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We talk about some powerful chats;
- Having faith over fear
- Vaccines
- Being a parent & activist
- Corruption big pharma

Knut has a Masters in Biostatistics, Ph.D. in computer science, a Doctor of Science in Medical Biometry (incl. genetics and epidemiology) and former head of research design and biostatistics at the Rockefeller foundation.

We discuss how there is no fundamental difference between the flu and covid. How the virus could be eliminated in weeks and herd immunity developed quickly if most people were allowed to lead normal lives.

We also discuss solutions, and how Knut believes is the best approach to dealing with this.

Dr. Carrie Madej is a doctor of internal and osteopathic medicine, she directed two top medical centers. For over a decade she had a fascination for vaccines, which lead to in depth research on the mRNA and the effects on humans, our genomes and living organisms.

We discuss animal testing, the human trials and their results. The liability free manufactures, including Moderna, new to the medicine and vaccine game and who funds it.

Highlighting what this means for us, what we can do and how to free ourselves and so much more...

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Watch as Denis Rancourt PhD & Scientist discussed with Tania the Herbalist on how;
- Masks d0n't work,
- International scientists say PCR test does not test infection,
- Concerns of the mRNA jab and its dangers
- Transmission is not by contact
- Measures do not prevent deaths





The ones asleep argue that 1.5M people have died globally from covid. Let's do some math and calculate 1.5M by 7.7B. Where is the pandemic?

Over 10M are dying of starvation and that will only increase with another lockdown. 1 in 7 small businesses are closing their doors permanently, and this stat will only increase with another lockdown.

The fear mongering intensifies, in order to justify a CV ab, but let me tell you this is the beginning of the end. The mass awakening is happening. Every day more and more people are joining forces and asking questions and realizing that the measures aren't justified.

Keep your faith high and your fear low.

Join Rocco Galati and Bright Light News' Tania Khazaal for the last of our 5-part interview series, as he speaks about:

- the Covid-19 vaccine
- mainstream and social media censorship of doctors and scientists
- the collateral damage of Covid-19 measures


Bright Light News & Tania Khazaal interviews interdisciplinary research scientist, Denis Rancourt, on the topic of Covid-19. Rancourt shares evidence to support his claim that the deaths of elderly people in long-term care homes, where the majority of Covid-19 deaths took place, were directly accelerated by government actions and lockdown measures.

David & Tania dive into the "The Answer". Helping awaken the world one fact, one question at time.

David gathers information on the unfolding of events based on his 30 years of speaking on these topics affecting us all today.

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