Here we have a 3k pot, winner takes all

sometimes it just happens, we deal with it

just threw together a few of the runs, in MEXICO,

Here we have street races!!!

Merritt Island Xtremes, out of Florida, old video

This is one of the WORST gaps i have ever given to someone who wanted to run me for $

Nissan 240 with a 6.0, cam and springs kit, held his own !

Finish line video, ate at GAPPLEBEES

Civic a$$ rapes this F250

From a roll..
YouTube - 2A America

From a dig

This young kid redid this whole entire car ... he`s under 20 and did a GREAT job, i had to give him props. Blake

These 2, going at it

Car held his own, i was SURPRISED that he hung!

yep, was stupid, but they had petty rules, so i showed up in my semi to run for a list spot...

SMASHED TF outta this pullyed and tuned ctsv

again, busted that ass

im a smartass.. MASK THIS

Busted his ass too !

Dude said he would STOMP my dually, so i busted that ass!!

That 8,150 rpm reeled him in !!!!

Bout SH*T his pants when he hit it.. but short shifted like a sissy boy!

My son was afraid to run her hard.... brand new Shelby GT 350

my car had a tick,drove it in for warranty, 17 months later, in PIECES


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