Leo Varadkar , Irish prime minister celabrates the festival of Eid at he Islamic Cultural Centre , Dublin. Sep. 2018. Dr. Ali Selim , spokesperson for the cultural centre has stated on Irish national radio that he belives in the death sentence for homosexuality.

Anne Marie Waters explains why UKIP cannot be trusted.

Anne Marie Waters speaking in London in may 2018.

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Sharia in London.

First in a series of talking history - without comment.

For Britain Movement is putting up candidates in May for local elections in the UK.

Anne Marie Waters addressing the Flintshire and Wrexham branch of For Britain Movement. Sorry about the sound quality.

Ex journalist John Waters explains cultural marxism in the context of the Gay Marriage referendum in Ireland and other issues.

Pat Condell's latest offering.............he is an international treasure.

Turn off you TV and social media and all the other stuff...........from the movie Network.

Latest update from AMW and the For Britain Movement.

Classic b/w british horror film

Pat Condell has over 100 videos over on his Youtube channel. Please check out my blog...........

This was originally published on my Youtube channel several years ago. The quality is not very good but the music is so good that it is worth posting here on Bitchute.

Kevin Sharkey has thrown his hat into the race for the office of President of Ireland in 2018 but he has one serious handycap. He is a patriot. Being a black man should make him a sure thing in multicultural Ireland but is he the wrong kind of black man for the new 'inclusive' Ireland ?

Johnny Ray sings his 1950's hit Cry for all the snowflakes out there.

Anti Pegida mob on the streets of Dublin in 2016

Pat Condell explains some facts about islam and gays.

Douglas Murray talks about EDL and other matters

Response to Irish rape trial verdict of not guilty by unanimous verdict.

Anne Marie Waters , leader of For Britain Movement speaking at the FLA March 2018

Lee Morgan- The Sidewinder- Blue Note Stereo.- Denon DL 102 Mono Cartridge on Rega rb 300 tonearm. Rega planar 2 turntable. Lehmann Black Qube Statement phono stage. You are free to use this video but please mention or link to this Bitchute channel. Thank you.

This video was originall published on Ex Muslim TV Youtube channel. If you are interested in the plight of ex muslims there are many excellent video their Youtube channel........................................


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