't let trolls have individual platforms on every channel. That's a proverbial retarded feature and has killed bitchute. Thus it's obviously by design. There doesn't have to be free access to everyone on our channels for this to be free speech. If someone moderates unfairly, it becomes obvious that is a preaching to choir channel.

It's not free speech to let the neo-Nazis have full power over Bitchute's aura. They should not be able to post comments on channels which want nothing to do with them. Free speech also includes the right to be left alone.

Rogan shouldn't be promoting hard drugs and a random youtuber with a bizarre schtick also crosses the line too much.

Here's the link to Scott's video on Joe Rogan.

I truly believe that Melania is grossed out by Donald. Just read her body language. She ain't no H. and might easily find some true love or friendship with a lover if she dumped him. There's no way she still likes or respects Trump. But M.'s not gonna throw president c_nt face under the bus during election season, imho.

It looks like a three way race between Biden, Sanders and Warren. The next debate is coming up. I am not so cynical as to say none of this matters and Bernie is no different. I think he would be a much better president than Warren. I don't think Biden has the stamina to win the nomination.

I just watched a video and the person was complaining about Bitchute being only a couple miles from something sounding like spooky letters. There is not one website which isn't controlled and monitored by them. The point is to quit Youtube. I have trouble respecting folks who upload to both Youtube and Bitchute yet ignore those of us here. Of course the content here is garbage. Where else is someone supposed to go? There's nowhere else. I follow a few channels here and it is enough for now. I try to avoid the main page except to perhaps identify good people to watch. Of course Bitchute is garbage. But it is better to post here than on Youtube. That's the fucking point. I can post on militarised Youtube or GCHQ wtf this place. I'd rather do it here. Youtube needs to end. There are apparently investigations going on in all 50 states seeing that Google and a few other huge corporations have created a monopoly of the internet. It's either quit completely or post on one of these platforms. I suppose one can also have their own website, but good luck building an audience. One must enter these sorts of arenas. Twitter banned and deleted me, but I'm pretty sure a lot of folks remember my tweets. I don't miss Twitter at all. Once they banned Julian Assange, it was done.

Radiant, sultry never aging Hillary Clinton is on holiday or wtf in Italy.

If the Celtics stay healthy, they will win 50-60 games and be one of the few teams with a realistic chance at winning it all. Kanter is 27 and entering his prime extremely healthy. I don't want to jinx him, but he seems to rarely get injured. Irving was overrated and Horford got old or too expensive. Ainge is still operating with a big pile of poker chips. Brown is entering that year when players break out. Hayward is healthy. Kemba went to UCONN. He and Kanter are hungry for some respect.

Tatum should improve without the fungus Kyrie Irving. Coach Brad Stevens is hungry. I hope Robert Williams gets a true chance to play in the rotation. He needs to break through or Danny needs to make a trade. There's another wild card foreigner at center not counting Daniel Theis. His name is Vincent Poirier. Maybe he will be a good back up center. Danny will probably want to wait until at least Christmas to see what he's got.

This team will remind folks of the Isaiah Thomas era. Kanter needs to show up for defense. Tatum, Hayward and Brown have to figure out how to not be redundant. Tatum bulked up. Maybe he is ready for power forward. He's always had the height. He might have gotten taller.

I think these are the top four. I didn't count Anderson Cooper and Tucker Carlson because those two seem too obvious. Maybe more folks need to wtfu about Tucker. I think it's very important folks realise Alex Jones is cointelpro. Many might only agree he is nuts or it's just a schtick, etc. to sell the products. He's been the eye of the psyop storm, so to speak. Alex Jones has been the Babe Ruth of internet cointelpro, imho.

Cenk was the internet version of Olbermann. I think Keith went neoliberal a few years back, but I've been cynical for a while now and forget and no longer care. Chappelle was revolutionary until he wasn't. Alex Jones mimicked Bill Hicks. That's what that was.

If I am bigoted at all, it is probably towards the French. I should hate the Brits more, but don't. I pity them. I pity us all! America is so fucking weird, too. The medium feels 100% dead to me, sort of like everything has turned into CNN. I'm anticipating the Assange story. It's on England to save him. Fintan Dunne actually sounds very good in his video. It's easy to get duped. I sort of remember stuff like glancing at Rense and Infowars in the very early 2000's. Snowden probably deserves a lot more credit than he gets. There's no way around the fact that the medium is demented.

Dunne and Mike Rivero are on fumes while I'm still occasionally reaching 100 for cheese. This isn't Pedro Martinez throwing 68 mile an hour change ups. The Celtics will be pretty good, too. Kyrie was that much of a fungus. But I don't talk about that in this series. Sorry to mention it. We all need digressions to stay sane. The medium has been exposed as a historic bubble. It's never meant nothing more than a propaganda and entrapment scam. Meghan Markle speaks of breaking the internet. Okay, fine, I'll rejoin society for a second. I think that was pure jinx on Serena. Markle is the personification of a caricature.

There are five parts each running just under five minutes.

This clown is the Alex Jones of Ireland.

Meghan McCain is the personification of dog shit. She is so demented making Barbara Walters appear revolutionary in thought. And who the fuck is still watching television? I don't even fricken watch nothing from nobody at this point. Last night I finally checked into some Aaron Russo. Sometimes I'll watch old movies. Maybe I'll get back into stamps. The Celtics might be pretty good this year without freemason fungus bitch Kyrie Irving fucking with teammates. But I digress?


I'm not 100% positive on the date but think this was 2005. Russo was either a legit, sincere good guy kook or had some handler group training him and whatnot. If fake, it's called right woos left. Maybe observe his blinking patterns to test for honesty.


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