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2Gran TV is a Jamaican Culture News Entertainment Music Fashion channel created to make you aware of the Jamaican Party Culture. So, when you visit my channel you will be able to see interesting and fun Jamaica Dancehall Party Videos, Dancehall Reggae Videos, Jamaican Dancehall Reggae Videos and more. Personally, I was inspired to become a videographer around 20 years ago, and ever since I have recorded hundreds of videos.

My videos are aimed to capture the party culture of Jamaica, so on my youtube channel you will see videos of Jamaica dancehall parties which could include weekly parties arranged in Kingston Jamaica,

Boom Early Sundays, Uptown Monday, Boasy Tuesdays, Side Chick Tuesday, Nipples Tuesday, Weddy Weddy, Magnum Wednesday, Day Rave Thursday, Wappins Thursday, All Star Thursday, Boatrides Clubbing stage shows and more.