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As the election is slowly stolen from the winner, these videos are being deleted by big tech faster than they pop up. I'm putting this screen scraped video from FB here before they delete it. Tell me libs, in what world do ballots arrive at counting centers in Ferrari's? Michigan is being actively stolen from the rightful winner. Sad.

Dawg plays with Ace and Liberty

As I prepare for yet another backpacking trip, I'm so thankful Dawg was raised with manners.

A healthy dog is a trained dog with jobs and responsibilities. Here I start teaching Dawg to move his toys when I need to vacuum. Due to the God awful resolution and ridiculous compression levels Bitchute imposes on videos, I have been posting most videos on my domain www.farseer.org (look under the Adventures Link). I'm looking for an alternative service with strong free speech protections as well as quality video capabilities. As of now, Bitchute should be renamed "Chute! That's so fuzzy I can't tell what it is!"

My old brain mixed up most of the lake names aside from Lake Aloha, but rather than edit the correct names in, I'll let you just enjoy the scenery.

Exploratory trip to check trail conditions for an upcoming backpacking trip. The heavy snow this year is going to cause a delayed departure. I wanted to go in May, but that just isn't possible.

I always thought dog agility competitions look like a lot of fun. I decided to use two target shooting frames I made as a makeshift agility course. I had no idea what was going to happen when I setup the camera. Suffice to say, smart Dawg one, out of breath owner zero. He never ceases to amaze me.

Dawg trying to make snow angels in crusted over snow.


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