23 Riddles

23 Riddles



Written in 2008.


Where animated people dance in tune to the evil Walt Disney,
Little Brittney sends out an SOS
to know more, to no less
than the billions...
nobody notices.

Did you know Hollywood
was born in a boardroom?
at a shadowy meeting on how to control you...
Marilyn Monroe wasn't allowed to go, anywhere alone.
folks that was no suicide~
the poor, gorgerous thing was a slave up for trade,
mined and made and murdered like one
in a long, blonde, star-studded line.

How would you know Hollywood
has been a propaganda factory in every neighborhood?
Pulling you close enough to hypnotize
then hiding the truth right in front of your eyes..
Anna Nicole played her sacrificial role
in a high-profile ritual...
So Sternly handled.
It was a princess you see in this tragedy
that was stranger than any kind of fiction I know.

We now return you to your original program.

You got a box of voodoo in the livingroom
and its long been part of a plan.
Follow the strings through the ritual system
they're all tied to a few invisable hands.

for the record, John Lennon
wasn't killed by a crazed fan
& the greatest deception
is the One, wild-eyed,lone gunman

how come we never talk about MK Ultra?
How come we never hear about the Monarch Program?

You got a box of voodoo in the livingroom
and it's all been part of a plan.
Change your number in the ritual system, shut it off...
Break the ritual-trance.

See all the butterflies
Free all the Butterflies
See all the butterflies, See.

A song about the child-trafficking problem. #Q

Queen of England (short song)


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