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Kate drops massive intel on Big Pharma's terror tactics, cancer treatments and amazing health tips. MUST WATCH!
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MICHEAL JACOBS & MAHONEY discuss the CIA and Navy Seal training and other secrets.

Mitchel Gerber & Mahoney discuss organ harvesting? Death by Doctors? Western Calibration? Surely not... BUT THIS is the the horrific truth behind the Communist Curtin death camps & the Billions made in Blood!..


Forced Organ Harvesting in China CONFIRMED Evidence Sites:
20 years investigating, and I recently sat down with leading investigators in the UK’s Parliament, found

Spain Health Authorities Admit Covid-SARS -2 doesn’t exist ! Wait for the sound of public boots coming for the corrupt narrative followers!

This video shows the real figures about the millions who took the jab.

Fake Uk fuel shortages, Military on the streets, and Huna Flash kicks off his Dragan Rider of Lemuria Autumn European tour. Spain, Norway, Ireland, Uk, Romanian, Ukraine, Austria, Germany and Italy, for your dates
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Very interesting interview with Joel from Conscious Vitality. Great interview.You won't want to kiss this guys!

Yet another distraction by the Uk intending to fool you!!

Dr. Robert Young has over 40 years experience in his medical field. His knowledge of the human body and how to keep it tip top is amazing. This is a must watch is these trying times to help prevent how sickness and cancer. Enjoy!

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Australia is falling rapidly. You think this isn't going to happen to you? It's time to stop regurgitating the warnings and take some action.

Huna Mauta Taki begins his European Dragon Rider Tour in October. Click the links for more info.

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Charlie and Mahoney shoot the truth..

With all the madness going on world wide its always good to have a chat with old friends!

Join us in a 30 min catch up...

Angry Man Youtube:

It's not about health people... so it's time to prepare.

The Amazing Dr. Cori Stern shares her Health Hacks for maintaining your health. Great Video guys! Share with your Friends And Family.

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Dr. Cori Stern- Take Control of Your Health

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Join Nick Veniamin & Mahoney as they catch up with the latest info.

Great News! The FDA have finally woke up... Watch this video and share..

The original 8 hour recording is here.

The truth about 5G and its shocking!


Mark Steele

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Lee chats to Mark on Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, Dolf Lungren, Spanish lifestyle and the benefits of the self confidence achieved by being a tad handy on the street.

Good news for Spanish Citizens! Class Action Suit Demands Sequenced Sample...

3000 Hectares ablaze as the biggest wildfire in 10 years continues. Sadly 1 firefighter lost...

If you’ve ever doubted it was always about the jab then here’s a great video of what’s going on with Phizer bullying Latin American countries with gangster style demands for military bases and prosecution immunity!! It’s disgraceful and of course no one on the current US Biden team says anything!

Telegram: @medicosporlaverdadESP

Doctor Natalia Prego Canceló - Surgery Specialist - takes us through the FACTS and EFFECTS from mask wearing.

Due to a busy schedule, the boys use zoom for a catch up.

Electronic Killers in our homes!!
A word from the wise to help you live longer and healthier.


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