This is shit salvation. This is the process of glorifying God by dissolving the ego with dung feces poop.

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---------- ARMARE ----------

This is a paid tribute to all involved ARMARE chancellors (Fellow former celebrity activists all ARMED and Activated Reciprocal Elements in full unity under God's supervision and self-supervised attendants/correspondents) chair commandos.

---------- Tidbits About Me ----------

Welcome to the IAMDUNG Channel where shit happens and where shit is glorified. I am a dungologist where I sample feces and discover why people are so closely attached to their Ultra Ego! I have the most undaunting stories about God and the afterlife. What I share are the foundations of The Truth called The Great Teachings. If you want to learn more, follow me if you dare. I want to warn you I tend to have a habit of unusual quirks and remarks of people's behaviors and their relationships with God and their social acquaintances.

---------- External Websites ----------

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