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John Ruddick grew up in Tamworth and came to Sydney in 1991 to study at the University of Sydney. During that time, he joined the Liberal Party and worked as a staffer for Ross Camron MP.

After witnessing the Morrison Government overreach in power and control, in response to COVID and support for the climate change agenda, he decided in 2021 to leave the Liberal Party to join the Liberal Democrats. He is also the Lead Senate Candidate for the upcoming 2022 Federal Election.

John is also regular contributor with the Spectator Australia and has appeared many times on Sky News, along with many other mainstream and alternative news programs.
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John Ruddick

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Monica Smit is the managing director of Reignite Democracy Australia, a grassroots movement which was created in response to the Victorian State Government's response to COVID pandemic.

Prior to establishing RDA, Monica worked as an independent journalist, travelling the world and gathering personal stories in relation to global issues.
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Prior to becoming a political commentator, Evelyn Rae once worked as a Police Officer, joining the Australian NSW Police Force at 18 years of age and went on to attain the rank of Detective.

After 12 years of service, she then decided to leave the Force and has gone on to become known as a Christian conservative political commentator and writer for Caldron Pool. She is also a contributor to Sky News Australia and hosts her own YouTube Channel NSW One Nation TV.
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Kamran Shamsabad is a 25 year old lawyer from Western Sydney and joined the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in 2021, having previously not joined any other Australian political party. However, after the unprecedented expansion of government interference in Australian lives; and the unprecedented damage to our community caused by government during the COVID-19 period, he decided to join the LDP and run for the seat of McMahon.
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Australian Liberal Democrats

Kamran Shamsabad for McMahon

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Surviving Constitutional Law

Banga Legal

* This Interview originally took place on 3rd March 2022.

Ruben Viglino is a Personal Trainer who operates his own business known as Become Your Own Superhero.

Ruben hails from Turin, Italy and graduated from the University of Turin in Economics. After working as an accountant for some years, he decided to follow his passion and enter the fitness industry. He arrived in Australia in 2013 and attained a Diploma in Fitness from the Australian Learning Group.

After working as a personal trainer for some gyms for a period of time, Ruben decided in 2020 to start his own personal training company – Become Your Own Superhero. He also teaches fitness part-time at the Fitness from the Australian Learning Group and published a book entitled How to Become Your Superhero.

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Civic Duty Media has its inaugural interview with Dr. Vassilis Adrahtas.
He is an author, theologian and a historian on religion and philosophy. He is also a teacher of Modern and Classical Greek.

Dr. Adrahtas has become prominent within the Australian Greek community and has taught short courses at the Hellenic Open University, Modern and Classical Greek at the Paideia of AHEPA NSW, contributed to the Greek newspaper KOSMOS, Greek philosophy and comparative religions at The University of New South Wales (UNSW).

He is currently teaching Islamic Studies at Western Sydney University (WSU) and is the President of the Sydney Branch of the International Society of the Friends of Nikos Kazantzakis.


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