The whole riot of the capitol building was a staged show by the globalists. Don't agree? Watch this.

Footage shown on MSM NEWS showing Biden signing BLANK Executive Orders. Sorry if you believe he has been installed as president, because it is all a show!

Thanks to iHeart radio TALK AM130 for a great laugh.

This video is a call-out to anyone in Sydney Australia who is aware of the sell-out by the pollies. Find them on FB - https://www.facebook.com/astandinthepark/

Interesting development in an Irish Legal Action case recently.

Listen carefully how so-called modern medicine can alter your DNA and "plug you into a computer", plus more. Scary stuff.

Dog tells you how it is. Share around, give your friends a laugh!

Listen carefully about the advancement in so-called medicine today. Dangerous!

This video from November 2020 shows a Chinese economic professor speaking about how China has had strong influence over Wall street and top officials in the US Government for many decades UNTIL Trump came along. A must watch.

Pets must at times get very confused by their humans' behavior. We this cat explains her observation about humans during the CV scam-demic.

A quick real demonstration showing the magnetic effect on the equator and either side of it. Very interesting. Enjoy.

We are the product of social engineering, of that there can be no doubt. This explains it, simple.

Watch as this street lamp is dismantled and you have each part explained. Forewarned is forearmed! Very scary. Please hit the thumbs-up to help this get shared. Thank you.

We all know or are becoming aware of the evil that is working against the people of the world. They absolutely MUST destroy the USA to enable them to move further. They put in an enormous effort to rid Trump of the Presidency in this 2020 election.

Now here is an excuse to beat!

Reports are coming out about military fighting on US soil in Maine and Michigan. Nothing in MSM as per usual.

A quick capture of rallies throughout the world for Trump. The people know!

Watch very closely - did he get a shot or not?

The CV19 planned bio-weapon attack is only the beginning. Watch this presentation by Diana Lenska about the ongoing bio-weapon "pan-demics" that are in the pipeline. The document being discussed can be downloaded in PDF from here: https://www.centerforhealthsecurity.org/our-work/pubs_archive/pubs-pdfs/2017/spars-pandemic-scenario.pdf

This report has been taken from Western Journal and it shows a step-by-step process of the Dominion system changing votes.

A health worker passes out during a press conference after receiving the "vax"

The CCP have hard drives seriously compromising Hunter Biden AND Nancy Pelosi plus many politicians


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