7 days later and still nobody has claimed the mitten


wait for it



i knew a guy
he lived amongst pines
stilled his own moonshine
a harmless pass time
til he went blind

now every time
he stares up at the sky
he only sees grey lines
hopes the stars are fine
as he sips on wine

he warned me be wary
of unearned wisdom
where you go to get it from
don't stare at the sun
you'll burn your eyes

and when you eat a peach
watch for the seed
that lies beneath
don't bite too hard
you'll break your teeth

and then he named for me
twenty some-odd trees
of the acadian canopy
said it still looks green
but's mostly only three

his fit of fury
turned to fit of laughter
said forever after
is the shortest chapter
so try to breathe

and watch the mourning doves
they'll teach you about love
and what lies above
sitting at the edge
nested in your hedge

and i will lend you my hand
any chance that i can
and rattle some pans
and your pantry's jams
from the afterlands






a flock of waxwings aka an ear-full of waxwings aka a museum of waxwings

you only live once
maybe you don't
i take drugs
gale she won't

and wouldn't she awake
to no stars in the sky
reminding me
it's morning time

it's morning time
could you tend to the vines?
you know you feel better
when you stretch out your spine

darlin' i would
but i feel fine
today and with luck

sorrow though's
the name of the game
don't hold the dice
if you can't take some pain

how much have you spent
on all of this paint?
these walls are not ours
they are borrowed

charlie he was faster
than the marble yard masters
he hasn't been the same
since the day of the disaster

i ran
they hit me with plaster
i sit stiller than stones
in this cell i call home

and charlie i hope
our billy don't use his rope
what we do
is how we cope

i used to be jung
i used to dream i could float
i wake up now remembering

gale left for the city
with her beautiful heart
she went to the city
where good people starve

there is not enough color there
though to satisfy the part
that counted more rats
than flowers


i'd be willing to bet
we hadn't made it there yet
he who comes close'll
still die and forget

the things that we learned
which flowers to burn
the lies i defended
uprooted upended

and every single night
when darkness seeths light
i descended
i descended

and the middle of the earth
there's only one way to get there:
in an elevator

i tripped, stumbled
come up feelin' humbled
life's a bouquet
flowers get fumbled

so i begged and i pleaded
the sea it receded
i went back to work
had all i needed

and every single day now
when the sun hits the sky
i say 'i isn't very smart
but i get by'

and in the middle of your life
take to livin' right
and ye can be mended
because time it bends kid

this scene it just screams
we can't all live the dream
but sir have you heard
about pyramids cream?

little by little
i climbed up to the middle
my skin it stayed soft
i worked myself brittle

and if i whittle my time away
would i get to where the righteous blaze?
and if i ain't been perfect
would i be damned or deserving?

the gold egg seems hackable
if what you eat's mostly natural
akhenaten used it
made soup
reduced it

(inspired by ch. 4 v. 20 from the book of Luke)

i rolled up a scroll on
the side of the road
smoked half and was woahed
and i have to unload odes
and my troubles onto others
does fire still burn
as its smothered
beneath bullshittin' halfwit
holy-oh-yodellin' hypocrits in the mix?
and it boggles my brain
like rome lookin' for membranes
on floodplains

if peace leaves
on her white horse
will a chorus from the porch of a florist
outsource or endorse us?
because the beast slays
to a dark score
with a choir full of liars
and a harpsichord
he twisted up that train
he punctures pipelines
to see em spill when it rains
into the river

and mary was my hostess
and oh she had the most kissed
cat on the block
and chronic toxoplasmosis
but she sang to me
and she showed me gnosis
but you boggle my brain
and i roam lookin for good grains
on floodplains


i like to watch the news
and catch the blues
and go out for some fast food
that never makes me feel better
not like a good book bound in leather
cuz darlin i've been feelin off
with nothin like that bad cough
that's goin round this old town
and when the poles flip upside down
you know who'll probably save the day
with shiney hairless skinny legs?
pickin up them old grains
clothes is covered in oil stains
everywhere he don't care
for most things and bee stings
has made him tough as nails bud
steel and rust in his blood

and he never flew on a plane
but once he got clipped by a train
and laughed it off
with a bloody scoff
a twisted spine
he thanked the cross
around his neck
man what the heck
he don't need you
nor your respect
and he don't mind potato bugs
cuz he don't eat organic spuds
and he'd been know to work all day
i found him sittin on a bale of hay
like he'd been left to waste away
turned out he had some things to say

he asked me:
"do you ever wonder if the weight of gold
versus what its worth is cuz the yukon's so cold?
and do you ever think about the state of your soul?
has it been cared for or has it been sold?
and would you trust a wizard or a goblin or a troll
with something so special and something so old?
if you like them sticky sweet kind of cinnamon rolls
put another cup of sugar in your mixing bowl"

i won't lie to you guys
his truths contain many contortions
and when there's him and there are others
there'll be verbal-auditory distortion

he ain't quick but still too slick
for pricks who trick with hypnosis
where you find grass and you find fields
you might find mr bill scoliosis


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