this is showing how the normies view an incel website


in this latest upload i will show exactly how female nature is perceived about a female and what to expect

in this latest installment i will show you how a female tries to copy what a man does

here's how the process works

Holy shit!

in this installment i will show you the process when a sub 8 man goes for someone out of their league

doing the remix of the hit song "cummies"

decided to show the silly side of faceandlms

i decided to expose the truth of dating aspects and why men are increasingly becomming single

*there was an error in the 80/20 rule, 80/20 states 80% of females lean towards the 20% of attractive males

in this latest video installment a cuck tears member finally exposes themself to the public.

but there is a twist

in this video i will thoroughly show what feminism actually means by a feminist

This is how they cope

the video shows what happens when feminism gives too much empowerment to females

roasting a cuck tears member

Decided to confront this roastie

here is a quick glimpse of what ascending in the black pill looks like

In this installment catfish confronts roastie who is very shallow in many dating sites

in this installment catfish meets up with girl wanting chads banana

watch 1st hand when an incel actually goes to prison

incel rap compilations

compilation of incel rap songs

compilations of incel rap

in this installment catfish confronts fat mexican female


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