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(mirrored, New American, Links below). Feb 23, 2024. In this interview with The New American, Dr. Meryl Nass discusses the Pandemic Treaty, the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), and the grave threats they pose to individual freedoms and liberties, public health, medical profession, and national sovereignty. The documents are part of the totalitarian Great Reset agenda, says the doctor.

The New American magazine is covering CPAC and the International Crisis Summit in Washington, D.C., on February 21–24. For more content, please visit:

Please follow Dr. Meryl Nass on X (Twitter):, and Substack: Learn more about the documents at

The New American magazine is covering CPAC and the International Crisis Summit in Washington, D.C., on February 21–24. For more content, please visit:

Please follow Dr. Meryl Nass on X (Twitter): and Substack: Learn more about the documents at

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To enslave us!

Source: Tajana TruthSeeker

TRUDEAU: "social media drivers" are doing everything they can to prevent people from "agreeing on a common set of facts." He can't count on CBC, CTV and Global anymore to corner the market with his propaganda narrative.

Thank you for acknowledging our hard work, Justine. We're glad you noticed.


(mirrored, links below). Because the Fox is Guarding The Henhouse!
Did you know the current CFO of AstraZeneca is on the Board of Governors of the Red Cross? Did you know the former CFO of Moderna is on the Board too? Now do you see why Red Cross won’t segregate vaxxed blood donations from unvaxxed blood? Why does Big Pharma control our blood banks?!

@its_gabbygabs- exposes the entire web here👇🏼


(mirrored, aussie17). Japanese Ministry of Health increased COVID vaccine Health Damage Budget by a staggering 110 times vs previous estimates.

They are expecting a lot of health damages!

As for the basis, it's related to the FY2025 fiscal year's new coronavirus vaccine health damage budget. This budget was initially 360 million yen. However, with the supplementary budget, it turned out to be 39.77 billion yen. Indeed, it has become 110 times larger from previous estimate, it can be considered that the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare assumes over 100 times more health damage incidents have occurred. What do you think?


The Great Setup with Dr. David Martin - Part 2 FULL DOCUMENTARY
For Part 1, see:
In this riveting and eye-opening documentary, "The Great Setup" delves into the unsettling world of global genocide. Where one man, Dr. David Martin, courageously exposes a hidden web of sinister plans through an unexpected lens – patents.

This two - part docuseries serves as a wake-up call, urging audiences to reevaluate the consequences of blindly accepting what they've been told without questioning the implications.

Sit back as Dr. David Martin unravels the tightly woven fabric of a clandestine agenda that transcends borders.

Gain of Fauci: This might be the most eye-opening video clip that you see this year. The COVID shots pushed on billions of people could only be justified if there were no treatment options.

So, what did they do? According to Dr. David Martin, they let people die and suppressed treatments to make way for an experimental gene therapy bioweapon. But no one would voluntarily agree to take such a thing, thus they called it a “vaccine.”

The audacity of the crime was shocking:
 The CDC, before it became the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was the US Malaria Suppression Program in Atlanta, Georgia, which did what? It advocated for the distribution of hydroxychloroquine.

Dr. David Martin Reveals Who Is Pulling the Strings Behind the World Health Organization.


Del Bigtree & Embalmer Richard Hirschman on the Strange Clots Which Started to Appear in 2021

"There's a consensus among embalmers that we've never seen this... Something started in 2021 that embalmers are now seeing something in veins [and arteries] that they've never seen before."


(mirrored, links below). Dr. Pierre Kory Asks One Simple Question the FDA and CDC Don’t Want to Answer: 158,000 MORE Americans died in the first 9 months of 2023 than expected.
“This is a humanitarian catastrophe.”

Life expectancy has also dropped by THREE YEARS.

This is happening because an unprecedented number of young people are suddenly and unexpectedly dying — and “you can’t explain it with COVID”:

“The most alarming rates are the 35 to 44 and 44 to 55. Incredible sudden spikes in death really centered in the third quarter and fourth quarter of 2021. And you have to ask yourself, what major societal event occurred at that time that could possibly explain those deaths?

“And it was not all COVID deaths. We have the data. You can’t explain it with COVID. And so, I’ve not seen anyone with a credible alternative explanation for a sudden spike in the healthiest members of society.

“And the other interesting thing about the data is when you look at who is dying, it’s essentially the white-collar workers died more than gray-collar, that died than more than blue-collar. So you have to ask yourself, what happened in the workplace, in the American workplace, in the third quarter of 21? And that [the COVID jab] is the only answer I can come up with.”

, @rustyrockets

Source: The Vigilant Fox -

Feb. 21, 2024. Medical doctor David Cartland @CartlandDavid - My final plea to my profession


(mirrored, links below). Feb. 21, 2024. Here is Dr. William Makis’ presentation at the Era of Champions. (sound problems / echo will go away after 4 minutes into the video when they correct it)
Dr: Makis:
Twitter / X -

Source of this video: Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson:

Feb 19, 2024. Mirrored, from Canadians For Truth.


(mirrored from "The Canadian Independent) Feb. 16, 2024 - Young Ontario woman's life becomes a living hell after Moderna booster shot leaves her paralyzed. Doctors confirm vaccine connection and offer Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID).

Kayla Pollock is a 37-year-old mother from Ontario whose life took a drastic turn after receiving a Moderna Covid-19 booster shot. She experienced paralysis from the neck down and has been enduring a challenging ordeal ever since.

GiveSendGo for Kayla:


Ontario neurologist admits that Covid-19 vaccinations are causing paralysis in "many" people during a recorded conversation with his patient who developed transverse myelitis after the shot.

Kayla, the patient featured in the recording, became paralyzed after receiving the Moderna booster shot. You can watch her full interview with The Canadian Independent at the link below.

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This is why the establishment is determined to take Robert F. Kennedy Jr. out of the equation. The truth he dropped about Ukraine is something they don't want us to hear.

Source: Conservative Brief at:

(mirrored, @VigilantFox). Dr. Pierre Kory: COVID-19 Vaccine Shedding is Not Only Real but “Very Common” -- “It’s not just unvaccinated who are at risk,” says Dr. @PierreKory
“Everybody thinks shedding — it’s only the unvaccinated who are screaming, right? ... That’s not true. I have vaccine-injured patients who are sensitive to being exposed to other vaccinated [people].” “I think shedding is very common.”

Full video:

WHO Director-General Tedros at the World Governments Summit: Let me be clear: WHO did not impose anything on anyone during the COVID-19 pandemic. Not lockdowns, not mask mandates, not vaccine mandates. We don’t have the power to do that, we don’t want it, and we’re not trying to get it.
Our job is to support governments with evidence-based guidance, advice and, when needed, supplies, to help them protect their people. But the decisions are theirs. And so is the pandemic agreement. It has been written by countries, for countries, and will be implemented in countries in accordance with their own national laws. In fact, WHO will not even be a party to the agreement. The parties are governments and governments alone. Far from ceding sovereignty, the agreement actually affirms national sovereignty and national responsibility in its foundational principles. Indeed, the agreement is itself an exercise of sovereignty. It’s about the commitments countries are making to keep themselves and each other safer from pandemics. And it recognizes that they can only do that by working with each other.


(mirrored, links below). Feb. 17, 2024. Mark Benz describes to Tucker Carlson the process by which the Pentagon contracted Universities to develop the algorithms of mass censorship on social media to control the ‘official narrative’ on COVID etc. One of the ways they did this was by getting Germany to pass something called Nets DG in August, 2017, which was essentially kicked off the era of automated censorship in the us. What Nets DG required was, unless social media platforms wanted to pay a $54 million fine for each instance of speech, each post left up on their platform for more than 48 hours that had been identified as hate speech, they would be fined basically into bankruptcy when you aggregate 54 million over tens of thousands of posts per day. And the safe haven around that was if they deployed artificial intelligence based censorship technologies, which had been again created by DARPA to take on ISIS to be able to scan and ban speech automatically. And this gave rise to what I call these weapons of mass deletion. These are essentially the ability to sensor tens of millions of posts with just a few lines of code.

There's over 60 universities now who get federal government grants to do the censorship work and the censorship preparation work where what they do is they create these code books of the language that people use the same way they did for ISIS. They did this, for example, with COVID. They created these COVID lexicons of what dissident groups were saying about mandates, about masks, about vaccines, about high profile individuals like Tony Fauci or Peter Daszak or any of these protected VIPs and individuals whose reputations had to be protected online.

Most people in the UK are unaware that £ hundreds of millions tax payers money have similarly been spent on Universities & research organizations funding mass censorship ‘misinformation’ algorithms masquerading as Artificial Intelligence research. The social science and data science academics behind the algorithms of course all have the same world view on what is ‘misinformation’.

Source: Tucker Carlson: Ep. 75 The national security state is the main driver of censorship and election interference in the United States. "What I’m describing is military rule," says Mike Benz. "It’s the inversion of democracy."

And source of text:

And R.W. Malone:

(mirrored, link below). Data Analyst Unveils Alarming Post-Vaccine Cancer Statistics in Massachusetts. “People have stopped taking the vaccine ... because [they] know there’s a problem,” says John Beaudoin.

Once Beaudoin started digging through the Massachusetts death database, he discovered something shocking: cancer deaths are through the roof.

He says: “Secondary malignant neoplasm of the lymph nodes in Massachusetts is up more than 400% of normal in 2023. It was 258% of normal in 2022.”

- - - - -

Early after the vaccine rollout, pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole warned the world:

“I’m seeing these very calm, manageable cancers take off like wildfire, like hydras, like dragons, and they’re going everywhere.”

Why are cancers taking off “like wildfire”? According to Dr. Cole, it is because “these shots suppress the immune system.”

Source: The Vigilant Fox:
John Beaudoin's X/Twitter page:

Hasta la vista, baby!

German MEP, Christine Anderson: EU technocrats are in panic mode, as millions awaken to the climate scam: "They're frightened at this point... People no longer believe in [man-made climate change], and I think they're catching on to the fact that it's a gigantic lie."

Source: GBNews

(mirrored, links below. Feb. 17, 2024. No Lives Were Saved -- in fact, Denis Rancourt and his fellow scientists found in their analysis that all-cause mortality INCREASED every time the COVID-19 shots were deployed.

Here’s the 50,000-foot view: For every 800 injections administered, Rancourt and his colleagues concluded in their 180-page paper that one vaccine-related death occurs.

This 1-in-800 number becomes even more alarming when you consider how many doses were given.

At the time of Rancourt and colleagues’ report, 13.5 billion COVID-19 injections were administered. Divide that number by 800, and you end up with approximately 17 million COVID-19 vaccine-related deaths.

Video: @DanSkorbach
Denis Rancourt:
and The Vigilant Fox:

(mirrored, links below) During his speech in Poland, Dutch MEP Rob Roos sheds light on the myriad strategies employed by unelected globalist technocrats within the EU to secure absolute totalitarian control. These tactics include leveraging the fabricated "climate crisis," promoting digital ID systems, implementing Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), and waging a war on farmers. "They are trying to control CO2. If you control CO2, you control people, because everything we do in life is about CO2 emissions: living, breathing, eating, travelling. So if you can control that, you can control people's lives." "Now they have introduced the digital identity and the central bank digital currency, so they can see everything we do, and they can control everything we do, because they can shut off our financial system whenever they want. We have seen it already in Canada during the Covid crisis." "They want to abolish the nation state, because once that happens they have complete control. We are heading towards what I call a new kind of communism."


Feb. 17, 2024. Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Dictatorial Insanity!

fyi, Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC) commented on this video that "Ontario's Immunization of School Pupils Act does not include COVID vaccines, and exemptions are available." For more info:

Video Source: CTV NEWS:

(mirrored, links below). Feb. 16, 2024. FDA Director Dr. Peter Marks says they received an 'avalanche' of adverse event reports after the COVID-19 vaccines were released. In a jaw-dropping moment during the "Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic" hearing on February 16, 2024, Chairman Brad Wenstrup dropped a bombshell, revealing that adverse event reports for COVID-19 vaccines dwarfed those for all other vaccines combined since 1990, according to VAERS data. This news might not shock us, but it certainly raises eyebrows wider.

Then, Dr. Peter Marks from the FDA, in a moment of barely-contained panic, confessed they were completely blindsided by this avalanche of adverse events. The government appeared to be scrambling, caught unprepared by the deluge, with Marks admitting to a hasty effort to increase staff and manage the overwhelming reports. The admission is shocking, prompting questions about the decision-making process – what on earth were they thinking? How did they not foresee this coming? The entire scenario unfolds like a disaster in slow motion, a frantic scramble to address a crisis that, perhaps, could and should have been anticipated, if not avoided.

Source of text: Aussie17:

Source of video clip: "Chief Nerd on X" at:


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