Video credit goes to Nick Fuentes and OnTheOffensive.

When the last ATF agent stacked up outside just witnessed his squad blown up with tannerite, and he hears Metallica blasting from the residence....

As one of my followers pointed out, Facebook is actively censoring the video portion of this kid's testimony so I had to add in a lot of white noise to hopefully get past sensors.

No more dead brothers, fathers, uncles or sons. No more.

1. He signed an executive order, banning bump stocks by name and permanently changing the NFA to allow for a future backdoor assault weapons ban. This created 100'000+ felons out of innocent gun owners instantly and destroyed an entire sector of the gun industry.
2. He has expressed support for banning all private gun sales and forcing everyone to go through a FFL to transfer.
3. He has expressed support for Red Flag Laws, which sets up a National Registry of gun owners and allows for an "anonymous report system" to be established where 1 unverified report will have your home raided, your firearms confiscated, your 2nd Amendment rights permanently denied in the future until you can prove yourself innocent in court of the allegations.
4. On all previously mentioned issues, Trump has attempted to "negotiate" away our 2nd Amendment rights to the Democrats in exchange for border wall funding, decreased pressure in the house, ect. So when he says "we can't talk about gun regulation", he's talking about signing away your gun rights in exchange for favors from the Democrats.

We've already lost 20/20 and here's why.

Abolishing the 4th Amendment in the name of mental health.

If you're a gun owner, you need to hear this!

The CIA controls our Media

Thanks to United Spot.

Trump can't be bought and he doesn't work for the NWO. That's what they tell me.

July 4th Patriot's first video, still relevant today.

War with Iran is coming... And so is WW3.

An angle of the Portland Oregon antifa attack that hasn't (really) been covered by anyone else.


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