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Just days after he was arrested along with 30 of his men at the hands of the despotic and demonic totalitarian regime, activist and founder of @PatriotFront, Thomas Rousseau sits down with us to clear the air about just what exactly what happened up there in Kootenai County?! Who all was involved, and what happens next

Jury returns a stunning mixed verdict in the Whitmer kidnapping trial. Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta acquitted on all charges while the jury remained deadlocked in regards to Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr. leaving their cases open for retrial. The gang and I discuss what the verdict means for not only the accused but also the FBI. Does this verdict represent a sea change in the public's trust of Federal law enforcement agencies. Also, what's the chance of a second trial?? We get it into it

Independent journalist and friend of the show Joey Camp stops by to fill us in on his recent claims regarding Baked Alaska and the whirlwind eGirl drama Joey's found himself embroiled in. Also Spreem Cawt Jussiss Kentanji, Zelensky invokes the Holocaust, NYC Mayor loves his bakkaball, and a trip through the inner ring of the 7th Circle of Hell

Canada's Parliament extends the civil rights shredding "Emergencies Act" for an undetermined period of time even after Trudeau's minions violently cleared the streets of Ottawa and Trudeau admits there is no longer an emergency. And what's the U.N. doing there?! We get into it. Also Kyle Rittenhouse announces a new project aimed at holding the media accountable and our friends at Media2Rise release bonus scenes from their recent Waukesha documentary

Twenty year US Army Special Forces Master Sergeant and January 6th political prisoner Jeremy Brown calls from the Pinellas County Florida county jail where he has been incarcerated for nearly 6 months and gives first-hand testimony regarding his persecution at the hands of the FBI, the current battle of Good vs. Evil all of humanity is engaged in and what he thinks we can do to help the J6 prisoners, ourselves, and our nation. Visit https://jeremybrowndefense.com to learn more and offer support

Although he doesn't have time for reasoned, robust, public discourse &/or debate, it seems Little Nicky Fuentes has plenty of free time to dig through my personal life and gossip about the salacious details with his fellow closeted midget buddies on their "cozy" Livestream. In one of the most gamma displays from America First to date, Little Nicky not only openly admits he doxed Yours Truly, but goes on to malign working class White people as "scum of the Earth" in a catty rant to his manlet toadie Beardsoy. Also new friend Rand (@victoriatwittah) stops by and we try and get to the bottom of who exactly OWNS Cozy tv

Malicious anti-White and post-menopausal host of ABC's The View Whoopi Goldberg makes the horrible mistake of trying to express her actual views on The View and finds out VERY quickly exactly where her place is in the grand scheme of things

Just Joe Radio becomes the first show in history to be sued for being a "self-avowed racist, Nazi, anti-non-White, antisemitic show" @JustMatty Boombalatty, @DiggingDeeper and myself review the insane and incoherent lolsuit recently filed against Just Joe Radio

@JustMatty and I tie up a few loose ends from earlier this week. Patriot Front shows up at March For Life rally and the MIGA Brandontards were NOT impressed. Also 3 White men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery get life without parole plus 20 years plus plus double super extra bad Hate Crime charges ūüôĄ , small town citizens make a difference, fried chicken restaateurur says he's only serving White people from now on and mooooooore

From Trump's cowardly cancellation of his address, to the threats from Merrick Garland, to the pathetic gaslighting by Chuck Schumer, we cover the events surrounding the anniversary of January 6th in TRUE JJR fashion

***WARNNG*** Do NOT click the link if you are offended by STRONG language or like Donald Trump

Based fellow Gabber, life member of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, and Congressional candidate for the 3rd district of Arkansas Neil Kumar @NeilForArkansas stops by to lay out his strategy for defeating the GOP, reversing the Great Replacement, and restoring election integrity

I want to be clear

On this, the anniversary of the unscheduled Capitol tour they call an "insurrection", I want to send a message to the craven, spineless, depraved, degenerate, and despotic demons that usurped the US Federal govt in front of the whole world in November of 2020

Since December's bold demonstration in the nation's Capitol, people have been asking "What IS Patriot Front?! Just who is this Thomas Rousseau?? What are these guys tryin' to prove?!" Mr Rousseau sits down and gives a frank account of just what Patriot Front is, the group's stated goals, preferred method of action, and plans for the future. Wonder and speculate no more. All questions answered. You can find out more about Patriot Front, offer support, and even apply to join at PatriotFront.us

Let's be honest we never really got what we were promised or voted for from Trump and it's been a slow slide of disappointment for years now, but the last two weeks are nothing short of a catastrophic nosedive. I've tried to be patient with some people's refusal to let go of the MAGA dream and the illusion of Donald Trump but blind support for Trump is no longer just annoying and unproductive, it's now extremely dangerous. His staunch defense and promotion of the deadly vaccine make it clear, It's LONG past time to pull the Trump Train into the station and send it's conductor off into the political sunset

Husband, father, entertainer, goat wrangler and fellow builder, @owenbenjamin stops by and details his stand against The Machine‚ĄĘÔłŹ and how he now serves as a walking example that you can not only survive but THRIVE after being Unpersoned by the Cabal . Also Beartaria and the Bears, Ursa Rio, goats, manlets, shitty 70's special effects, I mean you name it we talked about it. Great conversation

Jesse Dustin of Heartland Goats stops by to walk us through his journey from unhappy and unfulfilled Silicon Valley tech drone to husband, father, creator and owner of a functioning, fulfilling, productive and sustaining, goat farm

Utah Senatorial candidate, former banking and bio-tech magnate, and current based fellow Gabber @SamParkerSenate sits down with @JustMatty and myself and we go over his run for US Senate, popular Conservative myths, the feckless GOP, and solutions outside of politics

"What's your podcast about?! What is Just Joe Radio?!"

The elves are at it again! Fellow builder and friend of the show Rob Colbert @shadowknight412 joins myself and @JustMatty and we get into Seth Rogen's impotent outrage, media has a panic attack after Twitter paints itself in the corner, "Post Pandemic Stress Disorder", Chicago public school's dangerous new "gender neutral" bathroom policy and oh so much more

Old friends @GSauce111 and Brice110 join myself and @JustMatty Boombalatty and we get into Satanic Santa Inc, Twitter's continued nosedive, first case of Omnicromnicom variant in the US, and oh so much more

Anti-CRT Crusader and Professional anti-White Shitgoose Stomper Daniel Concannon @KeepNHGranite makes his return to JJR in grand fashion to weigh in on the anti-White Waukwesha Christmas parade massacre. After that we dig a little deeper into the Salvation Army's recently released 67 page anti-White screed and try to figure out what gay Santa Claus has to do with Norwegian mail delivery

Notorious and infamous Blabber @KangKarl joins myself and @JustMatty Boombalatty and we get into the Omnicromnicom variant, Sally goes anti-White, Ctrl-F and oh so much more

Evidence continues to mount proving that the massacre at a Christmas parade in Waukesha,Wisconsin was nothing short of an act of Domestic Terrorism targeting White people that was only able to be carried out because our inept, corrupt, and anti-White justice system failed to protect society from Darrell Brooks and hold him accountable for his actions. We MUST recognize what actually happened that day in Waukesha and never forget it. And we MUST NOT let the media highjack the narrative

Days after being aquitted for murder Kyle Rittenhouse appears to offer tenative support for Black Lives Matter in an interview with Tucker Carlson, and people aren't happy. But is it really as bad as it sounds?!

It wasn't "random" and it wasn't "senseless violence. It was a targeted domestic terrorist attack on White people. The media spent two weeks whipping low IQ savages into a frenzy over Kyle Rittenhouse until one of them got in a car and mowed down a bunch of White people at a Christmas parade. That's what happened But it's all just another part of the larger war on White people that is increasing in scope and intensity everyday to the point it can no longer be ignored Ignorance is no longer an excuse. Enough confrontation avoidance. White poeple MUST wake up and acknowledge reality. It's a matter of survival


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