Documenting daily what each 'briefing' and 2 minute WH video receives for input from US citizens.As you can see from Comments others are doing this and far from that 8-1 Down-Thumb ratio it seems about 20,000 Down-Votes are being removed by Google/Youtube each video,possibly more.I just caught a 600 vote decrease in Downs.My estimate is 100 people come on and down thumb every video every 5 minutes.Or 300 every 15 minutes.I have posted about 1,000 comments by US Citizens so far before they are REMOVED and so far NOT ONE is Positive / Supportive of this Criminal Administration these Tech Luciferians helped cheat in.

38 Screenshots about 220 comments before Youtubes Official White House page shut down comments-every one negative. People pay attention and are screenshotting-most of us believe 10 or 15 or 20 thousand down-thumbs are being erased-and We The People keep track...

205 Comments allowed before they shut it down...all 205 Negative!!!

Every day the Official White House Youtube Channel posts little tiny lying clips of nonsensical soundbites and badly evaded questions with Jen Pasaki. Comments are turned on briefly before always-every time-being shut down. If you quickly do Screenshots you get maybe 30 of the several hundred.Last time I was able to get about 125 comments. So far EVERY SINGLE comment is negative and each video has a ratio of about 8-13 Thumbs down compared to 1 Thumbs Up. Never yet a positive comment snuck in. They were erasing negative thumbs but enough of us are keeping tabs that they have stopped-for now so you can see real thumbs down for each video since about the beginning of Feb.


Years ago I found this scared straight video, also great to send to anyone suffering from drug addiction. Recognizes the Demonic Aspect of Drug Addiction/Pharmakeia...


Goodness and Mercy
Once It's Gotcha
Toussaint L'Ouverture
Soul Sacrifice
Everybody's Everything(with Stevie Ray Vaughan) (with Jimmy Vaughan and Cesar Rosas)
Coal Train(with Stevie Ray Vaughan) (with Jimmy Vaughan and Cesar Rosas)
Deeper, Dig Deeper(with Stevie Ray Vaughan) (with Jimmy Vaughan and Cesar Rosas)


Freemason, Bohemian Grove Attending, New World Order Attempting, Aleister Crowley Bad Seed Offspring, Race War Starting, Spirit Cooking, Black Magic Practicing, Satanic Ritual Attending, Evil, Cheating, Lying, Witch Hunt Creating, Demon Rats...This video made in 2017 or 18 and it's even more apparent now how many actually evil characters there are in Government and Business. The Good News? Is Jesus. He really is exposing the Evil as it haughtily shows itself and Trump has Masterfully exposed every Dark person and secret. The NWO were forced to launch their evil plot prematurely. Patriots need to seriously pray and seriously work to combat the evil in our society medically through lack of administration of medicine that works and standing up to Satanic Communists. Look at the faces of these monsters...Luciferians? Yes-they are. Cannibals-some. Deviates? Most...

This great British Lady explains the actual publicly available stats on deaths from receiving The Jab of RNA/Luciferase/Nano-particle toxins

This morning I decided to check out the YT Channel for the WH. With Trump it was always Open and people could comment and fight or whatever. Here-every video has Comments turned off but they make the mistake of leaving them on for awhile. I screenshoted 28 pages of about 125 comments EVERY SINGLE ONE calling the Administration Criminals. You can read them all here and see the "Likes" VS "Dislikes" build. Song is the great Saint Al Jarreau "High Crime" !!!

These awesome MD's are and have been prescribing antibiotics and anti-protozoals along with Zinc all through COVID. As a couple who both caught Lyme Disease and the co-infection Babesia transmitted by any species of tick,we found out back in 2005 that these medicines did work against Viruses as well as bacteria and protozoa. Our Lyme Literate MD told us they target "any pathogen you might need to target" and the NIH confirms this in many,many published and approved papers and studies-as Fauci and the other Luciferians know full well...

Think people will finally get mad when they find out 94% of COVID deaths were not from COVID in the US? And that 6% could have been simply, inexpensively treated and cured with any combo of antibiotics and anti-protozoals/parasiticals. Meanwhile wear TWO masks

Current data is that in the USA only 6% of Reported Deaths were actually COVID and even that 6% was simply because people were not treated with any Oral Regimen. All of them work in 6 days max. Antibiotics mixed with anti-protozoals and even anti-parasiticals or anti-fungals. Add Zinc. It's everywhere in the NIH Database. For 20 years

Spread this everywhere. Pure Facts. No room for Denial or argument. We are living under an illegal takeover of the USA...

This is a copy of an analysis done concerning the events surrounding the 'insurrection' and 'shooting' of Ashli Babbit. The entire event looks staged, even what supposedly happened to Ashli, which I would never go so far as to say was certainly faked or staged but every other aspect of this is a poorly acted out drama ,obviously meant to start a real riot-that never happened. If hit with a .45 cal bullet how could she not lurch sideways? Not 1 of the 5 cops pulls her back with a simple flick of the wrist. No one applies any kind of pressure direct or otherwise, they just keep moving her and bobbling her for 16 minutes like waiting for the actual protesters to arrive. Not so much as a band-aid applied, then carry her down head first. Who could have a close-range neck-wound like this and not bleed all over. This is a sad first post on here but did it because YT keeps taking down the Original. The Party of Hollywood are VERY bad actors and terrible liars as well as cheaters.


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